Looking for a grass that's both beautiful and functional? Look no further than Ryegrass! Its dark green blades and glossy appearance make it a popular choice for erosion control and turfgrass, and it offers year-round coverage.  

Ready to discover the amazing attributes of Ryegrass? From erosion control to green coverage, this grass has it all. Keep reading to learn about the different types and find out what Ryegrass can do for your landscape!

Explore the exciting world of ryegrass and learn about its various types!

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Wild Ryegrass

Wild Ryegrass: tough and adaptable, with flat blades up to 10cm tall and 1cm wide. A blend of Saltgrass and Bermuda grass, it's native to the western US and great for erosion control.

Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass: the cool-season grass with bunch-type growth that provides bright green winter color to lawns. Great for erosion control and weed prevention.  

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass: cool-season grass that germinates quickly, tolerates wear and shade, and provides a beautiful green lawn. Fertilize with nitrogen.

Italian Ryegrass

Italian Ryegrass: cool-season bunchgrass with glossy underside blades and a solitary spike of small flowers. Perfect for foraging and responds well to nitrogen fertilizer.

Intermediate Ryegrass

Intermediate ryegrass is a cool-season grass used for overseeding and grazing with quick establishment and adaptability.


Festulolium is a hybrid cross between ryegrass and fescue. It performs better, has higher yields, and is disease-resistant. Perfect for pastures.

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