21 White Hanging Planters That Will Look Great On Your Wall

One of the easiest ways to create a vertical garden is by using a set of hanging planters. Available in a variety of styles, we want to show you today how you can create an instantly-classic look by sticking to white ones.

21 White Hanging Planters That Will Look Great on Your Wall

Why use white hanging planters?

White hanging planters provide a simple classic way to transform any wall into a gorgeous garden display.

White can look great on a white wall, and even better on a colorful one. These planters are elegant and timeless - whether you place them on an indoor wall or even outside. And if you think sticking to white limits your choice, think again. Let's take a look at this varied white hanging planters - all of them gorgeous!

1. Resin Wall Hanging Planter by T4U

This resin planter is the perfect low maintenance product that will make any room look fresh again. Anything shaped like a bowl should look stylish in modern and minimalist décors. The planters are sturdy and user-friendly, just find a compatible plant and pop it in.

All 4 planters are sturdy thanks to the lightweight and highly durable plastic material, making it ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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2. White Ceramic Wall Planter by MyGift

Arranging your plants in different positions is now possible with this wall planter. You have four rectangular ceramic boxes, each able to accommodate two, three, or more plants of your choice. It’s a beautiful combination that manages to make a stylistic statement. You can add a lot of character to your room while still retaining Nordic simplicity.

There are many different ways to arrange the boxes, giving you lots of creative powers to truly personalize your home and office space.

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3. Pack of 2 Planter Pots by California Home Goods

Geometric wall displays go great with contemporary and modern interior designs. The brass wire frame adds a noticeable contrast to the white luster of the ceramic planter. This unique color combination could be enough to spruce up your home and office spaces. You can easily provide accommodation for a number of small succulents such as cactus, foliage, aloe, echeveria, and haworthia – whichever makes your walls look better.

Check out this post if you need inspiration for a succulent-based vertical garden.

You could also use faux plants if the style is all you’re after. The set of screws that come included make installation easy enough for beginners.

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4. Wall Hanging Planters by La Jolie Muse

This wall hanging planter breaks away from the idea of mainstream plant pots and provides a very original layout. There is plenty of room for mini succulents and flowers, allowing you to explore your creative boundaries with the pot. Each planter is manufactured with high-quality ceramic materials that are both durable and attractive. The lustrous matte finish is the icing on the cake, perfectly radiating ambient light to add a more aesthetic shine to your room.

The straps are made with faux leather, which looks authentic enough.

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5. Golf Ball Planters by MyGift

If you’re a fan of golfing or want to add an interesting decorative accessory to your holiday luncheon, this golf ball planter is just what you need to kick off the evening with a bang. A hole near the top makes it easy to install the golf planter. Each gold ball planter in this set of 3 features a drainage hole at the bottom to prevent your plants from overheating.

You could also go with faux plants for low maintenance situations. All in all, the perfect interior décor item for fans of the sport.

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 6. 3 Tier Indoor Hanging Planter by Mkono

If you’re a fan of plantation and want to find a cool product that can easily display all your plants without looking forced upon, you’ll appreciate the 3 tier indoor hanging planter by Mkono. Welcome your faux (or homegrown) flowers into your abode with style. The idea behind the planter is simple: to combine the best of both functionality and aesthetics.

All parts are made using high-quality materials, from the white ceramic to the eclectic cotton rope. Each pot also has a drainage hole to increase the lifespan of your plants.

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7. Self Watering Hanging Planters by ShoppeWatch

It’s not easy watching your precious home-grown plants die because of stagnant water, is it? This is why we recommend this set of 5 self-watering planters, each featuring a cool engineered design. An intuitive dual layer ensures that your plants absorb just the right amount of water without getting flooded. Furthermore, the layers are separated by an interconnecting cotton rope to facilitate the circulation of both water and air.

Make sure you consult the manufacturer’s manual before filling the pot with water.

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8. Garden Indoor Wall Hangers by Worth

This set of 3 self-watering planter makes plant maintenance a whole lot easier thanks to the automatic dripping water feature. Each planter is made using propene polymer material which is both durable and lightweight. Because of its low weight, it is possible to hang the planter on your walls without worrying about an imminent crash. Just make sure to secure them in place with regular screws.

Furthermore, you will get a 3-year warranty for each planter. You can’t go wrong with this planter.

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9. 3 Tier Ceramic hanging Planter by Mkono

Sculpted to perfection, this 3 tier hanging planter will help you overhaul your home or office space with minimal effort. Mkono made use of highly durable fired porcelain to create the smooth, lustrous look. The planters are highly durable and won’t be breaking anytime soon.

There’s no drainage hole, which is unfortunate given how easy it is for excess water to strangle plants. But there is an easy workaround, just add a few rocks at the bottom to redirect the excess water away from the plants.

