Bad Boy Vs. Cub Cadet – Which To Choose?

A riding mower saves lots of time and muscle work. And when it comes to this gardening equipment, making the right choice can save you countless hours of frustration.

Two heavyweight contenders consistently emerge in discussions surrounding top-tier lawn machinery: Bad Boy and Cub Cadet.

Both brands have carved significant niches for themselves, boasting years of trust, innovation, and superior performance.

But when it comes down to the big decision, which one should you opt for?

In this article, we'll look into the pros and cons of each brand, comparing their strengths, weaknesses, and unique features.

By the end, you'll have a clearer picture of which equipment might be the best fit for your gardening needs.

Would You Choose a Bad Boy Or a Cub Cadet?

When choosing between a Bad Boy or a Cub Cadet zero-turn mower, choose the one that suits your need.

A Cub Cadet is for you if you are looking for a good balance of quality performance and versatility.

On the other hand, a bad Boy lawn mower is known for its power and built for heavy-duty lawn work.

Bad boy lawn mower and cab cadet lawn mower the difference between the two, Bad Boy Vs. Cub Cadet - Which To Choose?

Comparing the Cub Cadet and Bad Boy Mowers

When comparing Bad Boy and Cub Cadet lawn mowers, there are several key differences to consider.

While both brands are reputable and produce quality machines, they have distinct characteristics and selling points that may cater to different user needs.

Brand History

Bad Boy was founded in 1998 in Arkansas. It is a relatively new to the scene. They rapidly gained a reputation for producing robust and efficient zero-turn mowers.

Cub Cadet was established in 1960 as a part of International Harvester. Cub Cadet has a longer history and has built a diverse range of gardening and lawn equipment over the years.

Target Audience

While Bad Boy has mowers for residential use, a significant portion of Bad Boy's lineup leans towards the commercial side. Their machines are often touted for their rugged build and performance.

On the other hand, Cub Cadet offers a balanced mix. They cater to both the residential and commercial markets, with a wide variety of models for different yard sizes and usage frequencies.

Design and Build

Bad Boy is known for their solid and durable build, many of their mowers come with welded steel decks.

They often prioritize strength in their design, which can be seen in their heavy-duty constructions.

While also focusing on durability, Cub Cadet mowers are often recognized for their ergonomic design. They place emphasis on user comfort and ease of use.

Technology and Features

Many Bad Boy mowers come with features like larger engines, commercial-grade hydraulics, and reinforced decks.

Cub Cadet invests in technological advancements. They offer features like the Synchro Steer technology for better control.

Cub cadet also features electronic fuel injection (EFI) engines for better efficiency, and Bluetooth connectivity in some models for maintenance reminders and tracking.

How to Choose Between Bad Boy and Cub Cadet

Each brand has features to appeal to the consumer's needs. These are the things to consider in choosing between a Bad Boy or a Cub Cadet:

Speed and Coverage

If you're looking for forward ground speed, Cub Cadet mowers moves up to 9.0 mph.

In the meantime, Bad Boy's 2023 model the Outlaw Renegade Diesel has a forward speed of 13 mph. This is quick in riding lawn mower standards.

However, speed is not everything for a good lawn mower. The speed is adjusted depending on the grass condition and cutting quality.

When it comes to coverage, the Cub Cadet's coverage we've seen as of writing is the PRO Z 972 SD with 72" triple-7-gauge fabricated steel cutting deck with a  35HP Kawasaki FX1000v (999cc) engine.

Cub Cadet uses their own Cub Cadet electric fuel-injected (EFI) engine, Kawasaki and Kohler.

But not to be outdone, Bad Boy recently released their Outlaw Rogue commercial grade mower with 72" deck and 38.5 HP choice of Kawasaki or Kohler engine.

Bad Boy mower engine options include Kawasaki, Kohler, and Honda engines.

Best Dollar-for-Dollar Value

Given their robust build and commercial leanings, Bad Boy mowers can be on the higher end of the price spectrum, especially for their top-tier models.

Being a niche brand, their mowers might not be as widely available as some of the more mainstream brands. However, they've grown their dealer network substantially.

With a diverse range, Cub Cadet has both affordably priced models for average homeowners and premium-priced models for professionals or those wanting advanced features.

With a longer history and wider product range, Cub Cadet products are often easier to find, both in physical stores and online.

