What Size Wire For A Grape Trellis & How Far Apart Should Wires Be?

Do you want to have your trellis and start growing grapes but don't know how to start? Questions such as what wire size to use and how apart wires should come to mind. We've searched the internet to help you with the answer, and this is what we've found.

The best and most commonly used wires for a grape trellis are galvanized wires with 9, 10, and 11 gauge. How far apart the cables are, depends on your preference.

But the most common wire space is 30 to 45 centimeters. Place them within the row two feet into the soil and approximately 24 feet apart.

Now that you know the wire size and space needed for a grape trellis let's elaborate more. Let's also talk about several FAQs about grapes and grape trellises. We've also included materials for making a grape trellis. With that said, let's dive right into this article!

Size And Width Of A Wire Grape Trellis

Looking through a growing grapevine with ripening clusters of grapes, through wires and to vineyard blocks in the sun in the valley below.

Grapevines need trellises since they can't support themselves as trees do. Besides support, frameworks help vines in many ways. They help lessen plant diseases, equally distribute sun exposure, and for easier pruning.

Homeowners typically use sizes 9-11 gauge (GA) wire in grape trellises. 9- and 10-gauge cables can support the heavy weight of the vines. At the same time, gauge 11 is ideal for vineyards for increased yield.

How far apart the space of your wires will depend on your preference. But the most common wire space for a grape trellis is 12-18 inches. Set them within the row 2 feet into the soil and approximately 24 feet apart.

What's The Best Wire To Use For A Trellis?

In trellis designs, choose stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel wire. These materials tend to lessen rust problems.

The ideal wire for a grape trellis would be galvanized steel wire because of its durability and not induce severe wire scouring of vines.

How Many Wires Do You Need For A Grape Trellis?

Building a grape trellis is like making a ranch fence. The frame must be powerful enough to handle the weight of the vines and crops, especially with strong winds.

The typical trellis needs two to three wires. The wires must be set on top of the other, compact, and fastened to securely-fixed posts.

Other Things To Know About Grapes And Grape Trellises

purple pinot noir grapes ripen on vines bare dirt beneath and clusters of grapes growing in an oregon vineyard

How Tall Should A Grape Fence Be?

The height of a grape trellis depends on the type of grapes you will grow. Table grapes (grown for fresh consumption) need a trellis height between five to seven feet tall.

In contrast, wine grapes need an approximately three feet tall trellis. This height is suitable for pruning and harvesting fruits.

How High Should A Trellis Be Off The Ground?

How high a trellis needs to be off the ground is vital to prevent rotting and avoid breaching your damp-proof course. The base of the frame needs to be around 30 to 45 centimeters.

Which Direction Should A Grape Trellis Face?

A grape trellis row's ideal and recommended direction is the north and south. Plant your grape rows in the north-south direction to have the most excellent sunlight since grapes need plenty.

What Type Of Trellis Is Best For Grapes?

The type of trellis suitable for grapes depends on the kind of grapevine:

  • A low-cordon frame is perfect for horizontally-spread growth patterns. This trellis is ideal for Vitis vinifera or European grapevine.
  • High-cordon trellises are ideal for grapevines with trailing growth forms such as Concord, Catawba, and Norton.
  • For most hybrid grapevines with semi-upright growth, you can efficiently grow them to a low or high-cordon system.

What Is The Best Support For Grapes?

young Grape vines on a wooden trellis structure in garden

A wall, gazebo, or other sturdy systems can be a trellis support to grow grapes in your garden. Fences are excellent support for grapevines. You can also contain grapevines to s single stake on the soil.

You can also grow your grapevine on a gazebo or pavilion where they can create shade.

How Far Apart Should Grape Supports Be?

For a single-wire trellis, grape supports or posts' ideal length or space must be twenty feet apart in rows and ten to twelve feet between rows.

How Many Years Do Grapevines Take To Produce Grapes?

A grapevine can take up to three years to bear palatable grapes. However, you need to consider several factors for this to happen.

Your grapevine will produce delicious grapes when you place them in well-drained soil and ample sunlight.

You must also practice proper pruning and pay attention to your grapevines so they can continue bearing good fruit.

How Long Do Grapevines Live?

Grapevines are said to live up to 125 years! Although their great fruit-bearing years are up to 25 years. And it'll gradually decrease and be sparse upon hitting 30 years and more.

How To Successfully Grow Grape Vines

Here are ways to successfully grow a grapevine:

Choose Your Plants Well

Numerous grape varieties can quickly grow in most climates. Check out your local plant store, and they'll be able to provide you with the most suitable type for your area's climate.

Search For The Perfect Spot

Ensure to find the perfect spot for building a trellis and planting your grapes. Your grapevine will need a place with well-drained soil and a slight slope. Your vines also need adequate ventilation.

Good airflow is essential for the lush and full growth of your vines' base, leaves, and fruits.

Take Good Care Of Your Vines

There's no need to overwater your grapes. You can water them several times a week if you live in an arid area, and if you live in a rainy area, these vines can supervise themselves.

Pruning your grape vines is a must to evade overgrowth and bear fruit. Lack of pruning can cause your grapevine to produce less fruit and more leaves.

Keep some of the newest sprouts since these are where the fruit will develop. Remember to prune them in winter to thwart certain diseases.

What Materials Do You Need For A Grape Trellis?

Wires drip with rain in a view of an Oregon vineyard, leaves turning gold in fall, soil dark from moisture, What Size Wire For A Grape Trellis & How Far Apart Should Wires Be

We've included several essential materials for a grape trellis, including a trellis arch.

Galvanized Wire

Wires are one of the key materials in making a grape trellis. And using galvanized wire for the grape trellis is a wise choice.

Galvanized wires are durable and do not cause heavy wire scouring of tendrils. Wire sizes that you can ideally use are the numbers 9, 10, and 11 GA.

Key Features:

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Perfect for DIY projects and crafts

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Garden Trellis Netting

Trellis netting sustains vining plants, such as grapes, and allows them to stand correctly. Trench netting is a standard planting tool to support and guard vines against insects, pests, and ground rot.

Key Features:

  • High-quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Commercial-grade

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Anchor Wire Vise

An anchor wire vise functions like a zip tie. It lets wires run through one path and stops them before sliding back the other way.

It's beneficial for grape trellises as it can be a quick resolution to installing, tautening, and fixing trellises and fence wires.

Key Features:

  • Made of aluminum material
  • Super easy to install
  • It's suitable for 8-11 gauge wire

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Plant Support Garden Clips

You can describe plant support garden clips as duct tape for your garden. These garden clips secure plants to position hoses, supports, and more.

They're ideal for fastening plant stems to vegetable ladders and tomato ladders. You can also use them to bind plants to yarn trellises.

Key Features:

  • Reusable garden clips
  • Easy to clasp and release
  • Multi-use

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Grape Vine Support Arch Trellis

A grapevine support arch trellis is not only breathtaking to look at. It's also a great climbing plant and vine support for your grapevines.

You can use it in many ways, such as a garden decoration, shade, and simply for growing grapes and other vines.

Key Features:

  • Stable and durable
  • Attractive and decorative
  • Functional

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Final Thoughts

Fresh grapes

Grape trellises work well with, especially galvanized wires. Use a 9, 10, or 11-wire gauge. How far apart its wires should be can depend on your preference.

But the ideal space would be between 30 to 45 centimeters. After learning the basics of creating a grape trellis, you can start your DIY project and grow your grapevine.

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