20 Eye-Catching Window Box Ideas for Winter

Have you ever thought of making your window boxes a focal point this season? With evergreens, you can transform them into festive, green highlights that endure the winter chill.

Stay with us as we provide easy-to-follow suggestions for creating your own evergreen winter wonderland. Let's get started!

1. Berry Window Garland

A gorgeous window decor for a Christmas decor

Wrap your window in a cozy glow with a circle of twinkling lights, setting the stage for the season's joy. Adorn the glass with a wreath rich in red berries for a merry contrast to the tranquil evening.

Below, let a bounty of evergreen boughs spill over your window box. As dusk falls, this festive display becomes a beacon of warmth, offering a heartwarming sight on any frosty evening.

2. Festive Window Box

Gorgeous window boxes decorated with leaves and bright oranges

If you've got a tiered window box, try this setup! Here, towering pinecones nestle amongst the feathery pines while cheerful orange accents burst like little suns against the winter sky.

The rich textures of pine needles and smooth ornaments offer a feast for the eyes, catching the soft light of shorter days.

Perched on an elegant wrought-iron window box, this display brings a classic touch to your home.

3. Warmth of Winter Greens

Cypress  leaves matched with candles

You can also set a row of flameless candles among the greenery on your window sill for a simple yet striking look. Tall, red twig dogwoods stand among the deep greens, adding a touch of the wild to your view.

Bright berries peek out, giving a pop of color to the scene. The whole setup sits in a classic wicker basket, bringing a cozy feel to chilly evenings.

4. Evergreen and Crimson Twigs Arrangement

Berries, Pine cone and matching snow and leaves

If you're looking for a more natural look, tuck in some large pinecones for a natural, woodsy feel. The red berries scattered throughout lend a cheerful note to the ensemble.

This arrangement, set in a classic white window box, combines rustic charm with a splash of color.

5. Crimson and Green Ensemble

Bright green leaves and plants outside a window

Frame your window with this lively evergreen display, where bright red berries reach for the sky, drawing your eyes upward.

You'll find pinecones and holly nestled among the greenery, bringing a touch of traditional holiday charm to your view.

6. Holiday Pinecone Planter

A small white framed window with a decorative pinecone and leaves window planter

You might also consider this window box arrangement that pairs the classic evergreen boughs with the surprise of glossy red ornaments.

Nestled among the branches, pinecones add a natural, rustic touch, while strands of delicate red berries bring brightness.

7. Yuletide Birdhouse Display

A small birdhouse placed next to the window planter with a Christmas festive design

Try adding a whimsical touch to your window with this charming display that features a rustic birdhouse tucked among lush evergreen boughs.

Accents of red berries and frosty white buds bring a cheerful contrast, while oversized pinecones lend an air of the forest to your home.

A bold red bow captures the essence of the holiday spirit, making this black window box a standout piece. It's a festive and fun addition that offers a storybook welcome to anyone who passes by!

8. Snowflake Serenade Window Box

Bright snowflakes used as props for the window planter box

Consider a winter wonderland theme for your window box with this frost-kissed evergreen arrangement.

White snowflake ornaments float above, mingling with silver and gold baubles within the branches, creating a peaceful, snowy scene.

The dusting of artificial snow adds a touch of magic, making the greens look as though they are fresh from a winter's morning.

9. Starry Night Window Adornment

A beautiful starry night theme window design

This enchanting window display invites the magic of a snowy night right to your home. Soft white stars dangle amidst a gentle cascade of snow, creating a celestial ballet against the evening sky.

Below, miniature snow-covered trees line the window ledge, completing this tranquil winter scene. The warm glow of lights inside sets a cozy backdrop, making the outside chill seem miles away.

10. Reindeer Elegance Window Display

Stunningly decorated window with lots of bells and lights

For a touch of winter's grace, this serene window display showcases a majestic white reindeer poised amidst shimmering orbs of gold and silver.

Frosted stars and icicles drape elegantly above while twinkling lights woven through snow-dusted greenery cast a soft, welcoming glow.

11. Enchanted Forest Window Box

Polar bear stuff toys used for a Christmas decor

This delightful arrangement will surely charm you if you want to create a heartwarming scene right outside your window.

