Where To Buy A Composter [Top 40 Online Stores]

Composter placed next to garden shed, Where To Buy A Composter [Top 40 online stores]Using compost in your garden, flowerbed, and other areas of your landscape is a great way to give your plants the nutrients they need without using harsh chemical fertilizers. It's a green, eco-friendly, and sustainable way to feed your flora without being worried about the effect it will have on your plants or your soil down the road.

You can purchase your own compost from a number of different stores, whether that be in person, or online. However, a great way to make it a truly green and eco-friendly practice would be to make it all on your own!

Compost can be made with the organic leftovers from your kitchen, or your yard. Things like old heads of lettuce, apple cores, and orange peels can be thrown into a composter to be broken down into material that can feed your plants. You can also add organics from your yard, like lawn clippings, fallen leaves, and the leftover dead plants you have when you clean out your garden at the end of the year.

However, in order to do this, you need a composter! Composters help speed up the breakdown of organic material into something your plants can feed on. It might seem odd to buy one online, but when the internet gives you the ability to look at product reviews, compare prices, and compare products, there's really not a better way to find what you're looking for!

1. Amazon

Amazon website product page

Amazon is one of the best online stores when it comes to internet commerce giants. With the ability to have their customers rate their products with a five-star system, it's easy to find what you're looking for in a quality product. Many of their items even have three shipping, which makes shopping here an even better deal.

Click here to view their available products.

2. Walmart

Walmart website product page

Walmart not only has a similar rating system to Amazon, but their products are also generally fairly affordable, which makes them a great first stop if you're looking to save money.

Click here to check out their products.

3. Grow Organic

Grow Organic website product page

Grow Organic not only sells composters, but they also sell instructions and manuals on composting best practices. You can sort your search results by brand, and you can see the prices up front in the descriptions, which means you don't have to click on individual products to compare them.

The company also provides useful "How-To" videos, and the website comes with its own resource center. If you still find yourself needing help, they have a few different ways listed on their website to contact them, making it easy to get your questions answered.

Click here to view their available products.

4. Mantis

Mantis website product page

Mantis sells several different compost tumblers. Each one is a different size, and has different mobility capabilities, giving you a variety of products to choose from without overwhelming you with too many options. They offer free shipping on several different products, and their website setup makes it easy to find their contact information if you have questions.

Click here to view their available products.

5. Lowe's

Lowe's website product page

When it comes to having a large variety of high-quality products, Lowe's has made quite the name for itself. When it comes to composters, they sell quite a few different kinds, making it easy to find one that suits your specific needs. They have an online store, as well as many different physical locations, making finding the perfect product a piece of cake.

Click here to view their products.

6. FoodCycler

FoodCycler website product page

If you're not wanting to deal with large amounts of compost at the same time, and a large compost bin just really doesn't sound like your thing, there is absolutely an option out there for you. The food cycler is the place for your compostable food scraps from your kitchen, and it's meant for smaller scale amounts at a time.

Instead of taking weeks, as a normal composter does, this handy little machine only takes three hours!

Click here to view this product.

7. Wayfair

Wayfair website product page

With more than five different ways for you to sort your search results, Wayfair makes it easy for you to go through their products to find exactly what you're looking for. From outdoor composters to composters for your kitchen counter, they have a number of different options to help fill many different needs.

Click here to view their available products.

8. eBay

eBay website product page

eBay does sell products online like many other eCommerce stores, but they have a significant difference that sets them apart from many of the others. Where online stores like Walmart or Target are businesses that sell things for specific corporations, eBay is essentially a gathering area for different people to sell products to make a profit for themselves.

If you're wanting to spend money that will directly benefit individuals instead of corporations, eBay is a good way to go!

Ever wonder what exactly to put in a compost bin? Check out our guide on what can go in a compost tumbler to find out!

Click here to view the available products.

9. Home Depot

Home Depot website product page

Home Depot has pretty much everything you could need when it comes to your home and your garden. With over ninety-four results that come up when you search compost on their website, you are almost guaranteed to find something that works for you and your garden.

If you decide to purchase something for your garden, there is an easily accessible order tracking button near the top right of the screen, making it a convenient and pleasant shopping experience.

Click here to view their available products.

10. Kotula's

Kotula's website product page

Kotula's offers free shipping on all orders over thirty-five dollars, which is easy to hit when you are ordering a composting bin. They have an email list you can subscribe to, and they will occasionally email you deals on their products. There is a convenient "order status" button near the top right of the screen, making it easy to track your products.

Click here to view their inventory.

11. Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods website product page

Uncommon goods starts out by offering you a five-dollar credit to your account if you sign up for their emails, and if you are a new customer. Uncommon goods has a focus on indoor compost bins, so if you are looking for an indoor compost bin that you can keep in your kitchen or near a back door, this could be the place for you!

