30 Fantastic Corner Garden Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

Having a garden is like having a blank canvas; there are so many things you can do with it! Looking for some ideas for what to do with your garden? Want to spruce up your yard? We've gathered over 30 images to help get your gardening muse going!

30 Fantastic Corner Garden Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

Whether you have a large space or are limited to just a few feet, corner gardens have so much potential! From pots to sculptures to water features, there is so much you can do with just a little time and effort in the garden.

So, get your green thumb ready! Let's take a look at some fun ideas for your corner garden. Before you proceed with the gallery below, take a look at this video first.


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1. Give it a Pop of Color

A vibrant purple garden bench is nestled among a lush assortment of blooming yellow, red, and purple flowers, with a classic stone pedestal urn in the foreground ar 3:4

Flowers are a great way to add color to your garden, but benches and other furniture are a wonderful option, too! By adding a purple bench, the owners of this garden added some charm as well as a focal point that instantly draws your attention.

2. Put in Privacy Plants

a cozy urban patio surrounded by a variety of lush privacy plants, with neatly trimmed hedges, potted shrubs, and a canopy of tree leaves above, creating a secluded outdoor dining area with elegant furniture ar 3:4

Plants can serve more than one purpose! Want to keep areas separate but don't want the hassle of adding a fence? Add plants instead!

Shrubs and bushy trees are good options but don't be afraid to get creative with it. Not only are "privacy plants" charming, but they are also practical!

3. Mix Textures

A natural garden edge is created with a weathered wooden log and various sized stones, contrasting with ornamental grasses and dark foliage in the background ar 3:4

Mix wood and stone to give your garden some new life and some beautiful detail. Like this homeowner, you can mix stone and wood to build paths, benches, or other structures.

4. Room to Run

A neatly manicured front yard of a suburban home features a well-kept lawn and a series of sculpted shrubs providing a sense of room and structure, complemented by mature trees near the house façade ar 3:4

No need to make things complicated! A simple garden is a great option, especially if you want a space for your kids to play.

5. Make a Cozy Nook

A cozy nook on a wooden bench adorned with cushions under a canopy of grape leaves, complete with a rustic lantern and a bowl of grapes on the table, invites leisurely reading in a serene outdoor setting ar 3:4

Use your garden as a safe haven from the craziness of life! By adding a nook outside you give yourself some quiet space perfect for some reading time or your morning coffee.

6. Give it Some Variety

A southwestern-style home with a terracotta roof is complemented by a desert landscaped yard, featuring a tall saguaro, variegated yuccas, and flowering red shrubs under a vibrant blue sky ar 3:4

Depending on your climate, you are probably used to seeing green lawns. You can also make your garden pop by using gravel or bare dirt and planting uncommon varieties of ornamental shrubs.

7. Go Vertical

A solitary wooden bench sits beneath the intricate branches of mature trees, surrounded by a rich tapestry of green ground cover and a circular stone-paved area, creating a tranquil and secluded spot ar 3:4

Planting trees and then using a ground cover to fill the space is a great option when you don't have a ton of room to spare.

8. Trellis It.

A quaint garden corner with a wooden bench, a trellis covered in climbing vines, and a large terracotta pot, all set against a backdrop of greenery and purple flowers ar 3:4

Another good space saver is to trellis and use vines. Vines such as ivy are not only good for saving space but also add a cool and relaxed atmosphere to your garden.

9. Go All Natural

A rustic bench crafted from sturdy logs sits quietly among the budding trees and bright daffodils in a serene, woodland-inspired garden setting ar 3:4

Benches and outdoor furniture don't have to be fancy or expensive. A simple bench made out of logs or stones can be just as functional an add a very natural and serene feel to your garden.

10. Squeeze in a Seat

A white folding chair and matching table hold a tray of white flowers, complementing the lush hostas in a terracotta pot and the verdant hedge backdrop in a charming garden nook ar 3:4

Don't have a ton of space, or benches aren't your thing? Squeeze in a chair and maybe a table for a nice spot to drink your morning coffee or tea.

11. Pops of Purple

A lush, tropical garden path is accentuated by vibrant purple blooms, with a rich variety of green foliage and wooden planks guiding the way through this verdant paradise ar 3:4

Flowers aren't the only way to add color to a garden! Purple is a fairly common foliage color, and it goes great with the traditional green. By adding purple hues with foliage and flowers, you can create a beautiful and simplistic backyard getaway.

12. Add Some Height

Tall trees with leaves transitioning from green to hints of yellow and red stand before a neat, dense hedge, all backed by a classic white picket fence in a serene suburban landscape ar 3:4

Adding tall trees really stands out and is a great focal point. Adding tall trees and other plants is a great way to add variety and depth while also being space-efficient.

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13. Create a Wall

A stone wall serves as the backbone for a terraced garden bursting with colorful flowers, including bright red roses, pink hydrangeas, and purple blooms, amidst varied greenery ar 3:4

Simple garden walls are innately charming. They give gardens great texture but are also fun in general and add a magical feel to your garden.

14. Pave a path

A gravel path gently curves through a tranquil garden, flanked by aromatic lavender and neatly trimmed bushes, leading to an area shaded by leafy green trees ar 3:4

Paths are fun, draw your eye, and are very practical. They also come in many shapes and sizes. From gravel to mulch to concrete, paths can facilitate a variety of atmospheres.

