How Long Should A John Deere Riding Mower Last?

Getting to know your landscaping equipment can be quite an undertaking. Do you have a John Deere riding mower you've recently purchased and wonder how long it will last? What about older machines? Well, we've done plenty of research and have all of the answers. Let's get right into it below.

In general, you can expect a John Deere riding mower to last you between eight and ten years. Of course, your machine's engine will likely need a tune-up every few thousand hours you use it, so maintenance is essential.

However, if you use your riding mower for commercial purposes, it could run into problems faster than the one you're using for your yard at home.

As we begin, we will cover all things John Deere riding mowers and discuss how long you can expect one to last you. We've got you covered whether you're new to this brand or want to know more about your machine. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

A small John Deere lawn mower, How Long Should A John Deere Riding Mower Last?

Do John Deere Riding Mowers Last A Long Time?

Yes, John Deere riding mowers (and mowers in general) tend to last a while. Considering this is a leading brand in outdoor landscaping equipment, it's safe to say that John Deere takes pride in its products.

As we mentioned, the average lifespan of a John Deere riding mower is roughly 8-10 years. Think of this as approximately 4500-5000 hours of mowing throughout your machine's lifetime.

A huge John Deere logo at the factory

Furthermore, a mower's engine can affect how long it lasts. Typically, the larger and more powerful a John Deere's engine, the longer it will stay operable.

For example, a small-engine John Deere riding mower could only last around 500-1000 hours, while one with a larger two or 4-cylinder engine could last up to 1500-2000. Again, this comes down to how you use your machine and whether you maintain it well.

Luckily, regardless of size, John Deere mowers are built to last.

How Many Hours Do John Deere Engines Last?

For those curious about the total engine hours of a John Deere mower/tractor, this can vary. Usually, bigger tractors and mowers can remain operable for around 6,000-8,000 hours.

However, standard riding mowers won't generally live that long. Instead, you can expect one's engine to run for under 5,000 with good maintenance.

According to At Home Farmer, the engines in John Deere Compact tractors with diesel engines average 6,000 to 8,000 hours, while gas-powered engines last around the same.

Most riding mowers will be gas-powered, although they aren't made to be as durable as tractors. Furthermore, like your car, you will need regular tune-ups for your mower.

Not doing this will lead to more serious issues down the road, so don't forget to schedule an annual or bi-annual appointment.

Are John Deere Mowers Worth It?

Yes, we would agree that John Deere mowers are worth the money. Besides having a reputation for being high-quality, John Deere mowers are some of the best scoring options available.

The brand receives an impressive 88 overall score and an 'excellent' predicted reliability rating according to Consumer Reports. That is a big deal because Consumer Reports essentially pulls feedback from experts and owners of John Deere products.

Additionally, according to over 1,500 reviews on Consumer Affairs, John Deere scores a 3.4 out of 5.0 possible scoring. Of course, that's not to say you won't ever run into an issue with this brand, but overall, customers seem to be very happy.

As we said, the better you care for your equipment, the longer it will ride.

Where Are John Deere Mowers Made?

For the most part, John Deere products will be made here in the United States. This applies to their ever-popular riding mowers and tractors, although they outsource for some things.

Specifically, John Deere manufactures most of its mowers in their Horicon, Wisconsin facility. However, the company owns factories in seven countries, including three in China.

Lawn Mower Guru claims that all John Deere riding mowers will come from US factories, so that's good to know. For other John Deere equipment, you can expect it to have a final US inspection, so regardless of where the parts are made, your machine is finished here in the United States.

What Is The Best Brand Of Riding Mower?

A green John Deere lawn mower with a collector towed on the back

When it comes to the 'best' brand of riding mower, John Deere seems to be the clear winner. Considering the company scores highly for quality across countless blogs, lists, and customer panels, it's safe to say that John Deere riding mowers are top tier.

According to Top Ten Reviews' list of best riding mowers, John Deere's S180 is 2022's best option. Closely following, you have the Troy-Bilt TB30 R Ride On Mower, which scores highly for its overall value.

In general, John Deere, Honda, and Troy-Bilt mowers tend to come out on top, so any of these three brands will impress you. Again, everyone has their own unique "thing," so if you don't want a John Deere riding mower, it's not the end of the world.

How Much Does A Riding Mower Cost?

