Truthfully, it doesn’t matter which way up you plant an oak acorn. The acorn will sprout as long as you plant it using the right steps and provide it with proper care. However, planting the acorn with the pointed end down is the more natural way to plant it for proper root growth.


Does It Matter Which Way You Plant An Acorn?

When planting an oak tree from an acorn, consider that the natural root growth is from the pointed end. While it doesn't matter which way you plant the acorn, planting it with the pointed end facing down may help the tree sprout more quickly and efficiently.

Planting Acorns: What You Need To Know

What Time Of Year Do Acorns Drop?

Acorns begin to drop off of oak trees during the fall, usually during late September and October. If you’re wanting to plant one or two, it’s best to collect them during this time as well, before squirrels, birds, and other critters begin to collect them.

Do Acorns Need To Freeze Before Germinating?

Acorns shouldn't be frozen before germination as it kills them. Some species of acorns require exposure to cold for germination, but not all. White Oak acorns can be planted in fall and should germinate if done correctly. Bur, pin, and red oak acorns need cool and moist conditions before germination. If you live in a mild winter climate, you can induce germination through stratification by placing them in a container with a sand and peat moss mixture, moistening it, and putting it in the fridge for 30-60 days before planting in the spring.

How Do You Bury An Acorn?

Before planting an acorn, determine whether you are going to plant it in a container or directly into the ground. You’ll get the best results by planting it in a container first. This will allow you to give it proper care as well as prevent it from getting dug up.

Steps to plant an acorn in a container: 1. Choose a container with drainage holes, at least 1 to 2 gallons in size. 2. Fill the container with soil from the planting location. Add compost or potting soil if desired. 3. Bury the acorn about 1-1.5 inches deep with the pointed side facing down or on its side. 4. Cover the acorn with 1-2 inches of soil, water thoroughly, and place in an area with morning sun and afternoon shade. 5. Let the acorn grow in the container for 1-2 years. 6. Transplant the tree in the fall, allowing it time to acclimate before winter.