Butterworts: The Carnivorous Plant TikTok Can’t Get Enough Of

Imagine strolling through the rainforest. You encounter a plant, unassuming in appearance yet radiant with colors.

It's small and humble, but its glistening leaves hold a certain charm. You wouldn't know it at first glance, but this quiet beauty is a predator in disguise.

Butterworts, a carnivorous plant that has won over millions of hearts on TikTok, thanks to Rosanne Becker, better known as 'Carnivorous Plant Mom.'

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The humble Butterwort is a star on Rosanne's TikTok channel, which boasts over 134.1K followers.

A single video about this unassuming carnivore has blown up with 23.2 million views, 3 million likes, 199.1K shares, and 7021 comments.

Close-up shot of insects stuck on butterwort leaves

In this breakout video, Rosanne shares her soft spot for Butterworts. She emphasizes their stealthy skills in catching unsuspecting fruit flies, fungus gnats, and mosquitoes.

As she puts it, "These plants totally won me over...But when they started catching the mosquitoes that get into the house...Oh, now they own my heart."

But, before you go imagining these plants as your new pest control squad, Rosanne makes it clear: Butterworts are less insect police and more like intriguing leafy house guests.

What Do The Comments Say?

The video triggered a stream of comments, with viewers eager to know more about the plant.

When a user asked about the plant's resilience, hoping to find a plant that "will absolutely not die, thrives on neglect, and is independent," Rosanne's honest response was that Butterworts are "kinda high maintenance."

Her candid response didn't dissuade potential green-thumbed enthusiasts. Further questions about the plant's maintenance prompted helpful tips from the community.

One user suggested using moss as soil and watering only with distilled water.

There were even tips about Venus flytraps, another popular carnivorous plant, highlighting how Rosanne's channel has evolved into a community of plant lovers who are learning together and offering each other advice.

Another viewer raised a concern many pet owners share: "Any idea if these are cat-friendly?"

For those worried about their curious felines getting into trouble, Rosanne reassured them that Butterworts pose no threat to pets.

Rosanne Becker, the Carnivorous Plant Mom, has successfully turned a niche plant hobby into an intriguing online phenomenon, garnering millions of views and sparking numerous conversations.

The video perfectly captures the enchantment of cultivating Butterworts, reminding us that sometimes, the most fascinating stories are told by the most unassuming of characters – even if they're carnivorous plants.

In Closing

So are you tired of the same old houseplants? Do you want something that will not only add some greenery to your home but also catch pesky insects? Look no further.

While butterworts may not be considered a method of pest control, they are certainly a unique addition to any plant collection.

And with over 23 million views on TikTok, you'll be in good company with other plant enthusiasts who have fallen in love with this fascinating plant!

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