How Much Does A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Cost?

Very few plants are as popular as the fiddle leaf fig. With its instantly recognizable large leaves, it seems to be consistently trending on social media. But, since fiddle leaf fig trees are so popular, do they cost more? It depends, but, usually, you are going to have to pay a bit more for this plant's notoriety.

On average, a mature fiddle leaf fig tree costs around $100. Depending on age, source, and health, the plants can range from $20 to $250. If you are looking for a fiddle leaf fig tree on a budget, looking at local plant swaps is the best way to go.

Let's take a closer look at why fiddle leaf figs are so expensive and how to find a good one.

A gorgeous fiddle leaf fig tree inside a gray wall living room, How Much Does A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Cost?

How Much Does A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Cost?

Fiddle leaf figs can cost around $200 for a full-grown plant. However, if you buy a young plant, you can get one for approximately $20.

In general, buying local and in-person is the best way to make sure you are getting a healthy plant. Once they make it to maturity, fiddle leaf figs can live for around 50 years. So, it is best to buy a healthy plant or a plant with a warranty if you can afford it.

Because there is such a fluctuation, price should be something you consider when buying a fiddle leaf fig tree. 

How To Get A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree On A Budget

If you are trying to save on price but do not want to compromise on health, you can buy a young plant. While a young plant will take longer to grow to maturity, they are often sold much cheaper. Young plants will require a bit more patience and attention, but you will be able to enjoy them longer. 

If you have a friend with a fiddle leaf fig tree, you can also ask them to propagate a plant for you. While fiddle leaf figs are notoriously finicky to propagate, it is the cheapest way to get a healthy plant.

You can also check out Facebook or local plant groups. Even if no one offers a fiddle leaf fig tree for free, the plants offered will usually be cheaper and adapted to your area.

Fiddle leaf fig trees also do not need fertilized to survive, so if your budget is tight, you do not have to worry. And while they enjoy being somewhat rootbound, you should consider aerating your plant once a year or so if you are not fertilizing.

Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Hard to Keep Alive?

Young fiddle leaf fig trees can be challenging to keep alive since they are a bit picky about their environment. This is especially apparent when you first buy a new fig, as they may go into a bit of shock. However, things get easier once the plants have gotten established.

Growing mature fiddle leaf fig trees indoors is usually relatively easy. However, growing them outdoors is a bit more challenging.

Fiddle leaf fig trees are mostly pest-resistant which is great. However, they can be toxic to pets.

To keep a fiddle leaf fig tree alive for a long time, you should also fertilize your plant. This not only keeps the plant in better condition and helps it grow faster but may also lengthen its life.

Likewise, if you want your fiddle leaf fig tree to grow faster, you should regularly feed it. For quick uptake and indoor plants, you should consider a liquid fertilizer.

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To keep a fiddle leaf fig tree growing well, the light should be one of your primary concerns. Fiddle leaf fig trees need only around six hours of sunlight to thrive.

If you think your plant is not receiving enough light, consider getting a grow light. However, it is perfectly normal if they will need to be turned from time to time to grow straight.

Water also plays a big factor in fiddle leaf fig growth. Generally, a fiddle leaf fig needs watered around once a week.

Most of what makes a fiddle leaf fig thrive comes down to attention and timing. So, with a little effort, the popular fiddle leaf fig tree can thrive on any budget.

Where can I buy a fiddle leaf tree?

Because of their popularity, fiddle leaf figs can be hard to find in good condition. If you are going to buy a fiddle leaf fig tree, you can often find them at popular chains like Home Depot, Lowes, and Ikea. You can also find suitable fiddle leaf figs at local nurseries or various online stores. 

Buying Local

If you live in a warm area and want to try growing your fiddle leaf fig outdoors, a local nursery is the best option. Getting a plant from a local nursery makes sure it has been adapted to, if not grown in, your climate.

In general, shopping locally is also a great option for finding a healthy plant. However, plants bought locally tend to have better care and general condition. They tend to be more expensive. 

If you want to buy a local plant but don't want to spend as much, look for a young plant or a damaged plant. Often after a hard freeze, a few plants will be damaged and sold at a discount.

Online Options

Because of their popularity, many online sites carry fiddle leaf fig plants. 

The primary drawback of buying online is the inability to do a health check on the plant. When buying plants online, the primary thing you can look for is good reviews. 

While reviews cannot tell you about the specific plant you are receiving, they can give you a good idea of the condition. 

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Another primary deciding factor when looking for a fiddle leaf fig tree is the size. Make sure to pick a size and maturity that matches your needs.

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What should I look for when buying a fiddle leaf fig tree?

When buying a fiddle leaf fig, the first thing you want to look at is the plant's overall health. If you are buying in person, a key indicator of health is bright, healthy leaves.

When you are checking the leaves, do not forget to take a look at the undersides. Be looking especially closely for holes or discolored dots. These are common signs of bugs or diseases.

Also, check the soil to make sure it is well-draining and is free of bugs. Even if you are going to transplant it, you do not want to bring insects into your house. Check especially for fungus gnats, which typically fly around the surface of the soil.

When buying online, you are taking more of a gamble. Overall, good reviews are great but look for reviews that specifically mention a plant's condition when it arrived.

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