16 Weird Pumpkin Varieties (Pictures and Shopping Links)

Pumpkins can be such strange vegetables. Going beyond the classic large orange variety, there's a whole world of weird pumpkins out there. White, blue, green and black, in an array of sizes and shapes.

16 Weird Pumpkin Varieties (Pictures and Shopping Links)

Thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to plant these strange pumpkins in your garden! In fact, we found 16 super weird and unusual pumpkin varieties that are available on Amazon! Just a click away from surprising your neighbors and guests!

1. Warty Goblin Pumpkin

This pumpkin gets it’s rather unique name because of all those ‘warts’ texture which give it a slightly sinister look. But underneath the layers of warts, the skin manages to retain its bright orange color and luster.

Once the pumpkins grow to full size, they can weigh anywhere from 8 to 20 pounds each. Furthermore, pumpkins naturally resist powdery mildew. The fairly long maturity time of 105 days requires quite a bit of patience. But the end result is definitely worth the wait. The pumpkin, while edible, is not ideal for consumption and is best used as a decorative piece.

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2. Cotton Candy Pumpkin

White pumpkins are known for their unique appearance and easily stand out from other varieties in this class. Each cotton candy seed produces a whole fruit that stays true to the classic pumpkin shape. The pumpkin has a thick shell that is durable enough to sustain its own weight. White pumpkins can be fairly bulky and range anywhere between a low 5 pounds to a whopping 12 pounds.

When cracked open to reveal the juicy insides, you will find that the flesh is also white. Word of advice: make sure you put them out of the sun if you care about the color.

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3. Italian marina Di Chiaggia Pumpkin

These pumpkins feature a very old looking rustic skin with a weird appearance that can best be described as a crossover between yellow and orange hues. An important quality of the pumpkin is its naturally high reservoir of vitamin A, making it an excellent source of maintaining eye and skin health. The pumpkin gets its name after the town of Chioggia in Italy, which also happens to be its city of origin.

The monster pumpkins can grow to a size of between 5 to 12 kg, which is very bulky. Cracking the pumpkin open will reveal a delicious and dry sweet flavor that can be enjoyed on its own, or used as an ingredient to prepare other delicacies.

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4. 60 mini Pumpkin Seeds

These orange colored pumpkins are very cute because of how they fit into the palm of your hands! But just because they happen to be incredibly small-sized, doesn’t mean they are any easier to grow. It takes between 90 to 100 days for the pumpkins to fully mature. Make sure you maintain the soil pH between 5.5 and 7.5 to create the ideal growth conditions.

Come harvesting season, make sure you don’t break the step. Simply cut away at the step with a sharp knife. The most common predator for this pumpkin is the squash vine borers and squash bugs which can cause an infestation. So make sure to bulk up on plenty of pepper and garlic sprays!

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5. White Boer Ford Pumpkin

It takes about 105 days for these beautiful pumpkins to fully mature, but the end result is definitely worth the extra hassle. When fully mature, these eclectic pumpkins don a very flat, pure white appearance that is both unique to look at and extremely tasty when eaten. This rare white pumpkin can grow to the size of at least 30 pounds, which is immense.

Provided that you’re able to maintain a healthy soil composition, this pumpkin species will grow vigorously with tremendous yield potential.

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6. Japanese Black Pumpkin

These Japanese pumpkins have an unusual globular structure and don a black-green skin with brilliant orange-yellow flesh. Once you crack the thick skin open, you will find a very familiar-looking orange-colored flesh. The flavor and texture of the flesh can be likened to that of butternut squash or perhaps a sweet potato.

The Japanese pumpkin has a delicious taste when roasted or used as an ingredient with other dishes such as stir fry and tempura recipes. Many people favor the moist, fleshy, and soft meat of the pumpkin which doesn’t deform when frozen. This makes it ideal for use in baking recipes. The pumpkin only grows to full size of 4 pounds.

