6 Best Soil Blends For Money Trees

If you have recently purchased a money tree, you may be wondering what soil will work best when it's time to re-pot it. There are several options available in the marketplace, but it can be difficult to determine the right one for your tree. We've looked into the best soil brands available for money trees and in this post, we will share them with you.

Here are some of the best soils available for your money tree:

  1. Bonsai Soil by Perfect Plants
  2. Tinyroots Bonsai Soil
  3. Birchseed Soils Money Tree Blend
  4. Bonsai Soil Fast Draining Pre-Blend
  5. Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix
  6. Hoffman 10708 Bonsai Soil Mix

A small money plant planted on a ceramic pot, 6 Best Soil Blends For Money Trees

Why Soil Matters With Money Trees

A braided money plant inside a brown walled living room

Quality soil that has good drainage is necessary for money trees to grow. When the soil is nutritious and healthy, the roots can transfer much-needed nutrients to the branches and foliage of the plant.

Money trees are susceptible to diseases and other health issues just as much as any other indoor plant. They can get root rot, become sick from overwatering and underwatering, and freeze from cold temperatures. In these cases, both soil and fertilizer are necessary to help restore the plant to optimal health. The potting soil of your money tree should not be soggy, as it can cause the tree's roots to drown.

Soils that contain peat moss, sand, or pumice can be especially helpful to help the soil stay well-aerated and drain quickly. You don't want the soil to hold a lot of moisture, as it can cause the tree to quickly develop root rot. Root rot can be especially difficult to get rid of, and it typically requires cutting off damaged roots and providing the plant with fertilizer and TLC over a period of weeks.

Lastly, be sure to make sure that your money tree pot has sufficient drainage. The pot should have at least one hole at the bottom so that water can quickly filter out once the soil is substantially hydrated.

What kind of potting mix do you use for a money tree?

Bonsai Soil by Perfect Plants 

Money trees come from the bonsai tree species, which makes this soil by Perfect Plants a great choice. It's a multi-purpose mix that can provide your money tree with all of the essential nutrients that it needs to keep the soil in the best condition possible. It contains all-natural ingredients and helps to retain moisture within the soil so that the roots do not go dry.

This mixture provides the perfect balance to both enrich the roots and protect them from common fungal diseases such as root rot and bacterial infections. Not only will you get a ton of vitamins and minerals with this mixture, but you can use it in combination with other soil mixtures to provide your plant with optimal nutrition.

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Superfly Bonsai 

This potting soil by Superficial Bonsai is another great option for your bonsai plant. It comes with a mixture of akadama, pumice, black lava, and charcoal. All of the ingredients are sourced in the United States.

This potting mix is used by thousands of bonsai professionals all over the world and is known to be one of the best draining mixes available on the market today. This mix is non-organic, meaning that it contains no mulch or bark. It is a true substrate mix. If you are having drainage issues with your money tree plant or if it is suffering from root rot or other fungal infections, this can be potting mix to use to help restore it to health. 

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Tinyroots Bonsai Soil 

This premium blend by Tinyroots contains a mixture of pumice, red lava rock, and akadama. It is 100% organic and is a double-sifted compost that also contains vermiculite and calcined clay.

If you're looking for a professional strength soil blend, look no further. It is perfect for bonsai plants and provides them with essential nutrients for everyday development. This party mix comes double-sifted, dried, and already bagged for your convenience. It's also available in multiple sizes and comes in a resealable pouch for quick use.

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Birchseed Soils Money Tree Blend

The money tree blend by Birchseed Soils is well-aerated, gritty, and contains some of the best high-quality horticultural ingredients that you can find. It contains a perfect blend of lime, sand, perlite, peat moss, and worm castings to make for the ideal growth environment for your tree. If you have low-quality store-bought soil, this mixture can help to upgrade it in no time.

This mixture is perfect for baby money tree plants or ones that are more established and in the further stages of growth. The peat moss mixture is also great for money trees that are recovering from issues such as root rot and overwatering. It comes in a resealable package and is more than enough for one or two medium-sized money tree plants.

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Bonsai Soil Fast Draining Pre-Blend 

Another great fast-draining soil blend, this pre-blend formula comes ready to use and is already sifted before being bagged. It is the perfect blend for your money tree plant and any other bonsai plants that you may have. It can also be used for succulents.

This professional-grade soil is used by nurseries all over the world and is known to help provide money tree plants with pH balance, optimal storage, and good water retention.

It's also great for nutrient uptake and soil aeration. So to say, if you are looking for the perfect soil mix to help your tree recover from root or fungal issues, this is it. The pouch is made from 100% recycled material and the ingredients are top quality. The blend also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix 

Miracle-Gro products have become staples in the horticulture industry. Not only are they known for their high quality, but they are also known to cater to a wide variety of plants and cacti. This is more for an all-purpose plant, but it can definitely be used for your money tree plant.

If your plant needs a little pick-me-up or recovering from a high state of stress such as over-watering, fungal infections, or pest infestation, this potting mix can help to bring it back to life.

The compost contains no bark, so you don't have to worry about common pests such as fungus gnats or flies. It also contains a fair amount of coconut coir, which is perfect for holding and releasing water once the soil is officially hydrated.

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Hoffman 10708 Bonsai Soil Mix

The Hoffman Bonsai Mix is ideal for money trees in various growth stages and it's formulated to provide sufficient plant support and promote optimal growth by controlling moisture and assisting with drainage.

It's a ready-to-use formula that comes already mixed and is great for re-potting your money tree plant or helping it recover from plant disease. If your money tree is recovering from overwatering or underwatering and needs a soil mix to help balance it out, this professional-grade mix will do the trick.

It's available and quart-sized containers and is more than enough for one to two small or medium-sized money tree plants.

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Espoma Peat Moss 

Although this peat moss blend is not potting soil per se, it is the perfect addition to potting soil. Not only can it help loosen thick and heavy soils, but it works well to prevent compaction and allows for great route aeration. If you are having issues with soil drainage, this can be the perfect addition to help promote air circulation.

This peat moss is all-natural and promotes root growth by providing the perfect environment for them to breathe and thrive. When its roots are healthy, your bonsai tree is healthy. It comes in an 8-quart bag and can be used for a money tree in all stages of growth.

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Making Your Own Soil Mix

If you prefer to make your own specialized soil mix for your money tree, here are a few ingredients that you should include:

  • Pebbles
  • Sand
  • Perlite
  • Pumice
  • Peat Moss
  • Vermiculite

These ingredients can help your soil to open up and allow more air in. If you are having issues with your money tree draining or recovering from fungal problems, these ingredients can help with it. You can mix the above ingredients with your soil in a 2:3 ratio for optimal drainage.

When should you re-pot a money tree?

A small money plant planted on a ceramic pot

The ideal time to re-pot a money tree is during the springtime before the plant starts its new growth spurt. You should also re-plant your money tree if it is suffering from fungal or bacterial infections. Money trees don't need to be repotted often, as their roots prefer to fit snugly inside the pot. Once every 12 to 18 months is ideal.

Can you plant a money tree in the ground?

Many horticulture experts advise against planting money trees in the ground as the roots can be very invasive, especially if you plant them near your home. Money trees can grow fairly large and will begin to produce nuts that can leave your yard littered within a few months.

Also, once these trees become established, it can be hard to get rid of them, making them quite the pest. It's better to grow your money tree in a pot, where you can control root growth and prevent it from becoming invasive.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that that this post has provided you with a sufficient number of potting soil options for your money tree plant. Remember, a money tree is only as healthy as its soil, so it's best to ensure that it remains well-aerated and moist.

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