14 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Decorations from Your Garden

Looking to add a personal touch to your holiday decor? Your garden offers a wealth of materials that can be crafted into unique Christmas decorations.

With some basic DIY skills, you can transform garden finds like branches, berries, and evergreens into charming, festive accents for your home.

Here’s a selection of straightforward DIY Christmas decoration ideas straight from nature’s bounty to try this season!

1. Classic Grapevine and Pine Wreath

We understand that finding the right materials from your garden can be a challenge, especially during this winter season.

making of christmass wreath from all natural materials

So, let's start with the classic! This wreath is perfect for those who love a rustic and natural look.

Begin with a grapevine base and methodically secure fresh pine sprigs around it using floral wire, ensuring a lush and even distribution.

Trim the branches as needed for a uniform appearance. For a festive touch, adorn the wreath with red berries, pine cones, or ribbons, ensuring each element is fixed securely onto the grapevine.

Once completed, use a wire or wreath hanger on the back for easy display, bringing a touch of classic Christmas charm to your home.

2. "Berry" Abundant Wreath

If you want to take your wreath decor to the next level, try this one!

woman making rose hip and hawthorn wreath

This beautiful wreath showcases a vibrant collection of berries, including rose hips and hawthorn, artfully arranged to form a festive holiday decoration.

Rose hips and hawthorn berries are resilient during winter and great for adding a burst of red to your Christmas decor.

Here's a straightforward way to make one:

  1. Collect rose hips, hawthorn berries, and any other sturdy winter berries from your garden. You'll also need a wreath form, floral wire, and small filler flowers or greenery.
  2. Secure the end of your floral wire to the wreath form.
  3. Start by wiring bunches of berries together. Then, attach these clusters to the wreath form, layering them to create a full look.
  4. Intersperse small filler flowers or additional greenery among the berries for contrast and fullness.
  5. Make sure all elements are securely fastened with floral wire.
  6. Once your wreath is full and all elements are secure, hang it on your door or wall to enjoy throughout the season.

3. Orange Mandarin Christmas Balls

If you're fortunate to have an orange tree this festive season, you can turn its bounty into a charming decoration.

The Orange Mandarin Christmas Balls add a refreshing and fragrant twist to the typical holiday decorations.

Affix mandarins to the tree branches using floral wire or ornament hooks, and let the bright fruits stand out against the evergreen foliage.

Not only do they look cheerful, but they also provide a delightful scent, enhancing the cozy holiday atmosphere in your home.

4. Dried Citrus Garland

If you're feeling wasteful using fresh oranges, you can opt for fallen fruits that may not be table-worthy but are perfect for decoration.

Fir branches decorated with dried tangerines, oranges, garlands and red berries for Christmas

To craft a Dried Citrus Garland, thinly slice these oranges and dry them out to create the main feature of your garland.

Intertwine the dried orange slices with festive elements like cinnamon sticks, red berries, or even dried chilies for added color.

String them on a durable twine or fishing line with knots to maintain even spacing. Then, add them to your Christmas tree accessories or hang them along your staircase garland.

Want to add poinsettias to your garden-inspired DIY decorations? Learn how to overwinter poinsettias!

5. Berry & Blossom Moss Chandelier

The Berry & Blossom Moss Chandelier is an enchanting, natural piece that adds organic elegance to any space.

a candle hanging on a moss chandelier inside living room with some flowers on it

This chandelier features a lush moss base adorned with vibrant red berries and delicate purple blossoms suspended atop your dining or living room table.

To create this piece:

  1. Secure a sturdy wire circle with vertical wire strands to create a floating effect.
  2. Wrap the wireframes with moss, ensuring full plush, green look coverage.
  3. Weave in red berry branches and purple blossoms throughout the moss, balancing color and fullness.
  4. Attach a strong cord or chain to the top circle for hanging the chandelier.
  5. Position the chandelier above a dining area or in a living space to add a touch of nature's charm to your festive decor.

6. Yuletide Log Santas

a trio of handcrafted Santa Claus figures carved into a vertically standing log, each sporting a red hat and a white beard with the largest Santa adorned with a green and red plaid ribbon scarf

If you have some old logs lying around in your garden, transforming them into Yuletide Log Santas can be a delightful holiday project.

Start by selecting logs of various lengths to give character to each Santa. Paint the top third of each log in vibrant red to fashion Santa's hat, leaving a section for his face.

For the beard, affix a layer of cotton or white felt around the lower part of the red section, ensuring it's thick and plush.

A small wooden ball or a circle of paint can serve as the nose, right above which you'll add a pair of twinkling eyes.

Finally, a strip of festive ribbon tied around the log gives the illusion of Santa's hat flopping whimsically to one side.

These charming figures can add a touch of whimsy to any corner of your home during the festive season.

7. Clear Christmas Balls Filled with Succulents

These Clear Christmas Balls filled with succulents are a creative and easy way to add a touch of green to your holiday decor.

three glass terrarium ornaments on a faux snowy surface, each containing succulents, pine cones, and glittery baubles

Succulents, with their ability to store water, are hardy and can do well indoors during winter when provided with enough light and minimal water.

These ornaments are a practical choice for festive decorations because they require little upkeep while offering a fresh, lively look.

