Petunias are easy and rewarding to grow, available in many colors. They grow to 12 inches and spill over containers. Wave-type petunias spread more and are best grown from seed. Plant in seed starting soil mix 6-8 weeks before planting outside. Give them full sun and well-drained soil with periodic watering. Remove spent flowers for continuous blooming.



Marigolds are versatile plants that explode in brilliant golden blooms, thriving under almost any conditions. Traditional and French types are available, with rounded or striped flowers in various colors. They're also super low maintenance and will continue to bloom into fall.



Wax begonias thrive in containers, offering a variety of colors for your preferred scheme. They enjoy full sun and well-drained soil, and require minimal maintenance. Avoid over-watering to prevent rot at the base.



Geraniums are loved by home gardeners for their rosy blooms and dark green leaves. They need a soilless potting mix and at least 6 hours of sun per day. They can be overwintered indoors in a sunny window. Bushy or trailing varieties are available.



Add color to your shady vertical garden with impatiens! These heat-tolerant flowers prefer cooler, shady areas and come in a variety of shades. They're easy to care for - water every couple of days and fertilize once a month. For sunny gardens, try New Guinea Impatiens with larger blooms in red or orange.



Verbena is commonly used a ground cover due to its spreading habit. In a vertical garden, it can be either trailing vines from containers, or some varieties can grow up to six feet tall from the ground up. The beautiful purple blooms attract butterflies and smell lovely. When grown in full sun and well-drained soil, verbena will thrive in your garden.



Brilliantly colorful, nasturtiums grown in either compact bushy plants or have a vining tendency depending on the variety. They are loved for their gorgeous jewel-toned blooms that are edible. Brighten up your salad with a few of the peppery flavored blooms. Nasturtiums grow best when they are somewhat neglected, needing only to be watered periodically.



Violas are the sweetest flowers! The diminutive purple and yellow flowers are deceptively easy to grow. They are primarily cool-season bloomers, so you will want to plant them with other plants that bloom later in the season.


Morning Glories

Morning Glories are versatile plants that can be grown as vines or ground cover. Train them up a trellis for an abundance of colorful trumpet-shaped flowers in shades like red, blue, purple, and white. Increase visual interest by planting a variety of colors. Simply direct sow the seeds in warm soil, fertilize, and let them take over your vertical garden.



Lobelia is a charming flower in white and blue. Trailing types overflow with tiny blossoms. They like sun and good soil but can handle partial shade. Buy from a nursery for faster color.



Vinca, or periwinkle, has lavender star-shaped flowers on trailing vines. Container planting is best to contain its invasive nature. Keep pruned to prevent vines from rooting outside the container. Vinca thrives in sun and shade and likes moist soil under other plants.


Creeping Phlox

Creeping phlox is ideal for vertical gardens with its short height and spreading growth. It reaches 6-8 inches in height and spreads up to 2 feet, with pink, white, light and dark purple star-shaped flowers. Plant in well-drained soil and full sun for optimal results.



Dianthus, or pinks, is frequently grown in containers. It grows tall and upright, between 6 and 8 inches, and will spread out about 12 inches in diameter. There are multitudes of color and flower type varieties. Their fragrance is delightful and can be smelled throughout the garden.



Lavender is a fragrant Mediterranean plant grown for its essential oils and can be used as a potpourri. Plant it in well-draining soil mixed with sandy soil and water regularly for best results.



Primroses, or Cowslips, bloom early and double in size annually. They produce flowers in various shades, including blue and purple. They thrive in shady, woodland-like conditions with rich soil and require careful watering.



Roses add beauty to gardens, with climbing roses grown up or down. Favorites include Red Cascade, The Don Juan, and White Eden. Use miniature roses for vertical gardens with planters supported by frames or shelves. They're small, but just as pretty as traditional tea roses. Plant them in fertile soil and sun.



Clematis is a fast-growing vine that blooms star-shaped flowers and climbs trellises. Plant in full sun, water often, and fertilize monthly. Options for vertical garden include Ernest Markham, Henry Pure White, and Niobe.

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