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Does Yucca Grow In Florida?

Three small Yucca perennial tree plants with long evergreen tough sword shaped leaves growing next to concrete sidewalk and calm blue sea
Yucca plants grow very well in Florida. In fact, three species of yucca are native to Florida. They are the mound Spanish dagger, Spanish bayonet, and Adam’s needle yuccas.

Yucca Plant Dying – What To Do?

Harshly lit bright green yukka plant with sharp pointed leaves against dark red corrugated metal wall, Should I Repot My Yucca Plant? [And How To Do So]
Taking care of a yucca plant can be tricky. If your yucca is not thriving the way it used to, or you've noticed a change in its appearance, you may be wondering if it's dying.

5 Common Snake Plant Diseases & Pests

To save your snake plant from disease or pests, you must recognize the symptoms as soon as possible. This increases the chance of saving the plant. Keep reading to learn how to identify common problem

How To Grow Green Onions Indoors?

Green onions grow heartily indoors all year-round as long as you provide the right conditions. These vegetables not only freshen-up recipes but will brighten your kitchen with a vibrant burst of color