Click here to view their available products.

12. Bed Bath And Beyond

Bed Bath And Beyond website product page

Bed Bath and Beyond doesn't seem like the kind of place that would have compost bins, as they generally advertise for things like home products like kitchenware. However, they carry a fairly wide variety of products, including compost bins.

Click here to check out their products.

13. Overstock

Overstock website product page

Overstock is somewhat unique in that they actively check their competitor's prices to make sure that they are giving you the best prices for the products you are looking to purchase. They have a very wide variety of products and have fairly frequent sales, so be sure to check them out!

Click here to view their products.

14. Sam's Club

Sam's Club website product page

Sam's Club not only has an online store, they have physical locations as well. Their website, after asking for your location, will locate the nearest store to you to help you in your search for your compost bin. They have quite a good selection, with around ten different kinds of composters.

Click here to view their products.

15. Bonanza

Bonanza website product page

Bonanza has composters in many shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your vision for a compost bin. You can sort your search results by price, and they have enough results that narrowing them down in this way ends up being quite handy.

They make it easy to find their contact information, so if you do have questions about their products or your order, it won't be hard to get them answered.

Click here to view their products.

16. Life And Home

Life And Home website product page

Life and home has a visually appealing, simple website that is easy to navigate, which helps make up for their small selection of composters. For example, this composter is one of the few they have, but it is a useful product, preparing your compost in as little as three weeks.

Both sides of this barrel have lids, making it easy to load and empty. It also generally ships within 24 hours! All in all, it is a great website with quality products.

Click here to view their available products.

17. Discount99

Discount99 website product page

When it comes to the world of composting, Discound99 has pretty much everything you are going to need, from compost bins of various sizes to already made compost itself. Their large number of products will make it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for, and in the meantime, you can rest assured that you are getting a good deal.

Click here to view their available products.

18. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware website product page

Ace Hardware has a huge selection of products, whether you're looking for the hardware itself or other things that wouldn't immediately come to mind, like compost, or composting bins. The selection they have of general gardening items is surprising, and they even sell several eco-friendly, compostable products, like trash bags and dishcloths. If you're looking to go green but you aren't sure where to start, give Ace Hardware a try!

Click here to view their available products.

19. Garden's Alive

Garden's Alive website product page

Garden's Alive doesn't just carry compost, they carry compost bins as well! Whether you are buying it already prepared or making it yourself, Garden's Alive has what you need. They'll even send you worms for your compost bin, which will help speed up the process of breaking down the organic components you place in the bin.

Click here to view their available products.

20. Gurney's

Gurney's website product page

Gurney's is easily one of the more user-friendly eCommerce websites on this list. Everything is laid on in a manner that is easy to understand, and they have occasional deals and sales that get posted in a red banner at the top of their site. They ensure that if you have the option to save money, you know about it! The whole website is set up for you to have an easy and enjoyable experience.

Click here to view their available products.

21. Eartheasy

Eartheasy website product page

The owner of this business has a neat little story, starting out small, and looking for an easier, simpler way of life. Going so far as to spend a portion of his life living on an island without electricity, the owner of this company truly knows what it means to live an eco-friendly life and to have a positive, green effect on the surrounding environment.

If you are wanting to make sure your money if going toward a business that not only knows what it's doing but strives to have a positive impact on the world around them, this is the one for you.

Click here to view their available products.

22. Hayneedle

Hayneedle website product page

Hayneedle has a number of different things about their website that set it apart from the others. For example, when you search the term compost, you are presented with a number of different options by which to sort your results. The two noticeable ones are by brand and by product. You can sort the compost results not only by the different companies that manufactured them but by the kinds of results themselves, like composting, composting equipment, etc.

Click here to view their available products.

23. Uncle Jim's Worm Farm

Uncle Jim's Worm Farm website product page

Uncle Jim's Worm Farm sells, you guessed it, worms! But that isn't all they sell. They sell compost, and most importantly, they sell composting bins. With nine different kinds of bins, you are sure to be able to find one that suits your needs, and you might as well order some worms for your compost while you're at it!

Click here to view the available products.

24. Gardener's Supply Company

Gardener's Supply Company website product page

Gardener's Supply Center is pretty much the end-all-be-all when it comes to a one-stop shopping place for gardening supplies of any size. They make it easy to save money on their site by listing promotions on a red banner at the top of the page, including any codes you might be able to use at checkout to get the best possible deals. When it comes to taking care of their customers and saving you money, Gardener's Supply Company is a store that deserves to be checked out.

Click here to check out their inventory.

25. Costway

Costway doesn't have the wide selection of composting bins that several of the other listed sites do, but they do offer free shipping on all their orders, and their quality products come with in-depth description pages that will answer any questions you might have.