It is also mostly chosen by buyers for convenience and availability of parts in case or damage and replacement.

Easy Usage and Maintenance

Any newbie zero-turn mower owner will find the Bad Boy easy to use. The keyless and digital functions are not complicated. 

The components of the mower are also accessible with its swing-away design.

Servicing and cleaning the mower then is not difficult and done quickly. Regular wear and tear maintenance should be observed, like checking the oil, filter, and blades.

Maintenance and repair work for the Cub Cadet mower is quick as well. Its removable floor provides easy access to the deck.

In some models, the engine is exposed, giving easy access to the components.

It is convenient for repairs while in the middle of the field. However, the parts are prone to damage by exposure to outside elements like rain and wind.

Comfort and Safety

Regardless of the weight and height of the operator, the Bad Boy's seat and footrest are adjustable to provide a good sitting position.

The lumbar support also makes the ride more comfortable, even for long hours.

The off-road suspension of the mowers gives a smooth ride as well. The tire contact with the terrain also provides stability and traction.

It features an anti-slip and heavy-duty rubber floor mat too. This ensures safety going on and off the mower. 

Similarly, Cub Cadet offers a comfortable ride with its adjustable high-back seats.

An easy-to-access knob allows the operator to move the seat front to back. Its seat has a polymer seat suspension that absorbs the bumps during the ride.

Just like the Bad boy mower, this brand also has a rubber floor mat which provides stable footing and comfort.

What is a Zero-turn Mower

Both brands are best known for their zero-turn models, but what exactly are these good for?

A zero-turn mower runs on a hydrostatic transmission, two transmissions moving separate wheels.

This can do a 360-degree turn on the spot with one wheel going forward and the other backward. It is a costly mower but offers a smooth ride and precise cutting.

A Zero turn mower runs almost as twice as other kinds of lawn mowers. It can run on flat and uneven terrain.

The movement though is limited with its wide deck. A wide deck covers more grass area in one go. However, maneuvering around obstacles like trees and rocks is difficult. 

Bad boy lawn mower zero turn tractor

Bad Boy Zero-Turn Mower

Bad Boy manufactures mowers for residential and commercial use. A wide range of Bad Boy zero-turn mowers performs well in different terrains.

This company has a variety of models to choose from. Each offers features and price points to fit anyone's budget, requirements, and comfort.

Its models, such as MZ Rambler and ZT Avenger, are simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Mower

The Cub Cadet Zero-turn mower performs excellently even in challenging terrains. It can traverse hills with stability and safety. 

Efficiency is also a significant factor in this mower. The performance of its deck lessens the work, reduces clumping, and efficient bagging.

Troubleshooting Your Mower

Lawn mower

How to Avoid a Leaking Hydraulic Fluid?

The function of a transaxle is affected by a leaking hydraulic fluid. The performance is not good, or the engine overheats well when there's a leak.

Do regular preventive maintenance to catch any small leaks. Maintenance checks can also prevent leaks from leading to major engine problems.

A maintenance check will also show if the filter has to be changed. The filter prevents dirt and particles from the oil from getting into the hydraulic system.

Clean oil ensures good engine performance, so check and change the filter when it is dirty.  

Why is the Mower Going in a Different Direction?

The steering wheel of the mower gives it direction. So why does the mower goes to one side or off track?

Check the tires of the mower when this happens. Often, the tire pressure is lacking and the wheels are underinflated.

The mower then will have a hard time moving toward the direction you are steering it to. 

For safety, use a lawn mower lift when checking the tires. It also gives better access to tires. 

Why Does the Deck Shake?

An unbalanced blade or bent mower blade can cause the deck to shake.

When the engine is moving with an unbalanced blade it will move faster and cause the mower to vibrate.

Use a blade balancer to check and correct the blade weight on the mower's deck. 

Why is the Grass Uneven?

The condition of the deck's blade can make uneven cutting as well.

The grass is cut at different heights or has ragged edges because of dull blades. Inspect the blades and replace the blades to make cutting more precise.

Have You Made Your Choice Between Bad Boy and Cub Cadet?

We hope you gained some insights in choosing between Bad Boy and Cub Cadet.

Overall, they both deliver top-notch efficiency, power, ease of use, and functionality.

The choice ultimately boils down to your choice of engine power, deck size, cost, replacement parts availability, and after-service.

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