Begin your project by selecting clear plastic ornament balls with an open front and flat bottom.

See these clear plastic ornament balls on Amazon.

Start by filling the base with a layer of cactus mix, just enough to comfortably nestle your succulents inside. This will create a stable foundation for your miniature green display.

After settling the soil, layer it with artificial snow, creating a miniature snowy scene.

Add decorative elements like faux snow or tiny pine cones, and finish with a ribbon to hang on your tree or around your home.

After the holiday season, you can easily remove the succulents from their glassy globes and return them to your garden with a fresh cactus mix.

8. “Twigmas” Tree

The "Twigmas" Tree is a charming, nature-inspired Christmas decoration, perfect for those who appreciate a garden-themed aesthetic.

Hand made eco friendly christmas tree out of wooden sticks, oranges, cones and lights

Gather various twigs and branches from your garden, arranging them from longest to shortest to create a tiered tree effect.

Secure each level with garden twine, then join them to form a tree shape.

Dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and candy canes can be hung as ornaments, bringing a festive look to the structure.

This tree creatively uses garden materials and adds a rustic touch to your holiday decor.

Not sure which tree size fits your space? Find your perfect fit with this guide.

9. Cabin Style Christmas Tree

If you recently cut down that old tree from your garden, why not repurpose the wood for a festive project?

Three Christmas trees are made of twigs and logs, decorated with pine cones, lanterns

Create a cabin-style Christmas tree by stacking the cut logs to create a natural, eye-catching holiday display.

Start with the larger logs at the base and work your way up to the smaller ones, securing them around a central support for stability.

Decorate with pine cones, string lights, or baubles to bring the holiday spirit to your outdoor space.

This creative use of garden materials can serve as a striking feature in your yard, adding a touch of handcrafted warmth to the winter season.

10. Mini Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Mini Pine Cone Christmas Trees are a creative and festive way to use the treasures from your garden.

Christmas decorations in the Christmas tree shop

Gather pine cones of different sizes and stack them from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top to form a tree shape. Secure each layer with glue for stability.

For a splash of color, tuck in small red berries from the garden or tie on ribbon bows. A sprinkle of artificial snow can give your creation a whimsical winter feel.

This DIY project is a delightful way to bring a piece of the garden indoors for the holiday season.

11. White Christmas Centerpiece

White Christmas Centerpieces bring elegance and simplicity to your holiday table.

Browse our Christmas centerpiece stock images to find the perfect visuals for your holiday-themed projects

For this garden-inspired arrangement, fresh white blooms are selected—perhaps roses or snowdrops from your backyard—and placed in glass jars.

The jars are wrapped with rustic twine for a handmade feel. Nestled among these flowers, greenery from the garden adds fullness and a touch of nature.

Such centerpieces are perfect for a festive gathering, reflecting the serenity of a winter's garden blanketed in snow.

12. Fresh Hearth Basket

This festive basket is brimming with the seasonal charm of red berries, fresh evergreen sprigs, and natural pine cones.

gaultheria procumbens and fir branches in box as winter garden decoration

It's a rustic yet elegant decoration that brings a touch of woodland enchantment to your holiday hearth.

To create this Holiday Hearth Berry Basket, select a decorative basket as your base—you can even use an old round cookie box—ideally, one that complements your home decor.

Fill it with a mix of evergreens like spruce or pine for a full, lush look.

Nestle in bright red berries for a pop of color—these can be rose hips, hawthorn, or any other berry that catches your eye and is known for its winter hardiness.

Tuck in a few pine cones of various sizes for texture, and if you like, add a couple of cinnamon sticks for a subtle hint of spice.

Finally, place your basket on the hearth or any other spot in your home where it can add to the festive atmosphere.

13. Starlight Twig Ornament

If you want something to complement the earlier Christmas tree decor ideas, consider crafting a Starlight Twig Ornament.

branches or twigs star, hand made, with christmas lights on pink background

This enchanting piece intertwines nature with a festive twinkle, perfect for adding a harmonious element to your seasonal decorations.

Beyond adorning your Christmas tree, this ornament can serve as a charming window display, catching the gentle winter light, or as a centerpiece for your holiday table, casting a warm glow over festive meals.

You could even use it as a unique gift topper for a special, handcrafted touch on your presents this year.

14. Holiday Potpourri Bowl

Remember the dried orange garland we talked about earlier? Why not level it up with a Holiday Potpourri Bowl?

Dry orange, star anise, cinnamon, pine cones and fir tree in rustic plate on wooden table

This aromatic arrangement combines the citrusy zest of dried oranges with the earthy tones of cinnamon sticks, nuts, and pine cones, creating a visually appealing experience that smells like Christmas.

It’s perfect for setting a warm, inviting holiday mood in any space!

Go Ahead and Get Creative with These DIY Christmas Decorations!

Embrace the holiday spirit with a personal touch this season!

These DIY Christmas decoration ideas are more than just crafts; they're an opportunity to bring the essence of winter and the warmth of your garden into your home.

Whether you're looking for a festive centerpiece or a unique ornament, these garden-inspired decorations will cheerfully fill your home and make this Christmas more enjoyable.

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