7 Best Arborvitae Fertilizers

At some point, most lawn trees or shrubs will need fertilizer to help replenish nutrients that can be lost to issues including drought, pests, or soil issues-- arborvitaes are no different. But what is the best fertilizer to use on arborvitae trees? We've researched highly rated fertilizers to use on these trees. In this post, we will share them with you.

Here are some of the best fertilizer to use on arborvitae trees:

  1. VPG Inc BAC421 Tree & Shrub Food
  2. Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Plant Food Spikes
  3. Bio-Advanced 701615 Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Concentrate
  4. Espoma TR4 Tree-Tone Fertilizer
  5. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs Plant Food
  6. Jobe’s Tree Fertilizer Spikes
  7. Down to Earth Tree & Shrub Fertilizer

Arborvitae trees are narrow-leaf evergreen trees that have scale-like leaves. They are fairly easy to grow and will often require regular fertilizer to stay healthy. Continue reading to learn more about the best fertilizers to use and apply to the tree.

Untrimmed arborvitae planted on pots for display on the garden, 7 Best Arborvitae Fertilizers

7 Best Fertilizers for Arborvitae Trees

You'll find different arborvitae trees will grow at different rates, in different shapes and sizes. However, for the most part, they all prefer a fertilizer that is fairly acidic and nitrogen-heavy. However, applying fertilizer to the tree is relatively easy, though it's always important to apply it correctly. Learn more about how to do it.

Different trimmed arborvitae shrubs on the garden

1.VPG Inc BAC421 Tree & Shrub Food

This shrub fertilizer is one of the best running fertilizers for your arborvitae tree. It can also be used on all kinds of evergreen trees, including other arborvitae tree varieties. It comes with a healthy dose of nitrogen and has an NPK ratio of 19-8-10. This means that your trees are guaranteed to grow healthy green and strong, thick roots.

The fertilizer also contains other vital plant nutrients and is a non-toxic formula means that it is kid and pet-friendly. You can easily apply this granular former formula by measuring and sprinkling fertilizer around the tree's soil. It's best to check the label for dosage instructions.

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2. Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Plant Food Spikes

Here is another great product by Miracle-Gro that can work well for your arborvitae plant. It contains 15% nitrogen, 10% potassium, and 5% phosphate from a perfect combination for a vibrant arborvitae tree. In addition, this formula happens to contain ammoniacal nitrogen, which is a more gentle form of nitrogen and is less likely to burn the tree--though it absorbs just as quickly into the root system.

It also contains iron and sulfur to help the tree maintain healthy roots and lush foliage. To use, place one spike in the drip line around the tree about every 3 to 4 ft of the trunk's diameter.

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3. Bio Advanced 701615 Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Concentrate

The Bio Advanced fertilizer formula is one of the best liquid fertilizers that you can use for your arborvitae tree. Surprisingly, you can also use this formula as an insecticide to help keep passed away from your tree. It contains 2% nitrogen, 1% potassium, and 1% phosphate to ensure that your plan has all of the nutrients that it needs to maintain its foliage. In addition, it's a slow-release formula that is gentle enough for baby plants and strong enough to keep mature plants thriving.

The active Insecticide ingredients include clothianidin and imidacloprid, both of which can systematically eradicate common garden insects. This formula is also available and granular farm, and it's just as effective. You'll only need one to two spikes for every 1 to 2 feet of the tree's trunk, and it's always best to water the soil after the application.

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4. Espoma TR4 Tree-Tone Fertilizer

The Espoma brand is well-known in the gardening industry, and this fertilizer is an excellent example of why their products are so popular. This nutrient-rich formula contains organic and synthetic compounds to help revive arborvitae trees suffering from malnutrition, drought, or fungal issues. It has a 6-2-3 NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) ratio.

Thus, it contains more than enough vital nutrients and minerals to give your tree everything it needs to recover from high-stress conditions. In addition, this patented formula contains both water-soluble and water-insoluble nitrogen, which helps the plant feed continuously and instantly. It also contains natural and organic compounds, including greensand, poultry manure, bone meal, and feather meal.

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5. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs Plant Food

The Miracle-Gro brand has become a staple in the gardening industry. And this granular fertilizer is perfect for arborvitae trees, both baby and mature. It contains 6% phosphate and 12% nitrogen, and 12% potassium, making it more than suitable to nourish thirsty plants.

The higher nitrogen level is essential for arborvitae plants as it helps them grow healthy roots and resilient foliage. In addition, this slow-release formula provides continuous nutrients to the plant to help sustain it for the long haul.

The solution is full of much-needed vitamins and minerals, including manganese, sulfur, and calcium. The fertilizer also contains organic and synthetic chemicals such as alfalfa meal, kelp meal, earthworm castings, and calcium carbonate. This easy-to-use form can easily be applied reply to the trees by measuring out the correct amount according to the size of your tree.

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6. Jobe’s Tree Fertilizer Spikes

These small but concentrated fertilizer spikes by Jobe's are also great for arborvitae plants. They contain a triple dose of nitrogen and 4% potassium and 4% phosphate to help give arborvitae trees everything they need to thrive. In addition, these spikes are non-toxic and formulated to allow for quick absorption into the tree's soil.

So if you are experiencing nutrient issues, problems, or other health issues with your trees, this formula can work to get it back on track. To apply the spikes, you'll need to insert two spikes for every 1 to 2 inch of the trunk's diameter. Afterward, be sure to water the tree to help dilute the fertilizer.

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7. Down to Earth Tree & Shrub Fertilizer

Here is a great slow-release granular fertilizer that you can use on your arborvitae tree. It's specially formulated for shrubs and trees and has an NPK ratio of 4-2-4. It also contains a small amount of water-soluble nitrogen, which means that the tree will get immediate access to the fertilizer after it's been watered.

It contains a special blend of 11 different ectomycorrhizal fungi to help your arborvitae tree stay healthy and resilient to common tree issues. You can apply the fertilizer directly to the soil around the plant, and it's best to water the soil afterward.

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Are Fertilizer Spikes Good For Arborvitae?

Yes. Fertilizer spikes work very well on arborvitae plants. However, you'll want to ensure that you water the soil around the plant to dilute the spikes so that they break down quickly to saturate the soil around the tree.

How Often Should You Fertilize Arborvitae?

An up close photo of an arborvitae plant

Arborvitae trees should be fertilized at least once a year to keep their soil nutrient-rich, and there are leaves green and Lush. However, if you are experiencing issues with your trees, such as soil nutrient depletion, fungal problems, or other common problems, you may need to set up a more frequent fertilizer plan to get the tree back into a better state of health. This may mean providing fertilizer once every six to eight weeks or more per year.

However, it's always best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations of the fertilizer to avoid over-fertilizing the tree, which can cause a chemical burn.

How Do You Keep Arborvitae Healthy?

The best way to keep arborvitae trees healthy is to provide the tree with everything it needs to thrive. This includes yearly pruning, regular watering, and annual fertilizer applications. It's also a good idea to measure the pH level around your tree at least once or twice a year to ensure that it does not lack any vital nutrients or minerals.

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What Does New Growth Look Like On Arborvitae?

New growth on an arborvitae tree will typically appear as a greenish-yellow spiked leaf on the node of one of its branches. These leaves are very soft at this age and susceptible to damage. As the new growth ages, it will become larger and darker in color and come to match the rest of the tree.

Wrapping Things Up

Arborvitae trees can make for beautiful landscaping trees. However, it's essential to ensure that the trees receive at least one fertilizer application a year to help keep their soil nutrient-rich, which will help the tree remain resilient to common issues and ensure lush green foliage.

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