The ABCs Of Plant Shopping

Do you have a partner who loves plants as much as you do? If so, then you're going to love this video by @PlantmePaul.

In just 24 seconds, this video captures the sweetest moment between a couple who share a love for plants.

And it's not just about the plants, it's about the bond and joy that they share, too. See it for yourself:

@plantmepaul Quick tip the next time you go plant shopping. #plantdad #plantshop #plantshopping #abcsofplantshopping #amsterdam #fyp ♬ I Can See You (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) - Taylor Swift

In the video, we see a couple going plant shopping, with one partner who loves plants and the other partner documenting their experience and giving tips on how to shop for plants with a partner.

As they browse through the plants, the plant-loving partner shares their knowledge and excitement about the different plants, while the other partner indulges in their enthusiasm.

The partner behind the camera then gives us a tip as the ABCs in plant shopping. Here's what he said:

"A: allow them to teach you all that they know about the plants B: Be excited. Indulge in their excitement as they show off all these pretty plants C: Come prepared to spend some money"

A: Allow them to teach you all that they know about the plants.

When you're shopping for plants with your partner, it's important to let them share their knowledge and passion with you.

Let them teach you about the different types of plants, their care requirements, and their unique characteristics.

Not only will you learn something new, but you'll also show your partner that you value their expertise and respect their passion.

B: Be excited. Indulge in their excitement as they show off all these pretty plants.

When your partner shows you a plant that they're excited about, be sure to share in their enthusiasm.

Even if you're not a plant lover yourself, you can still appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each plant.

By indulging in your partner's excitement, you'll show them that you care about their interests and that you're invested in their happiness.

C: Come prepared to spend some money.

Let's face it, plant shopping can be addictive and can quickly add up in cost. So, it's important to come prepared to spend some money if you're planning to shop for plants with your partner.

Set a budget beforehand, and be willing to invest in high-quality plants that will bring you and your partner joy for years to come.

Why You Should Use The ABCs

Girl holding a monstera adansonii

Shopping for plants with your partner can be a wonderful bonding experience, even if only one of you is a plant lover.

By following the ABCs of plant shopping—allowing your partner to teach you about the plants, indulging in their excitement, and coming prepared to spend some money—you can show your partner that you support their passion and strengthen your bond in the process.

What makes this video so special is how it celebrates the love of a plant-loving partner.

It's a reminder that when we share a passion with our partner, it can strengthen our bond and bring us closer together.

And it's not just about the plants, it's about the time spent together, the laughter shared, and the memories made.

The Comment Section

The comments section of the video is filled with viewers sharing their own experiences and thoughts.

One viewer, Canuck92, said, "I hope my partner is fiscally responsible enough to know and understand the ramifications of them bringing me to the plant store."

Another viewer, dreamloves, added, "A= allow them to teach you about their favorite plants B=buy them that plant 🖤 and then that's it."

This video has captured the hearts of plant lovers and non-plant lovers alike.

It's a reminder that in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, we can find solace in the simple things and the people around us.

So, grab your partner and head to the nearest plant shop for a fun and fulfilling adventure!

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