When Do Yellow Delicious Apple Trees Bloom?

Yellow Delicious apple trees bloom with beautiful flowers. If you have the trees in your yard, you may wonder when you'll get the chance to see their blossoms. For this post, we did research to find out when Yellow Delicious apple trees bloom.

Yellow Delicious apple trees have beautiful, white-pink blossoms that appear in spring, from May through June. The trees produce medium to large apples that turn bright gold by the fall.

For Yellow Delicious apple trees to bloom, you need to take proper care of them. To do that, you must understand their needs and what you can do to turn those blossoms into fruits. So, continue reading to learn more!

When Do Yellow Delicious Apple Trees Bloom?

tree branches of the Golden Delicious apple trees at the apple orchard

Yellow Delicious apples are also known as Golden Delicious apples. They bloom in spring, from May through June, producing white-pink blossoms that grow into apples.

The Yellow Delicious apple is self-fertile to a degree and can be pollinated without another tree of its kind. However, fruiting is better if it partners with another tree.

Apples such as Red Jonathan, Red Delicious, and Fuji can effectively pollinate with Yellow Delicious apples.

By attracting bees and other insects to your Yellow Delicious apple trees, you are facilitating pollination. When bees collect nectar from the blossoms, the pollen sticks to them. So, when they land on another tree, the pollen is transported. 

Why Is Blooming Important For Yellow Delicious Apple Trees?

Blooming apple tree in spring tim

While blooming looks visually appealing, it is a necessary step for apples to grow. When apple trees such as Yellow Delicious bloom, they create flowers that attract bees and butterflies, allowing for more pollination 

Once they're pollinated, the blossoms will slowly turn into crisp, sweet apples by fall. It's important to nurture your Yellow Delicious apple trees so that they produce healthy blossoms. If the trees aren't properly taken care of, you won't have much of a harvest.

How Do You Take Care Of Yellow Delicious Apple Trees?

Yellow apples on apple tree branch with green leaves,When Do Yellow Delicious Apple Trees Bloom?

Yellow Delicious apple trees require a lot of attention. To ensure that your apple trees are healthy, keep track of the following things: hydration, sun exposure, and pruning.

Keep Them Hydrated

Yellow Delicious apple trees bloom in favorable conditions. They won't grow in frosted soil, extreme heat, and with poor hydration. They need to be regularly watered to grow. Ensure that the soil is moist and fertile.

Apples are generally adaptable to different types of soil but grow well in slightly acidic or neutral soil. These soil conditions will make your apples fully ripe and flavorful.

Give your Golden Delicious trees ample water once every one to two days during the summer. Water the trees to the point that water accumulates on the surface but soaks up immediately.

During the winter, it is recommended to water them once every three to five days. You should water them in the morning or with enough sun exposure, so the water gets absorbed and carried to the roots.

Of course, you should avoid watering them on rainy days.

Provide Them With Sun Exposure

Yellow Delicious apple trees grow favorably in warm conditions, with temperatures not exceeding 89.6°F. Sun exposure is essential to keep them healthy. It is recommended that they soak up the sun for at least eight hours a day.

Extremely hot conditions can impair the growth of the trees, causing the leaves to curl and spots to appear on stems and leaves. Providing shade for your trees with netting during extremely hot periods will prevent this from happening.

Prune When Needed

In order to get the best crop, apple trees should be pruned yearly. Thinning so they're about eight inches apart is ideal if you want to harvest delicious apples. Use a hand pruner to cut off small branches and twigs.

Check out these pruning shears on Amazon.

One additional tip is that you can grow plants under just about any apple tree. These plants can help provide nutrients, resist parasites and prevent weed growth.

You can plant herbs, flowering plants, bulbs, and shrubs under your apple trees. If you want to know more, check out this post: What To Plant Under Apple Trees?

Harvesting Yellow Delicious Apples

Golden delicious apple in the wooden table and in the basket, typical of Trentino Alto Adige

Yellow Delicious apple trees produce sweet, crisp in the fall. When you harvest them in that timeframe, they will be fully ripe. When the yellow-green color turns into a bright golden yellow, that's when you know the apples are ripe enough to pick.

If you store the apples in a cool, dry place, they will remain edible until early spring. You can also keep them in the fridge for three to six months. These apples may develop with an oval shape.

Besides the color, you can also tell that the apples are ripe enough to consume based on their taste and texture. Apples harvested too early could be tart and lack flavor. For a ripe apple, you should look for a firm, crisp, juicy texture.

Apples harvested too late will have a mushy texture that can be unpleasant. Yellow Delicious apples are known for their crisp texture, so avoid harvesting too late.

If you harvest apples with blemishes or bruises, consume them first, or they will go bad.


If you're looking for more information regarding Yellow Delicious apples and apple trees in general, here are some popular questions with answers provided!

When Do Yellow Delicious Apple Trees Bear Fruit?

If you notice that your apple tree is blossoming but isn't bearing any fruit, chances are the tree is too young and not ready to produce apples. The only solution to this is being patient and waiting for your apple tree to grow. 

Yellow Delicious apple trees bear fruit in six to 10 years. Semi-dwarf and dwarf trees usually bear fruit in three to six years. One useful tip is to write down the date you planted the seedling to keep track of its growth.

If your tree is still not producing fruit, it may be experiencing problems. Either the tree was not pollinated enough (especially if it's a lone tree), or it was planted in an area with extreme weather conditions (too hot or too cold).

Additionally, the soil may not be healthy enough for the tree to grow properly and bear fruit. Rather than simply waiting for the tree to become fit and bear fruit, you can make sure the tree is nourished and well-kept.

How Healthy Are Yellow Delicious Apples?

Yellow Delicious apples are very healthy. They provide antioxidants, potassium, iron, and zinc.

The apples are versatile, and you use them in salads and other healthy dishes. You can use them to make your own apple sauce or apple juice. They're also a great snack: just dip them in honey or add them to your breakfast yogurt as a topping.

What Is The Fastest Fruiting Apple Tree?

Gravenstein Apples ripening on the branch

If you lack the patience to wait for a Yellow Delicious apple tree to bear fruit, the Gravenstein apple tree could be the tree for you.

One of the largest apple trees, it can produce apples in two to five years. Gravenstein apple trees can be grown in most hardiness zones.

What Is The Sweetest Apple To Grow?

Among the 40 varieties of sweet apples, Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, and Yellow Delicious apples are the sweetest. Fuji stands out as the sweetest apple in the world.

In Closing

Yellow Delicious apple trees produce blossoms in mid to late spring. If you take good care of them in that phase, you will be rewarded with a harvest of tasty apples.

Follow the tips in this post to take care of your apple trees, and remember to be patient with them! 

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