22 Bathroom Green Walls That Will Inspire You

Green walls are a creative way to bring the serenity of greenery indoors. The bathroom is a natural place to incorporate plants, as they enhance a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

A green wall can take several forms. You can cover an entire wall with plants in a tapestry-like style, create a smaller, framed green portrait, fill a shelf covered wall with draping plants, or even just wall mounted planters.

22 Bathroom Green Walls That Will Inspire You

Below are several pictures of how green walls have been used in a bathroom setting. Use these for inspiration as you plan your own lush addition to your decorating scheme.

Go Big and Go Home

Frame out a large wall-sized moss garden. This could be mounted against a wall, or use as a privacy partition in a larger bathroom. Moss is a perfect choice for a full wall, as it needs little soil, minimal light, and the moisture in the air after a shower will keep the moss thriving.

The bright green color of the moss is a joyful juxtaposition against the white walls and the dark gray bathtub.



Bring the outdoors indoors by installing a plant covered green wall in your shower. A variety of larger leafed plants and grasses creates a rain forest feel to the shower. Use plants of differing sizes and colors to maximize impact of this installation.

Build a full-scale green wall that spans the entire length of the wall. This magnificent wall is a stunning backdrop for the otherwise simple and modern design of this bathroom. Vining plants of varying texture and colors create a waterfall effect as they spill down the wall and the different shades of green and leaf texture blend together.

A smaller green wall frame takes the place of a mirror over the vanity, adding even more interest to the room.

If you have a smaller bathroom, you can always install a green wall right outside of the door, generating the same cool and relaxing atmosphere without taking up precious real estate in the room itself.

When reflected against the earth tones walls and brown wooden shelving that is also covered in plants, this space has the air of a cool woodland escape from the hectic pace of the outside world.

Keep It Simple

A corner stand of ferns adds just the right amount of soft color to an all-white bathroom. The simple lines of this room are enhanced by the leafy green ferns.

Ferns are common to find and one of the easiest houseplants to care for, so they are a great choice for people who are not master gardeners. All they need is indirect sunlight and occasional watering.

Fill a wall with window box type planters and fill them with herbs and other vining plants in a bright bathroom. Choose herbs with a calming scent as they will fill a small room with fragrance easily.

A super sleek bathroom evokes modern industrial vibes with the charcoal colors walls and fixtures. This aesthetic is enhanced by a deep planter with a metal trellis that provides support for green vines. This design is a reflection of the outdoor space, where a similar setup can be seen through the window.

This beautiful double shower has clean lines that are brought to life with hanging wall planters. Large leafy green plants make it easy to feel like you are showering deep in the Amazon jungle. Pothos, Ferns, and Ivy are great choices for planters like this.

Welcome to the Jungle

Line a curved wall with greenery to reflect the lines of the room. Use plants in different hues to build contrast.

Granite textured walls with a stone floor and sink could come across as cold and uninviting, especially in such as small space. However, by adding a green wall that is a textural mass of ferns and succulents in carrying colors, the room is softened and become more natural and relaxing than frigid stone.

To recreate this look, it is important to choose plants carefully, so that there is a natural-looking variety of sizes, colors, and textures. The touches of red in the form of a few of the succulents really warms up the room.

T0 make a statement, replace your vanity mirror with a living green wall. Combine large-leafed plants with grass to create an interesting pattern and texture in this space.

Use Greenery to Enhance a Modern Aesthetic

This bathroom is very clean, cool and linear with its square edges and sleek, minimalist texture. Here, simple green wall panels were used to enhance this look, not transform it into something different.

Rectangular panels of short-clipped grass or moss add color and the air purifying benefits of plants, while still adhering to the geometric design.

In this ultra-modern black and white loft, the addition of a green wall adds life and vibrancy. The glass wall allows for extra light to reach the plants, but there is also a grow light that is shining on the wall to help them grow healthy.

Use plants in the place of wallpaper, like in this uniquely designed bathroom. A white room with black brushed metal accessories allows the green wall to be the real focal point of the room.

Shorter profile plants, like moss or succulents, work well in this type of design, especially since the mirror is mounted onto the green wall.

Use Plants as Art

Build a planter wall into a large bathroom as a room divider. The design is relatively simple and could be easily recreated by someone with a knack for do-it-yourself projects.

White planters are filled with delicate fern-like plants which do double duty by cleaning the air and adding privacy to space.

Create literal wall art by creating green wall frames filled with succulents. Succulents work very well in this type of framework since they have a shallow root system, don't weigh a lot, and don't need a lot of water to thrive.

Use different colors plants to create designs in each 'picture' for visual interest. Living green art is a wonderful break from the traditional decorative items like paintings or shelves full of knick-knacks that just collect dust.

Be Natural

How about a backsplash made of shrubbery? If you love the look of greenery above your vanity, but don't want to dispense with the large mirror, you can always install a short green wall. An eighteen-inch wall of bright green moss or multi-hued succulents would create an incredible backdrop for a porcelain sink basin.

Go all out and transform your bathroom into a jungle, like this one! One whole wall is covered in a mass of large-leafed plants like ferns, figs, Chinese evergreens, peace lilies, and pothos. A large glass shower allows the smaller room to be filled with plenty of light that is needed for this many plants and keeps the room from feeling too claustrophobic.

When combined with the wooden and stone accents and trims, this bathroom has a realistic natural design aesthetic.

This simple white bathroom is extremely minimal and modern in design. It is kept from being too cold and clinical by the installation of a wooden plank panel in the shower and a green wall behind the mirror.

Black tile combined with white fixtures and walls is crisp and modern. Warm up the space with living green art. This is a great alternative to traditional artwork. The green wall art preserves and enhances the modern vibe of the room.

A full-size living green wall evokes nature in an all-white bathroom like this one. A small window and gray tile provide a little light and contrast, however, in this room, the wall of plants is the focal piece. Build and install a frame that can support the weight of the plants, then use a variety of greenery to create the living artwork.

Non-Green Green Walls

If you want the look of a green wall, but don't have the budget or carpentry skills, try installing wall-mounted planters in your bathroom. Create the same spa-like feel on a smaller, more affordable scale.

While not technically green, these bamboo walls are the perfect foil for the stone colored floor, bathtub and sink vanity. The vertical stalks evoke a zen-like calm. Simplistic in its design, this room is the perfect place to relax and escape from the hectic pace of modern life.

Use a Green Wall to Enhance your Living Space

As you can see from the pictures above, green walls can transform a room from a cold, modern design to a  space that is warm and restful. Don't limit yourself to using them in the bathroom; you can create the same relaxing and natural vibe throughout your entire home. From the living room to the bedroom, green walls can change the feel and air in your home.

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