Yucca Not Flowering – What To Do?

Figuring out the reason your plants aren't flowering can feel impossible without some help. Do your yucca plants barely have any flowers or have none shown up yet this season? We have done plenty of research to find you the answers. Let's discuss.

According to what we found, there are a few main reasons your yucca has not flowered yet. Typically, yuccas only bloom once they have reached a specific age and do not have a set schedule for flowering. Another leading cause of yuccas not blooming is a lack of proper sunlight and pollination. A few ways to help get your yucca flowering are to:

  • Plant your yucca in a sunny/warm location
  • Trim any dead excess off your plant
  • Fertilize your yucca regularly

As we get into this post, we will share some tips and tricks to get your yuccas flowering in no time. We also have tagged a few helpful related products to steer you in the right direction. Not all yuccas react the same way to their environment, so it is important to be patient. With that said, let's dive into this topic!

A Yucca plant blooming outside a garden, Yucca Not Flowering - What To Do?

What Are Yuccas?

Yucca plants are members of the Agave family and have over 40 different species that grow across North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. This specific kind of plant is slow-growing and has sword-like leaves. Yuccas are relatively easy to grow and maintain and don't need to be watered often. This plant is perfect for desert climates and can even survive indoors as long as there is bright light.

A giant Yucca plant blooming on the garden outside

Do All Yuccas Flower?

When it comes to if they flower, all mature yuccas will produce a flower when they bloom. Yuccas have a white or red, bell-like flower that typically is pollinated by moths during the night. If the area you live in does not have pollinating moths, you will need to fertilize your plants manually if you want them to bloom. Generally, yuccas flower around the warmest time of each growing season, but not always. 

Adams Needle Yucca filamentosa Shrub Seeds

Here is a yucca seed bundle from treeseedplus if you are up for a gardening project. This flowering yucca seed bundle can be grown inside or out and come in packs of either 30 or 100 seeds.

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How Long Does It Take For A Yucca To Flower?

A breathtaking Yucca plant photographed outside a garden

According to what we found, the average time it takes for a yucca to mature is around three years. Although this may seem like an eternity, your yucca plant is slow-growing and will need to get big enough before producing its flowers. This timeframe is pretty standard in most yuccas and can take even longer if you don't take proper care of your plant. We recommend monthly fertilizing and a ton of patience during the yuccas growth period.

Do Yucca Plants Die After Blooming?

Although you might have heard that yuccas die after they bloom, we found that to be an untrue statement. Yuccas live long lives and rebloom yearly as long as they get pollinated. Among the 40 plus species of yucca plants, Spanish and Adam's Needle tend to bloom the longest during the summer months. If you start to see your yucca wilting once it has flowered, make sure to prune it down a bit to remove any dead flowers and stems.

Yucca Wet Liquid Yucca Extract

Here is an organic yucca wetting and fertilizing extract from the GS Plant Food Store. This product promises to increase your yuccas water absorption and contains Yucca Schidigera extract.

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How Often Does A Yucca Typically Flower?

A giant Yucca plant blooming on the garden outside

When it comes to the number of times a yucca flowers, that depends on the species. Typically, yuccas flower once per growing season and last for two to four weeks. Not every plant will flower every year and some even alternate years between flowering. Like we mentioned earlier, Adams Needle and Spanish yuccas flower in the summer months and have a pretty long blooming time.

Does Climate Affect Flowering?

Although yuccas prefer warmer environments, they will flower as long as they have good sunlight and proper nutrients. If you have an indoor yucca plant, we suggest purchasing a heat lamp during darker, colder times so your plant doesn't become stunted or even die. Remember that this plant species is native to hotter desert environments, so the closer conditions you get to that, the better your plants will grow and flower.

Indoor LED Full Spectrum Plant Growing Light

Here we have a remote-controlled indoor plant light from Cabtnca. This three-headed LED light has a timer, three switch modes, six dimmable light settings, and an adjustable gooseneck design.

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Can I Prune During Blooming Season?

If your yucca has dead flowers during its blooming season, you can certainly trim them off. It is beneficial for your plant to do this and allows for even more flowers to bloom where you pruned the dead areas. Yuccas are pretty durable, so they don't typically go into shock after you prune or replant them.

How Do You Prune A Yucca Plant?

The best way to prune a yucca is to cut any dead or browning areas off your plant seasonally. You should cut the yuccas flower stock to about four inches from its base before the blooming season to allow it to grow and flower as much as possible. Yuccas do not need to be trimmed anywhere besides their flower stocks before the growing season, unless for cosmetic reasons. Ideally, it would be best if you pruned your yucca before and after it blooms (spring and summer) and remove any dead areas whenever you see them.

Wevove Stainless Steel Three Pack Of Garden Pruners

Here is a pack of three handheld pruners from Wevove that are perfect for yuccas. This set comes with a straight, curved, and serrated blade and a pair of gardening gloves.

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How Often Should I Water A Yucca Plant?


According to what we found, you should water yuccas often during their growing season, but sparingly in the fall and winter months. Yuccas are sensitive to water and can not handle too much of it at once, so ensure your soil or planter has good drainage. From the tips we read, you should never let yuccas sit in a tray or puddle of water, no matter the season. Ideally, try to water your yucca once per week during the summer months and then twice a month for the rest of the year.

Do Indoor Plants Need More Or Less Water?

When it comes to indoor yuccas, their watering schedule will stay about the same as outdoor plants. If you can see that the soil is still damp from the last time you watered, wait about a week or so before adding any more water to your plant. Indoor plants are easier to keep track of, so if you notice your yucca wilting or the soil feeling super dry, then it is time to water.

Rifny Plastic Plant Flower Pots

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The Wrap Up

If your yuccas are having trouble blooming or not even blooming at all, there are plenty of ways to solve the problem. From what we found, yuccas take around three years to mature enough to flower and only do so during specific growing times. Sunlight and proper pollination are the most important things for a flowering yucca, so make sure to plant them well. Whether you have indoor or outdoor yuccas, make sure your plant drains well, and you fertilize more often than not. Regardless of where you live, make sure to prune your yuccas each growing season and have a bit of patience while they grow.

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