You cannot grow rice using the rice you buy from a store because the husk has been removed or already processed through polishing or parboiling. This process removes the main part of rice that germinates into a rice plant.

How To Grow Rice

As explained earlier, rice bought from the store cannot be used to grow rice. So which is the best rice to grow, and where do you get it? First, you need to know the type of rice you want to grow. You can choose long-grain rice, which is common in the U.S., or you could choose medium-grain or short-grain rice. Whichever rice you decide to grow, you can buy the seeds from local farmers, gardening stores, or nurseries.

Identify The Location Where You Will Plant Your Rice

To grow rice successfully, use slightly acidic clay soil and ensure a reliable water source. Plant in a sunny location with temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit for 3-6 months. Prepare the soil with trenches in rows and block the ends to hold water.

Soak The Rice Seeds

One to two ounces of rice is enough to grow your own rice. Soak the seeds in water for 12 to 36 hours, then remove them.

Plant The Rice Seeds

Remove any weeds and smooth out the soil. Plant the seeds during the fall or spring by placing the seeds throughout the soil. If you are planting the rice in a bucket, fill it with six inches of moist soil and then add the seeds.

Add Water

Fill the trenches or your buckets with two inches of water. It is not necessary to flood the soil, but you should make sure the soil is constantly wet. Add mulch or compost to the soil, covering the rice grains lightly. This pushes the seed firmly into the soil.

Constantly Wet The Soil

Water the soil with two inches of water during rice growth. Rice shoots should appear in a week. When stalks reach six inches, maintain four inches of water. Place rice buckets in a sunny spot for warmth.

Space Out The Rice Seeds As They Grow

When the rice plants are seven inches tall, space them out four inches apart to prevent them from crowding.

Watch Your Rice Mature

For the next four to six months after planting, your rice will be maybe three or four feet tall, sometimes higher. You’ll know the rice has fully matured when the grains at the top of the stalk have turned from green to golden brown.