Yucca Leaves Drooping – What To Do?

Yucca plants are known for their hardiness and how relatively easy they are to take care of. However, even yuccas can experience problems sometimes. One of those problems is drooping leaves. So, if you're wondering why your yucca leaves are drooping, you've come to the right place. We've researched the causes and the solutions to this problem and have an answer for you. 

Your yucca plant's leaves might be drooping for a few reasons. An inadequate amount of sunlight, an inadequate amount of water, too much water, a pest infestation, or a dramatic temperature change can all lead to droopy leaves. 

Now you know some of the reasons your yucca leaves might be drooping, but keep reading as we elaborate on these problems and offer some solutions. We'll also answer some other questions you might have about your yucca plant and help you understand some other problems you might be experiencing. 

Head of yucca infront of the sun, Yucca Leaves Drooping - What To Do?

Why Are The Yucca Leaves Drooping?

Let's discuss how to tell what's causing your yucca leaves to droop and what you can do about each problem.

Inadequate Amount Of Sunlight

One of the most common reasons your yucca's leaves might be drooping is due to an inadequate amount of sunlight. In order to thrive, yucca plants need at least six hours of sunlight a day. If your leaves are drooping because of a lack of sunlight, then moving them to a sunnier spot should help revive them. 

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Not Enough Water

If the leaves of your yucca plant are drooping but also seem dried out, the problem could be your yucca isn't receiving enough water. Though yucca plants can survive with very little water, they can still dry out. Check the leaves and stem of your plant to see if it seems too dry. If so, increase the amount of water your yucca receives. 

Too Much Water


A yucca having problems because it is receiving too much water is much more likely than a yucca having problems because it is receiving too little. Since yucca is a type of succulent plant, they do not need much water to survive, and overwatering your plant can lead to rot. If your plant is rotting from the roots up, you'll notice that the stem is droopy too. 

Check the stem of your plant. If you notice it has turned brown or changed color, your yucca plant may be dying. Fortunately, yucca plants are easy to propagate, and you can cut new growth from the main plant and replant it. Unfortunately, you won't be able to revive the droopy stem. 

To prevent this scenario from occurring again in the future, make sure you are not overwatering your yucca plant, and the container it is in has plenty of drainage holes. 


It's important to check your yucca plants for any pests. Some pests such as mealybugs or snout weevils can cause your yucca to droop. Some Yucca pests destroy the plant while others can be treated. It's important to determine which pest has infested your yucca plant and how to treat the plant. Yuccas can be treated with insecticidal soap to help kill certain pests. 

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Dramatic Change In Temperature

A dramatic change in temperature, especially if it involves a frost, can cause a yucca plant to droop. So think back to recent weather patterns, and if you can think of a day where temperatures dropped pretty low, this might be the reason your plant is drooping. 

Yucca plants can often survive a little frost damage, but if they've experienced a big freeze, it is less likely you'll be able to save the plant. 

Yucca Leaves Changing Color

Yucca plant leaves covered by rain drop

Drooping yucca leaves aren't the only sign that your yucca plant might have a problem. Yucca leaves might also begin to change color. The color they turn can identify the problem your plant has. 

Why are my yucca leaves turning yellow?

Yellow leaves aren't always a sign of an issue. If the leaves are towards the bottom of the plant, it's likely just the natural aging process of the plant. However, there are certainly times when it is indicative of a problem. Like droopy leaves, yucca leaves turning yellow can be due to overwatering or too much direct sunlight, or even not enough sunlight.

While yuccas need a lot of light, if it's sitting in the direct rays of the sun, it can hurt the yucca and burn the leaves. On the contrary, if your yucca plant is being shaded by other trees or tall shrubs it may not be getting enough sunlight. 

Why are my yucca leaves turning brown?

Yucca leaves can turn brown for the same reason they can turn yellow. Overwatering, underwatering, pests, and sunlight can all play a part. Often, leaves will turn yellow and then brown.

If your yucca is exposed to a sudden drop in temperature, such as a frost or a freeze, the leaves can turn brown from damage. Once your leaves become brown, you will not be able to reverse the process.

If your yucca is a houseplant and its leaves have begun to brown, make sure the container your yucca plant is in is big enough. If you see roots emerging from the bottom of your container, you need to move it to a larger one. 

Should you remove dead leaves from yucca?

Hand of unrecognizable grower in colorful glove is clipping green yucca or small palm tree with pruning shears in sunny park

Since dead leaves can be unsightly, it's okay to remove dead leaves, or you can allow them to fall off naturally, though this might not always happen. If you do decide to remove the leaves, consider trimming them close to the trunk but not stripping them from the plant completely. This will offer the plant's stem some protection from the elements. Drastic changes in exposure can stress the plant. 

If your leaves are dying for any other reason than natural causes, just removing the dead leaves won't solve the problem. Once you've removed the dead leaves, make sure you've remedied the problem that caused the leaves to die in the first place in order to keep your yucca alive. 

Will my yucca leaves grow back?

Yuccas are slow-growing plants, so it may take some time before you see new growth on your plant. Whether the leaves grow back depends on the type of yucca plant you have. Furthermore, if they do grow back, the yucca leaves won't grow back in the same spot you removed them from. Instead, new growth will come from further up the trunk.

How do you revive a yucca tree?

Reviving your yucca plant depends on the state it is in. Since the most common reasons yucca plants start to droop and look a little worse for wear are insufficient light and overwatering, you should begin by making sure your plant is receiving enough light and not too much water.


If you have a yucca houseplant, move it to a sunny window where it can get a full day of sun. A south-facing window will be best. If your yucca plant is outside, do as we said earlier in the article, and make sure no other plants or trees are preventing your yucca from getting sunlight. 


Yuccas can survive and even thrive in drought-like conditions. They do not need a lot of water. Reducing the amount of water you're giving your yucca can help it spring back to life. Be careful, though; yuccas are susceptible to root rot which occurs from overwatering. If you've noticed the lower part of the trunk is turning brown, you will likely need to try and remove the damaged area and propagate the plant. 

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Final Thoughts

Head of yucca infront of the sun, Yucca Leaves Drooping - What To Do?

Hopefully, our article has helped you diagnose why your yucca plant's leaves are drooping and offered some possible remedies for you. Most of the time, leaves are drooping because they need a little more sun and a little less water, so this is a good place to start! Yucca plants are hardy, so hopefully, yours will spring back to life soon!

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