How To Create A Vertical Grass Wall (7 Easy Steps!)

Have you ever seen a plush green grass wall in the lobby of modern business and wondered how you could do that in your own home? These decorative pieces bring a gorgeous color explosion to offices, family rooms, and restaurants, and they are a growing trend that you will be seeing more often.

How to Create a Vertical Grass Wall (7 Easy Steps!)As vertical grass walls grow in popularity, people are always wondering how difficult it is to install one in their own home. Since it is such a common question, we have provided examples of grass walls and compiled this step by step process to help you get started.

Creating a grass wall in your home or office is a relatively simple task that requires a few tools along with a grass product that fits your tastes. After you securely affix your grass to the wall, it is fun and simple to attach decorations for the theme of your choice with staples and general adhesives.

How to Create Your Vertical Grass Wall

Now that you have dedicated yourself to creating your own vertical grass wall, heed these steps. Of course, any steps here can be modified depending on the size and design of your particular wall.

1. Get the Supplies

If you are planning to create a basic wall where you will be only be placing the grass against the wall to decorate later, then you will need these basic supplies:

2. Measure and Plan

Before you buy anything, you need to figure out how you want your grass wall to look. Are you going to lay out the grass and then add your decorative elements or do you want to cut out separate pieces for a more abstract look?

If you are planning on covering all of the walls, then take your tape measure and calculate the total area by multiplying the lengths of each wall together. It won’t hurt to have a little extra in case your design choices change.

If you are looking for a more detailed endeavor, take a pen and paper and draw out what you are planning. Go online and buy to those needs or bring your illustration to an arts and crafts store and ask them to assist.

Use chalk to create lines on the wall for where you want the grass to go. This is especially important if you are hoping to use smaller pieces as part of a complex work of art.

3. Get the Grass

Now you need the grass. There are many options available.

If you are looking for smaller pieces for a smaller room or you want to shape each one individually and piece them together on your wall, then go for individual pieces of artificial grass. These pieces can be used indoors and outdoors, and they are easy to work with.

If you are thinking about using the grass as a backdrop or you want to fill your entire wall, then look for a larger roll-out artificial grass product that you can lay out, cut and design as needed.

To add more thickness and dimension to your grass wall, you can find grass in different styles such as evergreen or hedge plant. There are also grass products that are pre-cut into backdrops and interlocking pieces.

4. Cut the Grass

Once you have the grass in your possession, you can cut it to your liking. If you are working with a larger piece, use your measuring tape and chalk to make lines on the grass, so you know where to cut.

5. Attach the Grass to the Wall

Now that you have your pieces set up exactly how you like it, start affixing it to your wall. This is where the method will change based on which type of surface you are attaching the grass.


If you are putting it on a regular wall inside a home, then use a staple gun.

With a helper, put the grass against the wall and add your staples to the perimeter of each piece. Place the staples around the edges so you don’t tamp down the grass blades because it just won’t look right if you do.

Cement, Brick, Plastic, and Wood

If you are installing your grass wall on any of these tougher backdrops, then it may call for a stronger adhesive such as a tough polyurethane construction adhesive.

For wood surfaces for outdoor grass walls, consider first applying a water resistant sealant before placing the grass, so the wall stays intact. Doing so will also keep mold and mildew from forming between the two surfaces.

6. Personalize It

Once your grass wall is installed, verify that it is secure and then begin your decorating. If you want a floral pattern, then add some fake plants or insects. For sports fans, use white paint to add the sports outlines or glue footballs and baseballs onto the wall. The sky's the limit to what you can create so take time to think about what you want and make it your own.

7. Maintain the Wall

Just like any decoration in or around your home, some light maintenance may be required to keep your grass wall looking beautiful. The grass will collect dust and debris so clean it occasionally with the extension hose of a vacuum cleaner or a handheld broom.

If any of the edges of the grass ever start to come loose, simply add another staple or two and put it back in place. If you ever decide to completely remove the grass wall then use a staple remover and apply spackle to fill in any holes.

Where Can You Put a Grass Wall?

Most people only think about grass as something that is on the ground in our yards and parks, but the trend of installing grass walls indoors and outdoors has been gaining steam. The main reason that you would install a grass wall is for the design aspect.

Grass walls are found in homes, offices, and museums. Basically, if you are not satisfied with plain white walls and you want to add some layers and color to a room, a grass wall is a way to go.

Around the Home

Our kids are always trying to come up with new ways to make their rooms look different than the rooms of their friends. It is their own personal space, and they like to make it their own. If your kids are obsessed with sports, then a grass wall might just be the ticket.

Once you install your grass, you can paint white lines in the shape of a baseball or football field and then add posters or pennants of their favorite teams. A grass wall would also be a nice addition for kids looking for a jungle, animal or nature-themed room when you pair it with hangings of plants and animals.

Sports fans young and old can appreciate a grass wall. In a game room where friends gather to watch football or soccer, you can put a grass wall behind the television to give the effect that you are right there with the players. This design feature can also add a fun element of competition to game rooms where friends play ping pong or billiards.

A living green wall can also give a nice touch in the living room, especially if you have a green color scheme or a floral themed room. The beauty of grass walls is that they can be created in any shape or size, so you could even decorate a room with smaller rugs in geometric shapes.

Spice Up Your Business

Businesses in competitive fields can do a lot to try and stand out from the competition and beautifying the lobby or conference room can make customers remember their experiences more fondly. In the reception area, put up a grass wall and affix your company logo.

They say that the color green can help to reduce stress and increase productivity and good health on a subconscious level, so put up some green walls in the break rooms and work areas for a well-motivated staff.

Grass walls can also add a fun element to bars and restaurants. Not only do they add an extra level of detail, but they can protect the walls against errant cue sticks and darts in gaming establishments. Grass walls can really add to the look of vegetarian eateries.

Finally, a classroom can be a great environment for grass walls because the color green is also conducive to learning and it can be a fun backdrop for when the students engage in arts and crafts projects.

What are Some Examples of Grass Walls?

While there are many applications for grass walls in many different environments, before you build one in your home, you may need some visual examples for inspiration. These examples show just how impressive a grass wall can be.

Below is the perfect placement of a company logo over a grass wall. The contrasting colors really make the logo pop, and the addition of colorful flowers add a whole new level of beauty. This is an eye-catching display that the customers will remember, and it sets your company apart.

Another company logo over a grass wall with perfectly placed lighting can also add a very fetching design element.

Grass walls can also make great displays for parties, weddings, or any event where pictures for groups and couples are encouraged. Green is a pleasant color and will complement most outfits very well. Add some accents like the colored balloons here and really make the display pop.

Grass walls also look great outdoors as a contrast to the grass or stone that lines the ground. Green is a very welcoming color, and it can be the difference between customers going to you and going elsewhere. The grass can be longer or shorter depending on preference, but both are equally eye-pleasing.

A grass wall inside a restaurant or a break room gives a great design element that looks nice and will create a comforting atmosphere for the customers.


A Little Work for Big Rewards

Once you have the supplies you need, constructing the actual grass wall is a pretty easy project that you will enjoy for a long time to come. With the little time it takes to build it and personalize it to your tastes, it is a worthwhile project that will brighten your smile every time you see it in your home or business.

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