Snowflakes and twinkling lights adorn the evergreen garland, setting a festive stage for an adorable gathering of plush polar bears.

Beneath a dusting of snow, they seem to celebrate the season around a miniature wooden tree. It's a playful and joyful exhibit that captures the whimsical side of winter!

12. Crafted Woodland Scene

Carved reindeers used in a Christmas decor

Step into a woodland scene with this charming window box display, where elegant deer figures stand among intricately carved wooden trees.

The rich browns of the forest animals and timber silhouettes create a natural, rustic tableau against the fresh greenery below.

Pinecones of various sizes contribute to the forest floor effect, lending authenticity to this enchanting setup.

13. Rustic Starlight Display

A beautiful star and other small bright stars used for Christmas decor

This window display brings the enchantment of a starlit night into your home with its glowing constellation of stars, both within and beyond the glass.

A lush garland frames the scene, dotted with natural pinecones, evoking the essence of a forest in winter.

On the sill, rustic decorations, a lantern casting a soft light, and candles create a tranquil and festive tableau.

14. Winter Wonderland Ledge

Beautiful mixture of red and white Christmas decors placed in the window

Embrace the festive season with this joyful window display, where a merry Santa and cheerful snowmen stand guard over a miniature winter village!

Playfully add some striped baubles to add a twist of whimsy while frosted snowflakes catch the eye with their intricate designs.

15. Golden Glitter and Greens

Beautiful twigs matched with lights and other Christmas decors

This window box dazzles with its simple yet stunning arrangement of twinkling fairy lights intertwined among bare winter branches, casting a soft glow that enlivens the evening ambiance.

Nestled within the verdant evergreen, silver ornaments glisten alongside natural pinecones, creating a blend of rustic charm and elegance.

16. Poinsettia Panorama

Blooming poinsettias placed on the window

Vibrant poinsettias take center stage in this window box, their iconic red leaves offering a classic symbol of holiday cheer.

They're complemented by the deep greens of evergreens and the bright pops of berry clusters, creating a lush, festive look.

A glittering ribbon weaves through the arrangement, its gold accents catching the light and adding a touch of sparkle.

17. Crimson Glow Corner

Bright blooming Poinsettias and lights

Try enhancing your railing with the classic holiday charm of red poinsettias nestled in a lush window box.

Weave in some fairy lights for a gentle golden shimmer that brings the arrangement to life in the evening hours.

The bright blooms, set against the twinkling lights, offer a welcoming glow that's sure to captivate and delight.

18. Frostbitten Ruby Bouquet

Berries and twigs used for Christmas decors

You might also want to paint your window box black and add slender branches of Winterberry, their bright red berries offering a cheerful contrast to the winter gray.

Beneath, add some blue spruce bough snugly to resemble the untouched forest floor, speckled with the season's first snow.

19. Deck the Rails with Baubles

Jingle bells and Christmas leaves placed outside the window pnaters

You might also want to try decking your window box with the holiday spirit. Lush cedar and fir branches create a full, green base, spilling over the edge for a natural look.

Nestled within are shiny baubles in a mix of red, gold, and silver, reflecting the festive lights and merry atmosphere.

Pine cones weave through the arrangement, giving it a rustic feel, while streams of red ribbon add a classic holiday touch.

20. Berried Boughs and Bows

A small ribbon and leaves used for the window decorative planter

If you want something simpler and easier to achieve, this window box idea might be just right. A mix of pine and fir branches creates a lush green backdrop for the bright red Winterberry holly berries.

A few large pine cones are nestled in, adding to the natural, woodsy feel. The big red bow in the center is a classic touch that ties it all together.

Spark Your Winter Creativity with these Window Box Ideas!

As you've seen, the quiet of winter provides the perfect backdrop for a splash of creativity right outside your window.

Whether it's the bright spark of Winterberry holly, the rustic elegance of pine cones, or the festive shimmer of holiday baubles, each window box idea we've shared is a starting point for your own creative journey.

Get creative, mix and match these ideas, or add a personal twist to make your window box a unique reflection of your winter spirit!

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