23 Stunning Flower Arrangements That Use Christmas Ornaments

Make your floral displays into breathtaking masterpieces by artfully integrating ornaments into your arrangements. This imaginative approach can elevate your centerpiece or decor, captivating your guests.

Use ornaments as a creative base, arranging flowers around them for a unique twist. Add fun by suspending small ornaments among the blooms, infusing your arrangement with playful texture and color.

Crimson Cascade

To craft this luxurious arrangement, anchor your amaryllis in the center, allow the gold embellishment to cascade like a festive waterfall, and intersperse hints of green for contrast.

A tall arrangement of cascading red amaryllis, greens, gold-dipped feathers, and sparkling gold and ruby ornaments with Christmas lights on the background

Then, place a circle of golden ornaments at the base for a splendid finish. This arrangement celebrates Christmas, perfect for those seeking to dazzle their guests with a bold and beautiful holiday showpiece.

Winter Wonderland

For a winter wonderland-inspired flower arrangement, choose white lilies as your floral anchors, symbolizing the serene beauty of freshly fallen snow.

winter wonderland-inspired flower arrangement, choose white lilies and chrysanthemums as your floral anchors, make it festive with christmas background and blue ribbon

Spruce up the place with silver and blue decorations to get that frosty, wintery vibe. Throw them in a bright, shining pot – it’ll look like the sky on a clear winter day and make the whole frosty theme pop!

Rustic Charm

Start with a bunch of wildflowers with different textures and shapes, like what you'd find in a meadow out in the countryside. This will give your place a relaxed, rustic winter vibe.

rustic winter retreat, arrangement with an assortment of wildflowers, and pine cones, whose varied textures for Christmas with festive Christmas backgrounds and mantels.

Add in a selection of pine cones of different sizes and wooden ornaments. Perhaps the shapes of stars or animals can lend a handcrafted feel, further enhancing the cozy and homey atmosphere.

Elegant Gold

Go for an exquisite flower arrangement that epitomizes elegance and sophistication, ideal for gracing any formal event or glamorous holiday party.

coastal Christmas, you can create a beautiful flower arrangement that captures the essence of a beachy holiday in a vase that is not transparent

Select pristine white or cream flowers, such as lilies and gardenias, to recreate this luxurious look, which exudes a sense of grace and purity.

Intertwine these blooms with gold ornaments that provide a rich, opulent contrast. Sprinkle in glittery accents that catch the light and sparkle, enhancing the arrangement's lavishness.

Vibrant Modern Twist

Envision yourself creating this enchanting gift box filled with radiant red gerbera daisies and elegant white roses, all tied together with a luxurious red satin bow.

vibrant ensemble of gerbera daisies and roses for Christmas, add gifts on the sides

Mix the bright reds with the calm whites as you arrange the flowers, and don't forget some green pine for that fresh holiday scent. This is your chance to make your place feel extra Christmassy and cozy with your own style!

Vintage Victorian

You can capture the splendor of a Victorian Christmas with this sophisticated arrangement of red and white roses nestled within the soft embrace of evergreen foliage.

Victorian Christmas with a classic flower arrangement that will become the centerpiece of your holiday decor. Select luxurious red and white roses, symbols of yuletide joy and Victorian grace

Adding pinecones and a cascade of red ribbons adds a touch of yesteryear's charm. You'll begin by selecting a festive candy-striped vase, then artfully place each rose to balance the lush reds with the crisp whites.

Accent your bouquet with evergreen sprigs and carefully position the pinecones for a natural touch.

Candy Cane Lane

Embrace the festive spirit with a Candy Cane Lane-themed flower arrangement. Combine bold red roses and lush white hydrangeas to reflect the iconic candy cane colors.

Arrangement of flowers from red to white mixed with candy canes and berries

Weave in real candy canes and frost-tipped pine cones for a touch of whimsy—accent with red berries and white floral clusters for additional vibrancy.

Presented in a striped vase, this bouquet is a charming celebration of the holidays, guaranteed to brighten any space with joy.

Festive Flamboyance

You'll be in awe of this centerpiece, where the striking beauty of red and cream orchids commands attention in an elegant geometric vase.

Geometrically arranged lilies and orchids, on a Chritmas table with art deco ornaments and bold, gold geometric shapes.lots of red and gold

These lush blooms, artfully paired with glossy gold baubles, capture the festive cheer and opulence of the season.

A candle's soft luminescence adds a tranquil ambiance to your space, making your holiday gathering both serene and spectacular.

Even more inspiration!

Here are additional flower arrangements with Christmas ornaments or motifs to get you inspired:

Christmas decoration with carnations, chrysanthemums santini, brunia and fir. Christmas spirit and mood

Christmas decorations, candles and flower bouquet

Christmas decoration with carnations, chrysanthemums santini, brunia and fir. Christmas spirit and mood

Flower Bouquet with Candles

How to make christmas floral arrangement with carnations, chrysanthemum santini flowers

Bright and gorgeous bouquet of lovely red flowers in woman hands

Christmas arrangement of red roses,fir, holly and pine cones

Maintaining Your Arrangement

Now that you have created a beautiful flower arrangement using Christmas ornaments, it's essential to maintain it properly to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Here are some tips to help you keep your arrangement looking fresh and beautiful:

1. Change the Water Regularly

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your flower arrangement is to change the water regularly.

Stagnant water can cause bacteria to grow, leading to the flowers wilting and dying. Check the water level daily, replenish as needed, and replace the water if it becomes cloudy or contaminated with fallen leaves.

2. Trim the Stems

As your flowers age, their stems may become blocked or clogged, preventing them from taking up water properly.

To keep your flowers hydrated and fresh, trim the stems every few days. Use sharp scissors or pruning shears to make a clean cut at a 45-degree angle, which will help the flowers absorb water more efficiently.

3. Remove Any Wilting Flowers

As your flower arrangement ages, some of the blooms may start to wilt or die. To keep your arrangement looking its best, remove any wilting flowers as soon as you notice them.

This will help prevent the spread of bacteria and keep the flowers fresh and beautiful.

4. Keep Your Arrangement Away from Heat Sources

Flowers are sensitive to heat, so keeping your arrangement away from direct sunlight, radiators, and other heat sources is essential.

This will help prevent your flowers from drying out too quickly and wilting.

Trust yourself; you can keep your flower arrangement looking fresh and beautiful for days or weeks!

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