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10. Triflora Hanging Planter by Umbra

The reason why these set of 3 planters made our list is because of the metal rod. It provides space for each planter, minimizing the installation hassle. Furthermore, you can adjust the ropes on the rod to change the height of each planter. This gives you room for a lot of customization to fit the needs for changing moods.

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11.6 Legged Planter by Hanpo

Here’s something that looks a little less mainstream, and could well have been pulled out of an 80s movie. The 6 legged planter works best in both outdoor and indoor settings, providing a nice vintage look. The best part is that it features 6 legs instead of the usual 4, making it substantially more sturdy than its competition.

Expert craftsmanship makes for a visual treat, featuring a rustic natural jute color and cream beige shine that works best under most settings. This pot can’t be beat in terms of durability and can provide accommodation for larger succulents.

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12. Circle Planter by Zeeton

Made of high-quality iron, this circle planter manages to remain both durable and lightweight, making it perfect to hang on your walls without worrying about a potential crash. The curved outline looks stylish and adds just the right pops of color to your home and office spaces. Furthermore, the glass holder is thick and fully transparent to let you peek inside.

This pack of 3 is available in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. Choose a size that is more in line with your room.

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13. Hanging Air Plant Holder by 23 Bees

This unique air plant holder hangs by a sturdy 21” metal wire that can withstand wear and tear. The stylistic arrangement should give a fresh makeover to your room. You can go with real plans or faux plants, either choice will add tons of flair to your space interior spaces. Each pot is in the shape of a teardrop, which looks architecturally pleasing.

The planters are highly durable because of the ceramic material which is designed for long term use.

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14. Wall Planter Set of 3 by XiaZ

Each pot features different textured motifs for added versatility in terms of design. The off-white colors should are best paired with Scandinavian and contemporary decors. There is a lot of room for experimentation here because the pots can be paired up with most rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens, office space, and even outdoor environments.

There is plenty of room for mini succulents and plants alike, including haworthia, echeveria, foliage, moss, and aloe. You have a window of 30 days to return the rectangular planters if you’re not pleased with the design.

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15. Hexagon Ceramic Planter by VanEnjoy

This hexagon planter is the epitome of style and offers both functional and aesthetic value. It should make for a great addition to your room and enhance the overall ambience, complementing your décor with its lush ceramic material. There is plenty of room for most succulents including mini cactus, air plants faux sedums, and other plants and flowers.

The hexagonal shape is versatile enough to be used in any room and will make everything look extra splendid. VanEnjoy does provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you don’t end up liking the product.

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16. Wall Hanging Planter by Thirdest

This wall hanging planter works best with minimalistic decors because of its small size. The pot can provide storage space to small flowers and plants, so make sure to find something that can snugly fit inside. Furthermore, there are a whopping three drain holes inside to ensure your plants don’t drown in stagnant water.

The manufacturer does make it very clear that you should not add anything that could weigh more than 25 pounds, so do the math before choosing the most suitable succulent, faux or otherwise!

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17. Modern Tabletop by MyGift

The natural wooden frame provides room for three ceramic pots. This makes installation a piece of cake, while maintenance becomes super easy.

Furthermore, the solid planters are designed to prevent water from dripping out, making them perfect for use indoors. In terms of design, this modern tabletop planter gets full marks from us. The natural color of the wood should accentuate your room without looking out of place.

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18. Plastic Self Watering Planter by T4U

This is a stackable wall planter that can be hanged horizontally or vertically for different aesthetic results. Its main selling point is the self-watering feature because of holes on removable racks that allow plants to retain just enough water while filtering out the bits they don’t need.

The modern style should look good in most rooms. These planters are made using durable plastic which is designed for long-lasting use.

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19. 3 Pack Hanging Planter by 23 Bees

This set of 3 hanging planters packs quite an aesthetic punch, giving your room a full makeover without you the need to overstretch the budget. You could go for real plants or faux succulents – whichever fits your mood. The neutral color of the plants should go well with most interiors. You can also buy a single pot if you don’t want all 3.

Each planter takes advantage of soft colors that are a natural part of the local flora and fauna.

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20. 3 Pack Wall Planter by Soonow

This pack of 3 wall planter utilizes a high quality of macramé for extra durability and sturdiness. Each planter is secured with hand woven macramé hangers made with 100 percent cotton cord. It’s a great way to add both aesthetics and functional traits to the planter. There is ample space for different succulents and plants.

For added aesthetics, each macramé holder is equipped with a chic tassel that adds more visual appeal to the table.

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21. Wall Mounted Planter Pots by Cestash

In terms of size and aesthetics, this planter is as basic as they come. It is massive and features an off-white lustrous finish that should go along well with most interiors.

The main feature of the wall mounted planter is that it does not require drills or screws, simply attach the provided stick-on and save space. You can store up to 20 pounds of succulents and flowers, giving you plenty of creative freedom to experiment with different plant species or even faux plants.

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We hope you liked our selection here! Leave us a comment to let us know which of these white hanging planters you liked best!

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