15. Keep it Simple

House exterior garden abstract design with fir tree

Why make it complicated? If you have a limited amount of space or time or just want to keep things easy, going simple is a great option. With just a tree or two and some rocks, you can add charm to any garden.

16. Make it Exotic

In this tranquil Japanese garden, bamboo is used in multiple ways: as a lush, leafy plant creating vertical interest, as a natural fence providing privacy, and as part of the structured design elements enhancing the serene ambiance ar 3:4

Want to create a peaceful and exotic feel for your backyard? Adding a little pagoda, bamboo, lap, or even a small fountain to your yard are all little changes that change the atmosphere of a garden in a big way.

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17. Add Sound

A cascading waterfall tumbles over a rocky structure amidst a vibrant garden, with autumn-hued foliage and evergreens creating a tranquil and picturesque scene ar 3:4

Gardens can have all kinds of sounds in them, from birds chirping to neighbors playing to the rustling of leaves. One of the prettiest and most calming sounds in a garden is the sound of a peaceful waterfall.

18. Build a Pond

Orange marigolds bloom vibrantly against the serene backdrop of a pond, with large stones partially submerged in the water, surrounded by lush greenery ar 3:4

Ponds are a wonderful way to give your garden a peaceful air. Add fish such as koi for an oriental feel or just for the serenity of watching them swim.

19. Make a Hangout Space

An outdoor living space is thoughtfully arranged with a plush, sectional couch, sleek metal-frame chairs, and several tables, all set on smooth decking and surrounded by lush garden greenery and trees ar 3:4

Make your backyard a vibrant, entertaining space by adding a couch, chairs and a few tables. This homeowner added a great area to hangout by lining the fence with plants they kept the lively feel of a well-groomed yard.

20. Give it a Twist

In this well-appointed garden terrace, spiral-shaped topiary trees add an artistic touch, complementing the vibrant hydrangeas and lush climbing vines against the brick façade, leading to teal double doors ar 3:4

Plants have a strong will to survive, so they grow into unique shapes. Spiral-shaped trees are a great way to add a unique and polished focal point to your yard.

21. Add Some Life

A serene forest setting where a stone sculpture resembling a hand and a face, both covered in patches of moss, emerge from a bed of vibrant green ferns, adding a touch of artistic ornamentation to the natural landscape ar 3:4

Give life to your garden by adding a sculpture. Not only does this sculpture add some texture to the garden, but it also adds a wonderful life and fun energy to it. Sculptures can be anything to suit your needs: a frog, an angel, a pagoda, maybe even a dinosaur! The possibilities are limitless!

22. Match the Architecture

A modern building features geometric and clean flowerbeds, with vibrant purple lavender and lush green shrubs, adding a touch of nature to the urban environment ar 3:4

If you want to make things feel cohesive, matching the architecture to your landscaping is a great option! Like with this building, the geometric and clean flowerbeds match the building's style.

23. Be Fruitful

A serene courtyard with orange trees bearing ripe fruit, surrounded by lush greenery and set against the backdrop of a white Spanish-style building with elegant archways and balconies ar 3:4

Enjoy fresh fruit? Use fruit trees in your landscaping! It is not only practical but also provides a wonderful focal point and can add a dazzling pop of color.

24. Go Boho

A bohemian-style hammock hangs invitingly in a lush garden oasis, surrounded by a vibrant display of blooming orchids and an array of colorful flowers, creating a tranquil retreat ar 3:4

Bring some bohemian style to your garden with a woven chair and some lights! Not sure about the woven chair? Go with a hammock or a picknick blanket for some great relaxing in the great outdoors.

25. Vary Your Foliage

A vivid autumnal display graces the front of a house with a blend of purple, orange, red, and yellow foliage, from a fiery maple tree to ornamental grasses and mounds of chrysanthemums ar 3:4

Who says fall is the only time for fun colored leaves? Pick different plant varieties to enjoy purple, orange, red, and yellow foliage all year long.

26. Get Creative

An ornately painted bench, nestled among lush green foliage, offers a charming resting spot in a tranquil garden dappled with sunlight ar 3:4

Make your garden as unique as you are by adding a piece of art to your yard. Wheater it is a vibrant bench you painted yourself, a handmade sculpture, or a path you paved, add your own special touch to your yard!

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27. A different Kind of Take Out

Urban luxury home backyard exterior ar 3:4

Take dinner outside by adding a dining table and a kitchen space, or it could also be an extension of your kitchen. You could even add an umbrella in the summertime to beat the heat.

38. Spruce Things Up

A diverse collection of coniferous trees in varying shades of green and blue, with a striking yellow specimen in the center, stands out in a well-maintained landscape against a cloudy sky ar 3:4

Hardy pines add a beautiful texture to any yard. If you really love pines you could use only pines as this gardener did. You could also use them to add variety to your already existing garden.

29. Keep it Classic

An ornate white metal bench sits in a tranquil garden surrounded by an array of lush tropical foliage, offering a peaceful retreat in the shade of overhanging trees ar 3:4

Why fix something if it isn't broken? There is nothing wrong with keeping a classing garden. If you are wanting to give new life to an old garden maybe add a very classy bench or move around some plants.

30. Mix and Match

A charming white wrought iron bench sits beside a stone pathway meandering through a lush garden with tall ferns and bamboo, creating a serene and inviting natural space ar 3:4

Found a chair at a garage sale? Put it in your garden! Mix and match styles and colors in your garden for a wide array of options!

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