Surreal Garden In Scotland Bursts With Otherworldly Designs

This article was reviewed by Steve Snedeker, professional landscaper.

Have you ever wanted to experience Alice in Wonderland in real life?

Well, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland may be your next stop.

Besides offering over 30 acres of greenery, sculptures, and trippy hills, this Scottish garden is a viral sensation across social media.

One of the more interesting tidbits this garden focuses on is "celebrating nature, both intellectually and through the senses, including the sense of humor."

Not only will you feel like you're in a wacky sci-fi movie while walking through this garden, but you'll also get to see a world-renowned selection of plants and artwork.

Guaranteeing that his work is incredibly unique, Charles Jenks says this about his design: "Instead of repeating everything, like [Versailles], all of my work is fractal; that means everything is self-similar but not self-same." 

You can see just how trippy this garden is here:

A little backstory: the Garden of Cosmic Speculation started as a wild idea in 1988.

Charles Jenks and his wife Maggie Keswick fell in love with the plot of land and home located where the garden would one day be located: which is where the story technically begins.

The couple turned this meadow-ish land into a stunning garden, constantly adding new plants and dreaming of the next big thing. The Garden of Six Senses, pictured below, is all inter-connected.

These two had a love story for the ages (cries), lasting 17 years here at the now-Garden of Cosmic Speculation until Maggie passed away in 1995.

Charles still finds inspiration from Maggie for the garden, which is why he transformed it into the epic natural adventure it is currently.


Charles Jenks sculpts nature to reflect the cosmos.

Charles Jenks DNA monument

In the video above, Jenks reflects that, "In the Universe, organization emerges, along with chaos." This is the root of his inspiration behind the incredible gardening installments and creations.

Check out how this TikTok traveler explored this trippy garden for the day.

@wacomo un jardín de Charles Jencks #fyp #fy #parati #latino #arquitectura #architecture #diseño ♬ Castaways - The Backyardigans


You can see just how crazy the entire concept behind this public space is. We're just waiting for the white rabbit to appear and rush us to afternoon tea!


This probably wouldn't even be too weird for the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, so invite the weirdness to happen while you're there!

Charles often collaborates with scientists, artists, and even mathematicians for this garden's ever-changing installations.

When we say this takes an army to create and manage, we mean it.

There's even an astronaut on the team: Dr. Jeffrey A. Hoffman!

Would anyone like to go to space with us? This garden keeps getting wilder, right?

Check out another social media user enjoying their time at this magical garden:

@jessicalord63 Wholesome trips with the gals 🫶🏼 #gardenofcosmicspeculation #scotlandtiktok #scotland ♬ 33 “GOD” - Bon Iver

You can see this girl's trip was much more than a trip to a garden. The landscaping, ambiance, and hidden gems within this garden make it a must-see attraction for many in the area.

There always seems to be something going on in the Garden of Cosmic Speculation.


We're not confirming this, but the chances of encountering an alien or UFO in this garden feel higher than anywhere else (besides maybe area 51).


Somebody even made a cool video showing this garden's wackiest features over the years.

@jessicalord63 Wholesome trips with the gals 🫶🏼 #gardenofcosmicspeculation #scotlandtiktok #scotland ♬ 33 “GOD” - Bon Iver

Whether you're a nature lover, science enthusiast, or NEED to go viral on social media: this garden might be your golden ticket (sorry, wrong movie).

Willy Wonka would enjoy this, so let's keep that reference...for now.

What are your thoughts on this cosmic-inspired garden? Who wants to go?

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