Install brick wall clips

Brick clips have springs at the bottom that adjust to the size of the brick.  The teeth on the top of the fastener grip the brick firmly. To install, put the spring end of the clip against the brick at the bottom. Push the clip up by pressing down on the spring so that the teeth fit over the top of the brick.



Use brick Velcro

Brick velcro is another option for hanging a trellis without drilling. This is a mounting tape that you can use to attach a wooden trellises to a wall.



Use nails

You can use nails in place of screws when attaching a trellis to a wall. As you probably know, different types of walls require different types of nails. First off, mark the area where you will nail the trellis. Next, hammer the nails, positioning them so that they can support each corner of the trellis’ partition. Once the nails are hammered in the right place, you can hang the trellis on them. The trellis will hang instead of being firmly attached to the wall.



Use A Trellis Kit

To install the trellis kit, use the silicone glue to bond the anchors to the wall. The glue may take 24–48 hours to cure. It is important for the glue to cure first before you attach the wires, since the trellis won’t hold if you string the wires immediately. Once the glue dries, you can run the wire through the anchors. Twist the ends to secure the wires, and you are good to go. It'll look something like the picture below.



Attach Tension Wires To Nails

You can hammer nails into the brick wall and then attach wires. This is a fun and cheap way of making a trellis for light vines. In the example shown below, the wires are arranged in a diamond pattern so that when the plants grow, they follow the pattern. This is a creative and easy way of filling up a blank wall. You can make different patterned trellises with wires and nails



Try Moldable Glue

First, prepare all the materials, including the moldable glue, pliers, wires, a toothpick, and screw hooks. Next, open the glue and make a ball out of it as in the picture showed below. Then clean the wall. You can brush the surface off if needed. Dab some of the glue on the wall. This will act as an adhesive. After that, stick the glue ball onto it. Next, shape the glue, molding it like clay.