How Often Should You Water Majesty Palm?

Majesty palms are a perfect plant for someone who loves a low-maintenance plant that prefers shade and readily thrives indoors. One concern many green thumbs have is making sure they neither overwater nor underwater their plant, so how often should you water a majesty palm? We checked out various sources to figure out the best way to water a majesty palm to keep it healthy and happy. Read on and discover helpful tips.

It is best to water a majesty palm 1 to 2 times a week if the first inch of soil is completely dry. Depending on the season and size of your plant's container, you should vary how often and how much you water a majesty palm. Plants can be watered less in the winter and a bit more frequently in the summer. Use the soil as a barometer for the palm, as it should be slightly moist, not bone dry, or sopping wet. 

For the most part, watering a majesty palm is relatively easy to figure out. But, in case you were wondering about different factors that impact a majesty palm's watering schedule and health, please continue reading.

Beautiful Ravenea palm tree in the garden under the sun - How Often Should You Water Majesty Palm

Caring For You Majesty Palm

A majesty palm loves being beside a window where there is bright, indirect light, as direct light may be too much and scorch the palm's fronds. Provide your majesty palm with a high humidity environment like a bathroom, regularly mist the fronds, and give it enough water, so it is moist but not inundated and at risk for fungus or disease to roost.

When watering a majesty palm, you want it to be in a container that has drainage holes, and do not allow your plant to sit in a collection of water at the bottom tray. Also, be careful not to have pools of water collecting at the topsoil, either. Overwatering your majesty palm can lead to root rot, plant suffocation, and the development of fungus. On the flip side, a majesty palm will display fronds with brown tips or completely turn brown if it is thirsty.

You can increase the moisture and humidity levels for a majesty plant by misting the fronds weekly. Be prepared to give your majesty palm access to ix to eight hours of sunlight a day, and keep it happy with temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can, your majesty palm would love to live in 85 degrees Fahrenheit, as it is a native of Madagascar, so they do well in bathrooms.

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How Do You Water a Majesty Palm?

Unless you are growing a majesty palm at the edge of a pool where there is readily available water to keep it sated, you will need to water your majesty palm regularly. Be careful about the type of water to use on your majesty palm, as these plants prefer a more acidic environment between 5 and 6 pH. Do consider using distilled water to nurture a majesty palm and water it with a watering can. If your palm lives in a bathroom where you frequently take showers, and it stays pretty steamy, you can water your plant once a week and mist it as you see fit.

If you are growing a palm from a seedling, you need to water it every day the first week, then water it infrequently every other day the second week. After the initial two weeks pass, you can move on to watering your majesty palm two to three times a week. Of course, if you live in a region with heavy rains, cut back on your watering schedule. 

Palms living in a container should receive as much water as the size of its container. A 25-gallon container should receive 25 gallons of water each pass. If a palm is in hot weather, you can increase the amount of water given to keep the soil sufficiently moist whenever you can choose to water your palm with distilled water or rainwater for the best results.

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Should I Mist My Majesty Palm?

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The fronds of a majesty palm love to be misted every week, as it helps increase the humidity in its environment and keep the plant moist. During hotter weather, it is perfectly fine to shower your palm more often. You can mist your palm every day if you are only watering it once a week to increase humidity levels. Misting is less likely to cause damage like fungus, yellowing fronds, or attract pests versus overwatering the soil.

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Can You Over Water a Majesty Palm? 

Beautiful Ravenea palm tree in the garden under the sun

Yes, although majesty palms love being in a wet environment with high humidity, it is possible to overwater a palm. Check the topmost layer of the soil before watering your palm, and make sure it is completely dry before watering. You can use an electronic monitor to alert you when your plant needs more water, assess nutrient levels, pH, and keep a closer watch on your majesty palm's growth and health. Be mindful not to overwater a palm as it can lead to root rot, wash out minerals and nutrients from the soil, and increase the chance of parasites, disease, or fungus.

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Signs You Majesty Plant Isn't Getting Enough Water

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A majesty palm will let you know if it isn't getting enough water. The fronds of the plant will change from a healthy, brilliant green color to brown. First, the tips will turn brown before the entire frond changes color, withers, and eventually dries up unless it receives some TLC. Using rainwater or distilled water coupled with frequent fertilizing helps keep the soil full of nutrients and minerals. Make sure that the container holding your palm allows for adequate drainage, and the soil quality is excellent.

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  2. I killed a Majesty palm in about 6 weeks watering it this often (root rot) and had a problem with fungus gnats. Mosquito dunks were the only thing that worked to eliminate the gnats. Use a moisture meter and wait until the top several inches are at 3-4 before watering. I also mist spray it every day or so and it seems to love this treatment.

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