Will A Landscape Rake Remove Rocks?

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If you want to grow flowers or crops in your yard, you might need to do some rock-cleaning work first. If you are wondering about the capability of a landscape rake to remove rocks, we've got you covered. We have done extensive research on this concern, and here's what we gathered.

Landscape rake can remove rocks in your garden with its durable and robust tines. However, the size of rocks it can remove depends on the size of your landscape rake.

In this article, we will discuss further details about using landscape rake to remove rocks, how to use it, and its benefits. Please continue reading to learn all the information about landscape rake.

Can I Use A Landscape Rake To Remove Rocks?

A mini excavator with a rake loosens the ground. landscape preparation, Will A Landscape Rake Remove Rocks

Rocks in your yard occupy space where roots can potentially develop. It also restricts the amount of water and sunlight reaching the soil. Your soil is at risk of being compacted if there are many rocks near the surface of your garden. 

Remember that plants will not thrive if their roots can't access essential nutrients. Rocks can also be a threat to your gardening tools. Thus, rock removal is essential.

Rocks might be challenging to remove from your lawn if you do not have the right equipment. Fortunately, a landscape rake is an appropriate tool to clear rocks in your garden or yard. It is exceptionally well-built and has strong tines that can eliminate every unwanted rock, both small and big. 

However, keep in mind that the size of the rock it can remove is limited. Hence, it would be best if you did not use it on boulders that are too huge. 

The tines' perfect spacing prevents any rocks from slipping through and gives you the finest possible rock-trapping effect. Put in only half of the tines if you want big rocks to pass through. It is preferred to break larger rocks first before removing them.

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How Do You Use A Landscape Rake For Removing Rocks?

Recycling of old stones and building material gained from demolition sites to prepare new construction material

A landscape rake can handle the digging if you need to remove those small and large rocks that are too heavy to carry by hand. 

These are the quick steps on how to use your landscape rake to remove rocks:

1. Clean The Area

You can clean the area first before running a landscape rake over them so that it lessens compaction and can produce better results in removing rocks. More productive ground preparation will allow you to complete more work in less time.

2. Attach To The Tractor

A landscape rake works by attaching it to your tractor. Attaching your landscape rake to your tractor can help you for easier removal of objects. It is typically placed on either rear or front of your tractor, depending on your preference.

Some landscape rake includes gauge wheels. You may also adjust them if you prefer them to be closer to each other.

3. Adjust The Level

The level of your landscape rake is essential when removing rocks. It must be above the ground and not too floaty. Adjust its level to effectively remove all the rocks from your garden or yard.

4. Remove The Rocks

Removing rocks using a landscape rake is best, especially when your ground is leveled and your soil is loosened. These conditions can effectively remove many rocks from your garden. You can opt to use a rototiller to loosen the soil gradually.

Move your landscape rake with your tractor to where you need to remove rocks. Position your vehicle properly to the starting point. It has tines that are useful for clearing away rocks.

If your landscape rake is placed in front of your tractor, move your vehicle forward. This action can capture all the rocks in the ground. It applies more traction to your tires as you pick up rocks. Make a stop where you want to place the rocks. 

Move your vehicle backward so you can remove the remaining rocks once again. Repeat the process until it removes all the rocks in your garden or yard. The landscape rake will leave your ground leveled.

For more information, here's a video on how to do it.

Benefits Of Using Landscape Rake

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Every homeowner needs garden tools such as landscape rake as a helper. It is versatile equipment for maintaining your yard. 

Below are the benefits of using a landscape rake:

Clear Objects

Clearing objects off your yard is one of the most common benefits of using a landscape rake. It can easily remove objects because it composes of tines which are ideal for capturing materials lying on a field.

Rocks, trash, dead grass, and enormous tree limbs are some things a landscape rake can remove. The size of the stuff it can remove depends on how big your landscape rake is.

With the landscape rake's wide tines, you can quickly disperse compost and mulch. Your landscape rake can also cut through rotting roots and stems that are buried in the soil if you position it at the proper angle.

Leveling The Surface

A landscape rake is not just for removing objects in your yard but can also leave you with a leveled surface. 

Leveling your yard will help prepare and smoothen your soil for planting. Remember that evenly distributed topsoil components are beneficial.


Utilizing a landscape rake for your garden can maximize your productivity. It can save you a lot of time if you do any other ground preparation. Operating the landscape rake on the field is simple, especially for a tractor attachment.

Landscape rakes are excellent tools that let you work faster and harder. Additionally, you do not have to expose yourself to the sun's heat because your tractor's roof covers you.


Depending on your application, you can turn your tines forward or backward from your tractor. Its reversible feature is beneficial for a variety of tasks.

Check for the manual to see all the details about the working principle of your landscape rake. Make sure to consult a pro for assistance if you have no idea of what to do or for any malfunctions that may arise.

Save Money

You do not have to hire many people to do the work because you can easily finish it yourself. The landscape rake is easy to operate; you can find the details about its installation and operation in the manual.

Long Lasting

Your landscape rake can last many years as it is made of solid and high-quality materials. It is essential to consider the type and quality of the raw materials used to make the rake while making your selection.

A landscape rake is typically made of heavy-duty gauge steel, which is highly durable and robust. The design of the classical instrument is relatively straightforward and hasn't changed all that much over time. Additionally, it only requires very little upkeep. 

How Much Does Landscape Rake Cost?

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The cost of a landscape rake depends on the brand, model, and size. On average, it would cost around $400.

Landscape rakes may be expensive to invest in, but will save you money over time on labor costs. The tractor can also add up to your cost since you need it to use your landscape rake when removing rocks.

Always consider the type and quality of materials when choosing a landscape rake. Make sure you get the appropriate one for your demands and money.

In Closing

A mini excavator with a rake loosens the ground. landscape preparation

A landscape rake has a wide range of applications and versatility, which can be helpful. Consider purchasing a landscape rake to accomplish tasks about removing rocks and cleaning stuff in your garden. Remember that the size of your landscape rake matters in removing different sizes and shapes of rocks.

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