11 Gorgeous Holiday Planters

The holiday season brims with cheer, and what better way to showcase your festive spirit than with a stunning holiday planter right at your doorstep?

These planters enhance your home's curb appeal and warmly welcome your guests. Simple to create, they can be tailored to reflect your style and the winter season's charm.

From mixing evergreen branches for texture to adding sparkling lights and colorful ornaments, your planter can transform into a delightful representation of holiday joy.

Ready to turn a simple container into a festive masterpiece? Scroll for more!

1. Painted Can Planter

Revamp your space with hand-painted can planters! A dab of paint and some winter-friendly pansies and heather can turn empty cans into festive decor.

Painted can planters on the kitchen table

It's a simple, sustainable way to brighten your holiday home. Try it and enjoy your touch of green this season.

2. Kid-Friendly Holiday Planter

This project is perfect for young crafters, with its simple assembly of evergreens, berries, and pine cones.

Woman holding a homemade holiday themed planter

It's a delightful way to introduce kids to gardening and decoration, resulting in a charming holiday centerpiece that adds a touch of winter cheer to your porch.

3. Mosaic Planter

This striking mosaic planter, adorned with frost-resistant tiles arranged in a crisscross pattern, marries function with festivity.

A small mosaic pot with a spruce planted on it

It's an ideal setting for evergreens or any winter-hardy plant, complemented by holiday decorations such as a bright red ribbon.

The shades of blue and white tiles give off a relaxed, wintry vibe, making it a perfect addition to any holiday display, indoors or out.

4. Colorful Boho Planter

Colorful Boho Planter: Mix bright, bohemian colors with unconventional holiday plants for a fun and festive look

Brighten up your space with a touch of bohemian charm! This colorful Boho planter, brimming with vivid holiday plants, is a delightful blend of tradition and fun.

5. Fairy Lights and Greenery Planter

Light up your room with this simple yet beautiful planter wrapped in twinkling fairy lights. It's perfect for bringing a warm and inviting glow to any space, any time of the year. Add this touch of light and life to your home today!

Fairy Lights and Greenery Planter: Weave fairy lights through a mix of evergreen branches for a glowing display.

6. Bird Lover's Planter

Invite feathered friends into your garden with a unique planter just for them. It's also an easy way to enjoy nature and help the birds!

Bird Lover’s Planter: Include bird-friendly elements like a small birdhouse, birdseed ornaments, and berry-laden branches.

7. Rainbow Holiday Planter

Rainbow Holiday Planter: For a non-traditional approach, use a spectrum of colors in your decorations for the planter with green succulents

Add a pop of color to your day with this rainbow planter with bright and cheerful succulents. It's a perfect way to bring joy indoors or to your garden. Easy to care for and fun to look at, this planter will make you smile!

8. Pinecone and Plaid Planter

Pinecone and Plaid Planter: Use a variety of pinecones and plaid ribbons for a cozy, cabin-like feel

Celebrate the holiday season with a classic pinecone and plaid planter. Wrapped in a festive ribbon, it's the perfect touch to warm your home with a traditional winter feel.

9. Hanging Ornament Planter

BIG Hanging Ornament Planter: Suspend colorful ornaments amongst trailing greenery in a hanging planter

Hang a bit of holiday joy with this ornament planter. Perfect for bringing a festive touch to any room, hang it up and enjoy the season's cheer!

10. Gingerbread House Planter

Gingerbread House shaped Planter: Create a mini gingerbread house scene complete with candy cane sticks and greenery

Make your home merry with this cute gingerbread house planter. It's got bright plants and red berries in a red pot, perfect for holiday cheer. Set it up where you can see it daily and enjoy Christmas fun!

11. Angel's Choir Planter

Angel’s Choir Planter: Place angel figurines among white flowers and silver accents

Enjoy a piece of heaven on earth with this Angel's Choir planter. White flowers bloom around sweet angel figurines, creating a peaceful and pretty scene.

Even more inspiration!

Fun Christmas decorations placed on a table

Two small succulent planted on a Christmas decor vase

Christmas boots converted to a small vase

Combine icy blue and silver decorations with small red accents for a dramatic contrast

Create a fairy-tale woodland scene with mushrooms, fairies, and moss

Safely incorporate candles among the greenery for a warm, glowing effect

Small holiday train with lots of plant on a white background

red and white striped plants or decorations to create a peppermint candy effect

Essentials for Holiday Planter Creation

The creation of holiday planters is a joyful process! Focusing on critical elements like container selection plant choice, and understanding soil needs will set the stage for festive and eye-catching displays.

Selecting the Right Container

Your container sets the tone for your holiday planter. Choose one that complements your outdoor décor and can withstand winter's chill. Consider these options:

  • Traditional Wooden Planters: Great for rustic themes.
  • Ceramic Pots: Offer a polished look, but ensure they are frost-proof.
  • Metal Buckets: Add an industrial touch and are incredibly durable.

Best Plants for Festive Display

Select plants that offer color and texture to captivate the spirit of the holidays. Here's a robust combination to consider:

  • Evergreens: Boxwood, fir, and similar varieties bring lush greenery, ideal for a vibrant backdrop.
  • Colorful Berries: Incorporate red holly or winterberry for a striking, festive contrast.
  • Accent Plants: Add pansies or cyclamens for additional color and interest.

Soil and Drainage Requirements

Proper soil and drainage are critical to a healthy holiday planter. Here's what to remember:

  • Potting Soil: Choose a type that offers good aeration and drainage.
  • Drainage Holes: Ensure your container has these to prevent waterlogging.
  • Gravel Layer: Consider a bottom layer of gravel or pot shards to improve drainage further.

Step-by-Step Guide to Assembly

Creating holiday planters is a festive way to welcome guests and spread holiday cheer. Follow these focused steps to assemble a stunning holiday planter for your porch or entryway.

1. Layering Soil and Positioning Plants

Begin by filling your chosen planter with potting soil, leaving enough room for plants and decorations. For stability, start with your largest plant in the center.

Place your greenery around the edges, like evergreen boughs or holly, angling slightly to cascade over the sides.

2. Adding Decorative Accents

Once your plants are in place, it's time to weave in festive touches: Nestle pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and bright ornaments among the greenery.

Opt for waterproof and durable accents to withstand the weather.

3. Final Touches for a Polished Look

Add strings of LED lights to complete your holiday planter for a warm glow. Tuck them between layers to conceal wires.

Finish with a flourish of a red ribbon or a cheerful bow for a pop of traditional holiday color.

Explore our article, How To Waterproof A Planter: Tips And Tricks For A Successful DIY Project, for essential tips on keeping your planters in top condition year-round.

Showcasing Your Planters

Once you've created your beautiful holiday planters, it's time to display them in a way that enhances their appeal and brings cheer to your space.

Front Porch Arrangements

Enhance your home's entrance by strategically placing planters by the door or along the walkway.

Mix and match different planter sizes for a dynamic look, and add outdoor-friendly lights for a festive glow at night.

Indoor Display Tricks

Indoors, use planters to transform spaces into festive areas. Please place them in high-traffic areas like the living room or dining room. Utilize plant stands of varying heights to create an attractive tiered effect.

Community and Social Media Sharing

Show off your holiday planters with your community or on social media.

Post on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest using hashtags like #HolidayPlanters and #FestiveDecor.

We'd love to see your beautiful creations! Happy planting, and let the holiday magic begin in your front yard!

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