How To Attach A Trellis To A Wall Without Drilling? [Step By Step Guide]

A trellis is often made from wood or metal. Drilling is the method that's usually used for attaching it to a wall. If you are looking for alternative ways to add a trellis to your wall, you are in the right place. We have researched methods for doing this to help you.    

Instead of using a drill and screws, you can try various methods for hanging your trellis. First, prepare the wall where the trellis will be installed. Then choose from these options to hang it:

  • Install brick wall clips 
  • Use brick velcro 
  • Use nails 
  • Use a trellis kit
  • Attach tension wires to nails
  • Use moldable glue

These are methods you can do yourself to hang a trellis without drilling. Throughout the post, we will discuss each method and each step in detail. So continue reading to get more information. 

A tall trellis with a bench on the side, How To Attach A Trellis To A Wall Without Drilling? [Step By Step Guide]

Ways To Attach A Trellis Without Drilling

Installing a trellis not only provides a structure for plants but also helps break up a blank wall. It can even be used for hanging garden tools and decorative ornaments. 

A tall trellis with a bench on the side, How To Attach A Trellis To A Wall Without Drilling? [Step By Step Guide]

If you are afraid of drilling into your walls or don’t trust that you can properly install your trellis with a drill, there are other ways you can attach it. Start by following the steps below.

Diagonal trellis inside a small homemade garden

1. Prepare The Wall Where The Trellis Will Be Installed

First, clean the wall. Any type of wall will need some dusting before you install a trellis. You can brush off the wall and scrub it if necessary to remove any dirt or debris that will hinder the installation of the trellis.

2. Choose The Right Type Of Trellis 

Next, decide on the type of trellis you want to hang. A trellis is usually the main support of plants. However, as mentioned above, it can be used for decorative and storage purposes too.

No matter what purpose you want to use it for, you should choose a trellis that will suit your needs. Trellises come in different forms, sizes, and materials.

Wooden trellis

Walls trellises are available in bamboo, wood, aluminum, wire, and metal. You should select one that is sturdy enough to hold your plants or decorative items.

3. Choose A Method For Installing The Trellis

Try Brick Clips, Hangers, or Hooks

If you intend to hang the trellis on a brick wall, it is recommended to use a wall clip to serve as an anchor.  The clip is movable, so if you want to hang something temporarily, this is the way to go.

Brick clips have springs at the bottom that adjust to the size of the brick.  The teeth on the top of the fastener grip the brick firmly.

To install, put the spring end of the clip against the brick at the bottom. Push the clip up by pressing down on the spring so that the teeth fit over the top of the brick.

It will look like the picture once it's installed.

You can hang tension wires to serve as a trellis on these brick clips, as they are sturdy and can hold up to 25 pounds.  Hog wire trellises can also be attached to these brick clips, and support will not be an issue.

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Use Brick Velcro 

Brick velcro is another option for hanging a trellis without drilling. This is a mounting tape that you can use to attach a wooden trellises to a wall. 

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There are other products you can buy for outdoor use like the VELCRO Brand Heavy Duty fasteners. They work not only with bricks but also with different surfaces.

First, make sure that you’ve cleaned the surface first before you install the fastener. Next, peel the tape from the fastener and then press it into place. You can use as many as you need.

Planting chili on a trellis

Bear in mind that the adhesive will take at least 24 hours to reach its maximum strength, so it is recommended to let it sit for a while first before you attach the wooden trellis.

The fastener can hold 15 pounds, so hanging your trellis should not be a problem. Note that this type of fastener is water resistant and will work even when it’s exposed to rain, snow, or heat.

Use Nails 

You can use nails in place of screws when attaching a trellis to a wall. As you probably know, different types of walls require different types of nails.

For example, masonry nails should be used for brick walls, and steel nails for harder walls. The nails you use will serve as a support for hanging the trellis. 

First off, mark the area where you will nail the trellis. Next, hammer the nails, positioning them so that they can support each corner of the trellis’ partition. 

Once the nails are hammered in the right place, you can hang the trellis on them. The trellis will hang instead of being firmly attached to the wall.

Use A Trellis Kit

A trellis kit is another way of attaching a trellis to the wall without drilling.  The kit comes with an anchor, silicon glue, and trellis wire.  

Keep in mind that this type may only be able to handle light vines. This option is advantageous if you want to make the trellis in any shape you want.

Diagonal trellis placed inside a house

To install the trellis kit, use the silicone glue to bond the anchors to the wall. The glue may take 24–48 hours to cure.

It is important for the glue to cure first before you attach the wires, since the trellis won’t hold if you string the wires immediately. Once the glue dries, you can run the wire through the anchors.

Twist the ends to secure the wires, and you are good to go. It'll look something like the picture below.

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Attach Tension Wires To Nails

You can hammer nails into the brick wall and then attach wires. This is a fun and cheap way of making a trellis for light vines.

In the example shown below, the wires are arranged in a diamond pattern so that when the plants grow, they follow the pattern.

This is a creative and easy way of filling up a blank wall. You can make different patterned trellises with wires and nails

Try Moldable Glue

Another no-drill hanging option can be accomplished with moldable glue. Using moldable glue, such as Sugru Moldable Glue, is pretty easy.

First, prepare all the materials, including the moldable glue, pliers, wires, a toothpick, and screw hooks. Next, open the glue and make a ball out of it as in the picture showed below.

Then clean the wall. You can brush the surface off if needed. Dab some of the glue on the wall. This will act as an adhesive. After that, stick the glue ball onto it. Next, shape the glue, molding it like clay.

Create a pilot hole for the screw hook. You can use the toothpick to make the hole. When the pilot hole is ready, you can insert the screw hook into it. You can mold the glue as necessary so that the screw is secure. 

Let the moldable glue cure for 12-24 hours. After it has set, it’ll turn into tough, long-lasting rubber. Take note that if you are using the glue outside, it will need at least 48 hours to dry.

You can then insert the wire into the screw hook. You can add glue balls with screw hooks at various points on the wall and insert wire into the hooks to make your trellis.

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In Summary

Attaching a trellis to a wall is often done by drilling. However, there may be instances when you can’t use a drill or you don’t trust yourself in using one. You can use other methods to attach a trellis to the wall.  

After preparing the wall and choosing your trellis, you can use velcro, wall clips, nails, trellis kits, wire, or moldable glue to attach it to the wall.

Most of the options mentioned in this post are easy to do. Once you become more familiar with them, you should be confident in trying them out.

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