Click here to view their products.

26. Busch Systems

Busch Systems website product page

Busch Systems all about sustainability and recycling materials, and that is what composting is all about! They have several different options for composters, discounts when you order in bulk, and a rewards program for consumers who love their products.

Click here to view their available products.

27. East Coast Hardware

East Coast Hardware website product page

East Coast Hardware is all about helping their customers have a good experience. From the easy to navigate layout of their website to the products themselves, it's easy to see that they care about your experience. For example, when you order this composting bin, they include a DVD on how to compost, and they include a five-year warranty to ensure that you remain satisfied with your purchase.

Click here to view their available products.

28. Arbico Organics

Arbico Organics website product page

Arbico Organics not only carries several different kinds of composting bins, but they also carry things like worm castings that you can add to your compost to make it more nutrient-rich.

Click here to view their available products.

29. Shoppinn Paradize

Shoppinn Paradize website product page

Coming in a number of different shapes, colors, and sizes, it can be hard to decide which composting bin you want. Shoppinn Paradize includes in-depth descriptions of each product, making sure to educate you on your potential product and helping you feel more confident in your purchase.

Click here to view their available products.

30. True Value

True Value website product page

True Value carries composting bins for inside your house and outside. They also have an option for free shipping if you have the product you want shipped to one of their stores instead of to your home. They have a store locater built into their website, so if you do take this route, they make it easy for you!

Click here to view their products.

31. Costco

Costco website product page

Though you do have to have a Costco membership in order to purchase their products, Costco has a nice selection of many different products, including composting bins. They have a convenient product comparing option on their website that makes it easy for you to see how certain products stand up to others, helping you end up with a product you will be satisfied with.

Click here to view their available products.

32. Houzz

Houzz website product page

For a lesser-known website, Houzz certainly has a large variety of products. They offer many different kinds of indoor and outdoor composting units, making it extremely easy to find one that fits your needs. From a 216 gallon composting bin to one that can sit comfortably on your kitchen counter, there's a good chance that they have exactly what you're looking for.

Click here to view their products.

33. Hooks And Lattice

Hooks And Lattice website product page

Beginning as a store that exclusively sold products made of wrought iron, they've branched out and now offer a plethora of different gardening products. They have several different options when it comes to indoor or outdoor composting bins, and you can tell if the item in question is in stock simply by hovering your computer mouse over the product while on the search results pages.

Click here for their available products.

34. Target

Target website product page

Target, to nobody's surprise, has over twenty different kinds of composting bins, an inventory that includes both indoor and outdoor bins. With the ability to send your order to one of their many locations for reduced or even free shipping and the combination of many products with a great price makes Target a great option to consider.

Click here to view their products.

35. Greenhouse Emporium

Greenhouse Emporium website product page

Greenhouse Emporium is another online option that offers a great selection of quality products. Their website is also extremely easy to navigate. Greenhouse Emporium is definitely worth checking out!

Click here to view their products.

36. Eco Trade Company

Eco Trade Company website product page

Eco Trade is making a name for themselves in the world of eco-sustainability and earth-friendly products. Whether it's a large outdoor composter you're looking for or a smaller indoor one that you can keep on your kitchen counter, they have what you're looking for!

Click here to view some of the best options for countertop composters.

Click here to view their products.

37. Miracle-Gro

Miracle-Gro website product page

Miracle-Gro may be best known for their composts, fertilizers, and soil, but they sell much more than that! They're so committed to making sure that their customers end up with the best product that they sell the equipment for you to make your own compost! They sell a number of different kinds of compost bins, making it easy to find one that suits your needs.

Click here to view their current inventory.

38. Etsy

Etsy website product page

Etsy is the perfect website for you to use if you are wanting your money to go towards helping individual people as opposed to spending money at big chain stores or with corporations. Etsy is essentially a host site for a number of smaller stores, each one run by a different person. From jewelry to composting bins, Etsy has it all!

One thing to be aware of is that since Etsy is run by individual people, the available stock changes constantly, so make sure to keep your eyes out for the product you want!

Click here to view the available products.

39. Better Greenhouses

Better Greenhouses website product page

Better greenhouses not only has over ten different kinds of composters to choose from, but they also have incredible customer service as well. At the very top of their website, they have a phone number you can call to talk to a greenhouse specialist, as well as an email address you can use to contact them with any questions or concerns you have about your order.

Click here to view the available products.

40. Good Ideas

Good Ideas website product page

Good Ideas has many, many products when it comes to composting. This includes, but is not limited to, many different kinds of compost bins for inside or outside your house, compost boosters, and replacement parts, should you ever need them. They have their bases covered, which means they have your needs covered as well.

Click here to view their inventory.

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