When To Apply Ace 4-Step Fertilizer [And How To]?

If you want a lush and beautiful lawn all year round throughout the seasons, one of the best and easiest ways is to use the Ace fertilizer product with a 4-step program. If you're wondering when is the best time to start applying it on your lawn, you're in the right place. Let's get into it below.

The best time to apply Ace 4-Step Lawn Fertilizer is when the temperatures are still cool during spring and fall. These are around April to March and September to October. The ideal temperature should be less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Read on if you want to know how to use this product, where you can buy it, and what other benefits it can do for your lawn. With that said, let's dive right in!

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When Is The Best Time To Use Fertilizer?

Generally, the best time to apply fertilizer to your lawn is in the spring and fall when the soil is still cool and damp. If you wait too long, or if the weather gets too hot, then your lawn won’t be able to absorb all of the nutrients that it needs.

Fertilizers should be applied when the grass is actively growing or when new growth is just beginning.

In the spring, you should apply fertilizer between March and June because this is when your grass will begin to grow and absorb the most nutrients.

If you don't give it any nutrients during this quarter of the year, your grass could die during the following months when the weather gets too harsh.

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Fall is another great time to fertilize because this is when the leaves are falling off of trees and decomposing on the ground.

This creates an extra layer of nutrients that your lawn can absorb. This is also when the roots are long and can absorb the fertilizer better.

Do not fertilize your lawn during the hot season because it can do more harm than good. During this time, the grass is already under heat stress, and adding fertilizer can result in excessive salt content in the soil.

When you fertilize in the summer, it can be difficult for your lawn to absorb all nutrients. This means that some of those nutrients will be wasted, and others may even burn your yard if applied too late in the season.

When To Apply Ace 4-Step Fertilizer To Your Grass

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Fertilizer is an essential part of your lawn care routine. It helps to maintain the health, longevity, and appearance of your grass. Grass needs specific nutrients throughout the seasons to thrive, and fertilizers have these three essential nutrients:

  • Nitrogen - helps encourage the growth of green and strong blades of grass
  • Phosphorous - promotes healthy roots
  • Potassium - helps fight off disease and tolerance to drought and hot weather

Ace's 4-step fertilizer program makes it easier to know what nutrients your grass needs, specifically at a particular season.

Ace 4-step fertilizer is a perfect product for the beginning of spring. However, there are no strict rules.

You can start applying Ace 4-Step fertilizer in spring or fall, but there is a specific Ace product to use depending on the season and the state of your lawn.

How Do You Use Ace 4-Step Fertilizer?

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Grass goes through different stages of growth as the seasons change, so having a complete set of fertilizers to help it through various weather conditions to fend off heat, drought, and weeds, will be very helpful.

Ace 4-Step Fertilizer provides nutrients to your lawn during all four seasons. This product is more affordable compared to other 4-step fertilizer brands in the market.

However, the lower price does not make it less effective. In fact, according to reviews, it gives the same effective results as other, more expensive brands.

The Ace 4-Step Fertilizer Program is composed of the following:

  1. Ace Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer (fertilizer and pesticide)
  2. Ace Weed and Feed (fertilizer and pesticide)
  3. Ace Lawn Fertilizer (fertilizer)
  4. Winterizer/ Winterizer Weed and Feed (fertilizer)

You can use different fertilizer spreaders to apply the fertilizer evenly across your lawn.

There are handheld or push broadcast spreaders just like the one below:

View this Broadcast Spreader on Amazon.

Each product bag is not specifically numbered, so there's no strict compliance to follow. You can use what works best for your lawn.

For instance, some people use the Ace Lawn Fertilizer throughout if they have no problems with pests and weeds.

Step1: Ace Crabgrass Preventer With Fertilizer

Best time to use: early spring, around February to April

This is a 2-in-1 product that fertilizes lawns and prevents crabgrass from growing for up to four months. Apply the product at the beginning of spring before any crabgrass or weeds can sprout.

Since it is also a fertilizer, you don't need to worry about overfeeding because it uses a controlled-release feeding for up to eight weeks. You can apply today and won't have to worry about reapplying for several months.

Step 2: Ace Weed And Feed

Best time to use: late spring, around April to June

This fertilizer is best applied from mid-April to mid-June. You can spread it on a damp lawn to get rid of weed problems.

According to " data-lasso-id="20614">Ace Hardware, some feedback might tell you that this product doesn't work as expected on their lawn, only to find out they were using it the wrong way.

Furthermore, users will often water it down after application, but this product doesn't need watering. You only need to spread it on damp soil and leave it in.

Step 3: Ace Lawn Fertilizer

Best time to use: anytime during the growing seasons

This is the all-around fertilizer or lawn "food" to help maintain greens. It can be applied anytime during the growing seasons.

It has micronutrients to help build solid roots and help the grass survive drought and hot seasons.

Step 4: Ace Winterizer/Winterizer Weed and Feed

Best time to use: early fall, around August to November

This is your "fall season" fertilizer to help control the lawn during the long dormant season. This product is best used during the early fall season, around August to November.

It builds deeper roots for the grass to survive winter and lush greens when springtime arrives.

This product comes in two types—the Winterizer and the Winterizer Weed and Feed. The Winterizer is just a fertilizer, while the latter is also a weed killer.

To Finish Up

photo of a man gardener pushing spreader to spread fertilizers on the grass lawn of the garden

Generally, the best time to use the Ace 4-step fertilizer program is during early spring or early fall to prepare the grass for the harsher weather.

It is important to note that fertilizers encourage grass growth and make it thicker. You may need to cut your lawn more often than usual.

Thank you for reading this far, and we hope we were able to answer your question on when to use the Ace 4-step program.

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