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7. Turkish Heirloom Pumpkins

Turkish pumpkins have a rather quirky appearance. It looks like it was planted from outer space by aliens. It is related to pumpkins, gourds, and squash – so its actual name may differ depending on who you ask. The fruit goes by the common moniker Turk’s Turban, owing to its flat, disc-shaped body. This makes the pumpkin a great decorative item for fall display.

The fruit can grow to about 12 inches in diameter and weigh up to 5 pounds. It will take around 120 days to reach maturity. The best part is that it is non-GMO, for health-conscious individuals.

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Or read more about how to grow Turban Squash right here.

8. Full Moon Giant White Pumpkin

These massive pumpkins live up to their name and can reach sizes of around 48 inches in diameter. The average weight for a fully grown Full Moon Pumpkin is around 25 to 25 pounds, but if the soil conditions are perfect enough, some people have managed to grow massive 90 pounders. This pumpkin has a very smooth surface which can be cut into to reveal thick yellow, delicious flesh.

Due to its sheer size and white appearance, this pumpkin is the perfect choice for use in home gardens.

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9. Dill’s Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

This pumpkin variety is supposed to be the biggest of its kind. Popularized and developed by contestant Howard Dill for growing a giant 493-pound monster, the weight record for this pumpkin only continues to get trampled every year. Some enthusiasts have even managed to reach record highs of 2000 pounds. All these stats make these seeds as the ideal contender for growing the pumpkin of your dreams.

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10. White Cushaw Pumpkin

These visually appealing lustrous white pumpkins are ideal as both delicacy and decorative focal piece. The pumpkins are fairly easy to grow and are actually resistant to squash vine borers! The best part is that these pumpkins can bear the harsh summer weather and still grow to full size. Each pumpkin can grow up to 20 inches long with a curved neck and weigh around 20 pounds.

Its thick yellow meat is perfect for use in the kitchen.

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11. Lil Pump-ke-mon Pumpkin

These seeds produce mini pumpkins and when fully grown, feature green and orange stripes against a white background to create a visually different look, which makes it ideal as a focal centerpiece. Furthermore, these pumpkins have a distinct disc shape that can weigh up to 2 pounds max. The yields are excellent and harvest is easy provided you take care of soil conditions.

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12. Gooseneck Pumpkin

Due to the curvature of their neck, gooseneck pumpkins literally look like a duck. It makes great soups, pies, and muffins and is one of the most popular seeds in America. Most people fondly call it a ‘neck pumpkin’ due to the uncanny resemblance it has to geese necks. The skin is described as smooth tan while the flesh is bright orange. It is possible for each pumpkin to weigh up to 20 pounds in size.

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13. Blue Pumpkin

This pack of 20 seeds allows you to grow your own Jarrahdale pumpkins. They have a distinct flattened shape with lustrous light blue skin. The outer skin is thick and durable while the inside reveals delicious flesh that can be roasted to perfection. You can store them for 5 to 6 months without worrying about decay.

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14. Peanut Pumpkin

Peanut pumpkins have hit the mainstream and you are now more likely to see them on produce aisles.  These heirlooms are noted for this distinct peanut-like texture peppering its pink-hued skin. Although its appearance is very unique, some people even describe it as ugly.

Under the surface, these pumpkins are very delicious to eat thanks to the excess buildup of sugar in the flesh.

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15. Heirloom  Nantucket Pumpkin

These pumpkins have an unusual shape with a slender, long body. Other than that, their appearance is fairly forgettable thanks to the traditional bright orange rind. These pumpkins are mainly popular for their flesh which can be used in delicious baking recipes.

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16. Bumpkin Pumpkin

This tiny little hybrid will make a great addition to your fall display. The bumpkin naturally resists powdery mildew and has a fairly low maturation time of fewer than 90 days. Its rind has a rough peanut-like texture, which is sure to catch your spectator’s eye.

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