15 Gorgeous Wooded Backyard Ideas

Art and landscaping can help you to recapture scenes from your favorite movies with all modern amenities. The usual plain backyards or properties bordering wooded areas can benefit from good landscaping.

However, wooded backyards can be intimidating. Whether you want to make it an extension of your home or a separate relaxation area, ensure the look you go for is balanced and practical. Color and design will give an aesthetic look to your little forest.

There are many ways to encompass the large vast beyond and make it cozy. Here are some ideas we've researched from landscape experts to help your wooded backyard come to life. Be cautious when choosing a design because each has its benefits and drawbacks.

15 Gorgeous Wooded Backyard Ideas

1. Outdoor Hanging Lounge

cozy rooftop patio area with lounge zone, hanging chair and and string lights at warm summer evening

Recreate the look of floating or hanging gardens by having sitting areas hanging from the trees. You don't have to be Maugli to lounge in the woods. A hanging lounge is an interesting way to entertain outdoors.

The colors of the seats should be in harmony with the surrounding wooded area. Incorporate interesting light with a nature theme.

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2. Tree House Terrace

tree house in the evening garden

A backyard terrace can be an extension of your home. The trees and slope can create a tree house feel when outdoors. Ensure that the area can accommodate several family-friendly activities.  

Wooden flooring, soft natural lighting, and a peaceful sitting area should echo nature. Ideally, the terrace can go around the house with several levels. 

3. Campsite Fire Pit

Fire pit bonfire campsite in tropical backyard woods with rustic wooden branch chairs twinkle lights lantern candles palm trees stump tables in Florida at sunset

Wooded backyards make fantastic make-believe campsites. Complete the campsite look with a modern fire pit that can double up as a barbeque spot. Tents can be added occasionally for a night under the stars.

Ensure the fire pit is central in your composition. Fire pits are open fireplaces. Therefore, take caution not to construct them near low-hanging tree branches.

4. A Chill Out Spot

A relaxing spot for a warm, summer day - a stylish, wooden terrace with wicker garden furniture, cushions, plants and flowers

You won't have a lot of work creating a chill-out zone if you have shady trees in the backyard. Even out the ground and lay flat stones to create a central sitting area and a footpath. Use solar-powered lamps to light the chill-out zone.

You can incorporate several seating areas for reading or chatting. Since you are not altering anything in the wooded area, look for ways to keep bugs away when outdoors.

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5. Outdoor Amphitheatre

Outdoor amphitheatre

A mini outdoor amphitheater is the best option for art and theatre lovers. Sloped wooded backyards are best because you don't have a lot of landscaping to do. You won't have to worry about having too many guests for any occasion in regard to sitting arrangements.

The amphitheater design might not be perfect for very steep slopes. You will need to engage the services of a professional depending on the size of your backyard.

6. Botanical Gardens

Lush green botanical garden - blooming spring flowers and lawn path.

When your wooded backyard is plain, it will not attract you to the outdoors. So, you could make it more interesting by introducing a botanical garden with exotic and interesting plants and flowers.

However, this option will require some knowledge of the suitable plants for your region. Do some research and choose manageable plants and flowers. All year-round decorative plants and flowers are better than seasonal ones.

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7. Nature Trail Playground

Little girl overcomes the obstacle in the rope park. cute girl runs track, leisure on nature.

Make your backyard an adventure place for your little ones too! Create an underground playground with interesting nature-inspired hurdles. You can incorporate the Hobbit theme to help build your or your little ones' imagination.

Please ensure the ground is reinforced properly for your family's safety. Choose a nature trail that isn't too complicated if you wish to do it as a DIY project.

8. Junglelike Pools

Tropical travel lifestyle, vacation on Bali island. Pretty young woman enjoying breakfast in the swimming pool diring tropical vacation

Ever been to the tropics? No problem! Invite a landscaper to help create a natural-looking swimming pool in your wooded backyard.

Using natural wood and stones will bring out the feel of a natural waterfall. The idea is to make it look like the water is naturally coming from the rocks or the ground.

