Why Won’t My Bad Boy Mower Blades Engage?

Are you having trouble cutting those grasses? If you're not sure why your Bad Boy mower blades won't engage, you're in luck! We scoured the net for some common Bad Boy lawn mower issues, and here's what we found.

These are the top potential reasons your Bad Boy lawn mower blades fail to engage:

  • Defective PTO (Power Take Off) switch
  • Deck lift malfunction
  • Loose belt
  • Transaxles and hydraulics issue
  • Mower not starting
  • Broken spindle
  • Mower alignment issue
  • Battery problems

Read all the way to the end because we don't want you to miss out on any information that will help you fix or get help from an expert with your Bad Boy Mower blades problems. Let's get started!

Bad Boy Mower Blades: Common Issues and Quick Fixes

Worn cutting blade of an autonomous lawn mover ready to be replaced.

Learning to troubleshoot and knowing the problem with your Bad Boy Mower is a great way to solve minor issues without spending money on them or calling an expert mechanic. Here are the detailed problems and solutions that you can try:

Defective PTO (Power Take Off) Switch 

On most lawnmowers, the PTO switch is a knob that enables the clutch to be powered by voltage from the battery. The blades won't operate if the switch breaks.

Quick Fixes:

  • Immediately disengage the PTO when you hear a tearing noise and turn off the mower.
  • Check the knob if it's damaged because a defective PTO is one reason for blade disengagement.
  • Replace the PTO switch; retrieve the model and the serial number of your Bad Boy Mower for reference.

Deck Lift Malfunction

The Bad Boy mower's deck lift mechanisms provide dependable and durable support for the mower's structure while retaining its height adjustments. The electric deck lifts on the Bad Boy has the downside that they might not lift or lower the deck if the screws on the shaft do not slide in and out with the actuator spinning.

Quick Fixes:

  • Remove the actuator unit from the mower and inspect it since it can be damp or incorrectly sealed to prevent the deck from lifting or lowering.
  • The shaft sleeve screw might be rusty. If that's the case, lube it up right away.
  • For adequate sealing, inspect the actuator housing. Apply a sealant gasket if the seal is insufficient.

Loose Belt

Through a pulley system of idlers, this belt turns the mower's blades. When the Bad Boy mower blade controls are now activated, but the blades still won't turn, it can damage your deck belt. The belt may be loose or stretched to its limit, causing it to fall or be torn off.

Quick Fixes:

  • You should properly tighten the deck belt.
  • Remove any guards or covers that might have grown over the mower deck to preserve the deck belt system and clear away any debris or grass that has accumulated there.
  • Check to see if it turned the PTO engager plug on the underside of your mower on and if any wires or connections are loose or unplugged.

Watch this video for a visual guide on how to troubleshoot three primary issues with Bad Boy mower blades:

Transaxles and Hydraulics Issue

The transaxle's essential function is to transmit engine power to the wheels. The suspension system on the Bad Boy lawnmowers is remarkable. It's interesting how it makes the ride extremely smooth by maintaining the mower deck's stability even when mowing on an uneven area. Also, it guarantees a precise and even cut.

However, if the charge pump or hydraulic system is damaged or malfunctioning or hydraulic fluid leaks, these are issues that affect the transaxle.

Quick Fixes:

  • Purchasing and installing a new seal kit is the best solution for a hydraulic fluid leak.
  • A damaged charge pump or hydraulic system is best handled by a qualified mechanic.

Mower Not Starting

Caucasian Gardener in His 30s Checking Lawn Mower Blades.

Your Bad Boy mower needs air, fuel, spark, and good electrical wiring inside to start and operate. However, if some of these things are missing or defective, it will affect the performance of your mower, and it won't start properly.

Quick Fixes:

  • Correctly mount the spark plug. You might not be aware of this, but your Bad Boy mower might stop moving due to loose spark plugs.
  • Look into the fuel tank and check if you see any evidence of water. It is also important to keep stale fuel away from your fuel line because it might harm other mower elements like the fuel pump and cause an engine block.
  • It's ideal to clean or replace the air filter because a clogged air filter makes it difficult for your Bad Boy mower to pull air into the engine.

Broken Spindle

When spindles fail, the blades cannot spin evenly, which results in inconsistent cuts. Also, the deck of the mower shakes or vibrates, slows heat for only 30 minutes to 1 hour, and makes a squeaking sound as spindles ensure the blades spin properly.

Quick Fixes:

  • Remove, repair, and reinstall the existing spindle.
  • You can also consider replacing, purchasing, and installing a new spindle and bearings.

Mower Alignment Issue

Person in green sweater changing the cutting blade of a robot lawn mower.

An alignment issue with your Bad Boy Mower is another frequent concern. The tractor quickly swerves to one side and leaves the mowing path while you mow your grass.

Some tires have more traction than others. Broken shock absorbers or poor adjustments might cause this problem.

Quick Fixes:

  • Always check your Bad Boy mower tire pressure and the recommended PSI.
  • Inspect the surrounding of the transaxle's different parts if there is oil leakage.

Battery Problems

When your Bad Boy mower breaks down unexpectedly while you are using it, it can be frustrating. You should check the batteries in your Bad Boy mower before anything else, even though there are many potential causes for this.

Quick Fixes:

  • Check the battery to see if properly connected. You may troubleshoot it if it is charging slowly and determine from there if it needs replacement.
  • Try to remember if there were any other mower parts you could switch off aside from the engine. Several people frequently overlook the fact that some components still operate on battery power when the engine is off.
  • Examine the battery in the mower. If you see any rust on its surface, the metal terminals may be affected, leading to loose connections. Clean the corrosion immediately on the battery and look for any cracks or other damage.

How Do I Maintain My Bad Boy Mower?

Gardening. Broken old lawnmower in backyard grass. - Why Won't My Bad Boy Mower Blades Engage?

Bad Boy mowers will run into technical problems, regardless of how proficient they are. But you can prevent those things from developing by giving the mower a regular maintenance check-up.

You can avoid or postpone the troubles with your Bad Boy mower by using the maintenance techniques we have listed below:

1. Changing Oil And Fuel Regularly

Some people might believe that steering issues cause most zero-turn mower defects, but frequent hydraulic oil changes keep the machine operating effectively as well as the fuel. To keep the gas fresh and the engine in good shape, you can apply a fuel stabilizer and treatment.

Check out this synthetic 10w 30 motor oil on Amazon.

2. Cleaning or Replacing The Air Filter

You'll see that most of these issues are caused by clogged air filters. It's because the mower engine requires air to function properly. Change the filters every season, especially if you use the mower frequently.

3. Blades Sharpening

The quality of your cuts will suffer with a dull blade, which will also cause the mower to vibrate excessively. For perfect cuts, Bad Boy mower advises honing the blades at least once a year, according to the user handbook.

What Is The Bad Boy Warranty?

The warranty policy of a Bad Boy Mower is another aspect that can excite you. In reality, the company provides thorough warranties that, subject to terms and conditions, allow customers free replacements. It also offers repair services for two years within the purchase date.

Final Takeaways

Man cleaning lawn mower blade.

Bad Boy mower is a great tool, especially for landscape artists or residential homeowners. That is why if you don't know how to handle the above issues with the internal or external parts, the mower blades won't engage.

We hope the information we have provided will also enable you to address any minor issues that may arise in the process. Remember that it is best to maintain some fundamental understanding of the machine to get the desired performance out of it. 

But if you want some peace of mind, whether you are doing it wrong or right, it is still better to seek advice from an expert or the dealer from where you bought the product for guidance.

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