13 Boat-Shaped Planters That Are Perfect For A Nautical-Themed Garden

Give your home or garden a proper nautical feel by incorporating boat-shaped planters into your decor! We have collected a list of amazing planters that are perfect if you love all things belonging to the sea.

13 Boat-Shaped Planters That Are Perfect For a Nautical-Themed Garden

1. Three Hands Pair of Rowboat Decorative Planters with Galvanized Zinc Finish

Available in two sizes, these beautiful boat-shaped planters are made of metal and completed with a galvanized zinc finish and iron black accents. They can be used to display gorgeous flower arrangements indoors as well as outdoors and they also make for a great gift set. When not in use, they can be easily nested together for convenient storage.

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2. BalsaCircle Boat-Shaped Planter Boxes with Natural Moss

These boat-shaped planter boxes, ornamented with natural barks, strings, and lush moss are great to add a rustic touch to any setting. The woodsy boat-shaped moss planters are ideal for occasions such as weddings, receptions, etc. They can be used as decorative baskets to showcase small blooms. The gorgeous rich green color of the moss is sure to compliment flowers all shades.

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3. Antique Revival Vintage Boat-Shaped Planter


If you desire to make a bold statement, then this beautiful wooden planter with a top opening and curved legs is perfect for you. Flowers and foliage are a spectacular way of sprucing up your space with a splash of color and this planter is the perfect accessory to do so. Its wooden material allows it to fit with any décor or color scheme.

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4. Mr. Garden Small Ceramic Boat Planter

This modern ceramic planter box is perfect to add style to your décor and give the indoors or outdoors a classy look. The cute design doesn’t only allow you to display plants in it but is also feasible for storing mini accessories and miscellaneous items. This original and unique boat-shaped planter is also corrosion-resistant, reducing the chances of damage.

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5. Window Garden Realistic Woodland Boat Planter

This stunning woodland boat planter is inspired by nature and looks realistic and authentic as it resembles a tree log. It is perfect to grow a miniature moss garden in. You can use it as a display on your windowsill, kitchen shelves, or balcony. Along with using it to hold plants, you can also put your keys, save coins, and store small office supplies in it.

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6. Nautical Tropical Imports White Gel-Coated Boat Planter

Give a completely chic and stylish look to any indoor or outdoor setting, with this gorgeous white gel-coated boat planter. It is made of lightweight fiberglass resin and is extremely durable. The sturdy construction enables a longer life span. This extraordinary container is ideal for carrying ferns or fragrant flowers. It has two built-in keyholes in the back, making it convenient to be used as hanging ornamentation.

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7. MagiDeal Resin Wood Boat Planter

This wooden boat planter makes for a perfect fleshy flower pot and it can also be used as a storage box. The resin wood material that is anti-corrosion makes it durable and long-lasting. The adorable design is perfect for decorating a country kitchen, or even indoor offices.

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8. NWFashion Mini Boat-Shaped Garden Planter

The cute mini boat-shaped planter with a magnificent steamer brown color can carry tiny blooms, foliage, and fresh herbs. It is manufactured with a natural material, resin, making it lightweight, easily moveable and environmentally safe. You can use it to decorate your office desk, windowsill, etc. or simply use it to store your keys in style.

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9. T4U Ceramic White Boat-Shaped Garden Pot

This ceramic white boat-shaped garden planter is made of clay and is glazed for a final glossy touch. Its ceramic construction makes it permeable, allowing water and air to easily reach the roots of your plants. The beautiful ornament gives out a clean and rich look. It is ideal to hold succulent plants and make any space look lively and beautiful.

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10. Creative Co-op Boat-Shaped Metal Wall Planter

Constructed with metal, this gorgeous boat-shaped wall planter is ideal for garden ornamentation. You can use it the way it is, or customize it with beautiful glitter and stains to add a little sparkle to it. Furthermore, you can display your choice of blooms or foliage in it and let it contribute towards the beauty of your outdoors.

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11. Creative Co-op Wood Decorative Boat

This mesmerizing white glazed boat-shaped mini planter is made of porcelain, making it frost, stain, scratch, and moisture-resistant. The material is hard wearing and durable making it a perfect addition to your gardens; indoors and outdoors. The white color of the planter allows any floral arrangement to stand out.

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12. Plow & Hearth Handmade Boat Planter (Made with Recycled Metal)

Handmade with recycled metal, this boat-shaped planter has an attractive blue paint finish with traces of red paint underneath. You can use it to showcase potted plants of your choice or create a unique display by filling it with loads of ice and beverages for an outdoor party.

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13. Kalalou Canoe Planter (Made with Recycled Metal)

The stylish canoe-shaped container is great for growing huge plants in your garden. In addition to using it as a planter, if you are organizing a boat-themed party, simply use it to serve chilled beverages to your guests in style.

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