The design can suit small or large backyards. If you have little ones, ensure it's child friendly.

9. Manicured Lawns

Manicured Yard. A beautifully manicured residential yard full of blossoms.

Minimalism can be achieved in backyards without missing out on sights and sounds. Properly manicured backyard lawns in wooded areas will contrast and stand out.

Whether you have a tiny or sprawling backyard, a well-cared-for lawn with good-quality carpet grass will feel homely.

Minimal furniture and structures are what make these backyards unique. Use the trees for hanging hammocks.

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10. Hotspring Spas & Hot Tubs

hot thermal spa water pool

A home spa or hot tub is something most homeowners with a backyard would love. A wooded and sloped backyard can elevate the look and feel of an ordinary backyard spa or hot tub.

Your home will be the hot spot destination for your family and friends with a backdrop spa or hot tub in the woods. 

However, you should have a retractable cover to protect the spa or hot tub. You don't want to have to remove leaves, branches, and twigs from your hot tub or spa whenever you want to use it.

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11. Rustic Gazebo

A beautiful rustic gazebo in the town of Windsor, Vermont. Closeup.

If you have never grown up on a farm and would like that feel, build a rustic gazebo in your backyard. A rugged-looking structure with wrought iron furniture and lighting will capture the essence of time in nature.

You'll need minimal maintenance with the landscaping. Restore pieces of old furniture to get the rustic look. This low-maintenance look is perfect for rather busy homeowners.

12. A Victorian Nook

Two wooden deck chairs, morning coffee and books under the tree. Summer or weekend outdoor leisure in the peaceful garden nook.

If your backyard is way too small for an adventurous project, don't fret. A cozy nook from Victorian gardens could be what you need.

The wooded backyard can become a scene from a jungle storybook while your nook is a travel vessel. In most cases, you will only need one or two benches tucked away in the corner of the backyard. 

13. Futuristic Natural Backyard

Panorama of a contemporary outdoor conversation inspired by oriental design.

Homeowners don't have to stick to the natural look of a backyard in a wooded area. A futuristic approach can inject much-needed contrast into your backyard.

Organize the space with seating arrangements made of concrete with clean-cut lines and futuristic lighting. A splash of color in the throw pillows and bold furniture will bring out your personality too!

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14. Outdoor Boho Chic

Real photo of an armchair, pouf as a table and wicker couch on a terrace

Take the hippie relaxed indoor bohemian chic outdoors and reclaim nature on your terms. Create a free non-constrained space in the woods with multi-colored rugs, ethnic vases, and interesting floating lamps.

Large floor pillows can be used as additional seating space. The backyard could turn into a complete living space all year round, especially in a warm climate. 

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15. Woodland Outdoor Kitchen

Open kitchen with empty dining room table and chairs outside, against green fresh plants on background

Utilize the backyard space to create a fully functioning outdoor kitchen. The additional outdoor living space will make for a great place to lounge. The outdoors inspire healthier living and more communication in the absence of gadgets.

A professional can help you demarcate the cooking and relaxing areas no matter how much space you have in your backyard. Sloped areas are suitable too! 

Bonus: Urban Chic

A modern furnished patio and pergola with a small pond, water lilys, hostas and Clematis

You can have an oasis of style right in your backyard. The unruly branches and winding stems can be tamed with the prim and proper modern-day style.

Exquisite furniture and state-of-the-art outdoor cooking ware in a well-cut-out backyard will be a gem amid "a wilderness." Go on and drink the latte with a croissant right in your backyard, just like in a city cafe.

Beautiful backyard with barbeque area and dining table

Final Thoughts

Real photo of an armchair, pouf as a table and wicker couch on a terrace - 15 Gorgeous Wooded Backyard Ideas

Some of these designs seem very ambitious and intimidating at first glance. But with the correct vision and a realistic approach, you could recreate them in your wooded backyard.

Before starting any adjustments, find out what the building codes and regulations are in your locality. Some designs are budget friendly, while others might cost an arm and a leg. 

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