Although pricing for a riding mower can greatly vary, expect to spend between $1,000 and $10,000 on one. Generally, the price of a riding mower will depend on its design, engine size, and overall capability.

For example, the cheapest John Deere riding mower available is the S100, which has an MSRP of $1,999. That is certainly not an "affordable" price tag, but it's not the worst in terms of mowers.

On the higher end, you can spend upwards of $15,000 if you purchase one of John Deere's X758 riding mowers, which some people pay for a car.

Again, if you plan to use this for your business, purchasing an expensive piece of equipment may be the best long-term investment, but it's something to sleep on.

Does John Deere Make Electric Mowers?

Yes! John Deere does make four electric lawnmowers. Unfortunately, the brand hasn't dived into the solar-powered mower concept, but that's not to say they won't expand it in the future.

Specifically, the brand offers three electric walk-behind mowers in the R40 series and one autonomous, battery-powered option. Considering the current push for greener, cleaner energy, John Deere does fall behind in this category.

Ultimately, if you prefer an electric mower option, we recommend trying the EGO LM2102SP POWER+ 21" Self-Propelled Mower, which has high ratings among consumers.

Are John Deere Riding Mowers Gas Or Diesel?

Most John Deere riding mowers will use diesel or unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher. This is somewhat standard for mowing equipment, so you don't have to make a significant switch if you're new to this brand.

With that said, some John Deere owners have converted their machines to take propane instead, so that's another option. With soaring gas prices, it could be time to switch to a renewable energy source, like electric or solar, although John Deere has limited choices.

It's also important that if your John Deere system uses biodiesel, you purchase the brand's fuel conditioner to keep its parts working properly.

How Do I Maintain My John Deere Mower?

A small green John Deere lawn mower parked outside the house

For those with a John Deere mower, good maintenance is super important. A few easy ways to keep your mower in tip-top shape include:

  • Cleaning the underside of your mower.
  • Draining and replacing your mower's oil every 25-50 hours of use.
  • Change your John Deere's spark plugs yearly (or every 100 hours).
  • Grease your machine's fittings.
  • Sharpen the blades on your mower.
  • Regularly inspect your John Deere tires.

On top of that, scheduling annual or semi-annual appointments with a professional is a great way to keep your mower working correctly.

Using high-quality products, like grease and oil, will also lessen age-related damage, so keep that in mind while shopping around. Furthermore, try to keep your mower filled to its recommended level, as overfilling it can cause problems.

If you run into any problems or have questions, feel free to contact John Deere directly here.

Do John Deere Riding Mowers Come With A Warranty?

A huge John Deere lawn mower cutting away grass

Yes, depending on your mower, there will be some level of protection included. According to John Deere's warranty page, you will need to register your equipment through the company to receive coverage.

So if you bought your riding mower at Lowes or Home Depot, they want you to register it on their website, which you can do here. Once you do that, John Deere offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don't like your mower within the first month or have an issue with it, the brand will accept your product and give you all of the purchased amounts back.

This isn't a super generous warranty, so make sure to test your mower out as much as possible within the first 30 days so you aren't stuck with it.

To Wrap It Up

A small John Deere lawn mower

Whether you have a John Deere riding mower or want to purchase one, knowing how long one will last is always good. From what we found, you can expect a John Deere mower to last between eight and ten years on average.

That comes out to roughly 4,500-5,000 hours in its lifetime. Considering most riding mowers won't last more than a few thousand hours, John Deere certainly stands out for quality.

Regardless, register your mower on John Deere's website and follow the recommended maintenance tips we laid out earlier.

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  1. I’ve owned 2 john Deere lawn tractors. The first tractor ran fine to 100 hours then i needed a new carb and then a new head gasket(B&S 22 hp). Since then it’s been fine. My 2nd I just bought used. The 1st owner did no maintenance on it, I started cleaning the engine, carb, plugs, deck, air filter, etc, it starts fine runs fine at 155 hours, but needs TLC. my biggest complaint is the terrible paint job on their mower decks from the factory. It peals right off, splinters, and cracks. And my equipment is well maintained and not left outside !! You make up your mind.

  2. My mom owns a 1988 John Deere 160 lawn tractor and it is running great 34 years later! Since it is very old we are thinking about getting a second one, the X370 or X350 is our top two and we will never leave John Deere. Thanks for the good and descriptive article and cannot wait to see what JD will release when its electric models come out.


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