Shrubs are fantastic for bordering your backyard, to increase your privacy or provide a lush backdrop amid other landscaping 

Landscaping your backyard with shrubs and trees adds aesthetic value to your property.

Check out our list of yellow flowing ornamental trees and shrubs for ideas on how to improve your backyard landscape. 

1. Forsythia 

You might hear forsythia suspensa referred to as an “Easter tree” because it bursts with vibrant, yellow blossoms before its leaves emerge during early spring.  

2. Rose

Classic flowering shrubs, roses, or rosa are rugged beauties that grow between 3-feet and 10-feet tall. Among 300 species of roses, several varieties produce luxurious, yellow blooms to adorn woody, thorny stems.  

3. Witch Hazel

Fully grown, witch hazel or hamaelis virginiana is more a small tree than a shrub reaching a height of 30-feet and width of 15-feet. Witch hazel is a slow-growing plant, so it will provide you joy while reaching maturity within 20-years.  

4. Bush Cinquefoil 

Bush cinquefoil or potentilla fruiticosa is an overhanging, dwarf shrub that grows between 2 to 4 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet wide. Blue-green leaves accentuate petite, yellow blossoms. The flowers each have five petals, hence “cinquefoil.”