Store-bought cloves can be planted and will grow new bulbs of garlic. Remember that these might not yield well because they have been sprayed with chemicals to hamper growth.  That said, there's no stopping you from growing store-bought garlic cloves. Here are the steps to growing garlic with cloves from the store:


Loosen Your Soil

To prepare for planting garlic, remove weeds, loosen and mix soil with compost and fertilizer. Use well-draining sandy loam soil, not clay-based soil which retains too much water and prevents drainage.


Separate Your Garlic Bulb

To ensure healthy growth, use unpeeled garlic cloves and leave the papery skin intact. This protects against bacteria and promotes root growth before sprouting.


Plant it in a sunny area

Plant garlic in a sunny spot for bigger bulbs, but it can still grow in less sunny areas with no flavor loss.


Space The Garlic Apart

To plant garlic cloves properly: – Space them 4 to 8 inches apart in a shallow trench – Plant with the pointed tip facing upward for sprout growth – Plant 2 inches below soil to avoid exposure to weather – Overlapping leaves will deprive some of sunlight, so avoid planting cloves too close together.


Cover With Mulch

To protect garlic, add 3-4 inches of mulch after planting to control weed growth, retain moisture, and prevent temperature shifts. Mulch options include dried leaves, compost, and wood chips.


Water Your Garlic

To promote root development, water newly planted garlic cloves, but avoid overwatering as garlic prefers low soil moisture. During hot and dry periods, reduce watering frequency to encourage bulb maturity for harvest.