Write, Sketch, And Grow—The Hottest Stationery Trend On TikTok

If you think pencils are only for drawing, think again. It's true! Plantable pencils are all the rage on TikTok. And who wouldn't love these pencils when they serve two purposes?

The leading plantable pencils seen all over TikTok are mostly from SproutWorld— and it's no joke to say that these pencils seem to be dominating "Garden TikTok" at the moment.

TikTok videos by @sproutworldofficial have millions of views, and it's easy to see why. 

@sproutworldofficial Svarer @Someone that love frogs No our plantable pencils do not have an eraser attached at the end 🫶🏻 instead we placed a biodegradable green capsule filled with seeds so you can grow herbs, flowers or veggies when only the stub is left 🌻💚 #sproutworld #secondlife #plantablepencil #seeds ♬ original sound - ToineTheDon

Their video of growing basil using a plantable pencil has 12 million views and 1.6 million likes, and rightly so. This tells us that millions of others are as shocked by this sustainable pencil option as we are!

After using the pencils, instead of throwing them out, you plant their ends in soil and take care of them as you would with regular seeds—what better pencil could there be, right?

For artists and plant lovers, these plantable pencils are dreams coming true! You have a variety of colors to choose from aside from the "regular" ones, so aside from sketching, you can use it for coloring an artwork. 

It seems like I'm not alone with this thought, though. As @Bobby commented in the video:"That's so cool. As a lover of both plants and art, I need this."I second the motion!

Another comment from @tor maa on the video says:"Pencils that make plants? (A) whole new way of recycling. Please, I want a pack now."I'm in desperate need of one too!

And for those like @Juu who commented:"Yo, I had these for so long in my house, and I never knew it was (a) real seed."Well, now we know, so it's time to plant the seeds of these pencils.

And to add even more fuel to plantable pencils' growing popularity, multiple Tiktok videos of users planting it have been showing up over our feeds.There's sage, chia, coriander, and more!Take a look at another Tiktok video by @sproutworldofficial choosing which pencil to plant next among the many choices:

@sproutworldofficial Growing delicious tomatoes from my plantable pencil is the best!🫶🏻♥️🍅 #sproutworld #secondlife #plantablepencil #growyourownfood ♬ original sound - saulgoodfan

Of course, flower lovers are not left out for this one. You can also plant a daisy or sunflower using this pencil!

@sproutworldofficial #CapCut I can’t see why not ✏️☺️ Our plantable pencils will grow into herbs, flowers, vegetables or even a tree 🪴 #plantablepencil #plantablepencils #sproutworld #secondlife #growyourownfood ♬ original sound - Axel Rose | Bullmastiff

The ends of these pencils are biodegradable and decompose quickly, so as long as you plant them in soil and take care of them, there's nothing to worry about.

A warning for pencil biters, though; plantable pencils are not fit for biting as they can ruin the seeds inside the capsule ends.

The plantable pencils' ends easily dissolve with water, so growing their seeds shouldn't be a problem.

Potted plant with a pencil that grows with different types of agricultural crops

This innovation proves there's more to making art with pencil— it can also add beauty to your garden!


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