All types of moss are non-flowering, small plants that grow as dense, clumps or green mats in shady and damp areas. Mosses have stems and leaves, but they are void of any real roots. It is common for leaves found on mosses to be only one cell thick.

Live moss needs moisture and soil to grow, and requires specific nutrients. Appalachian Emporium offers a convenient spore-based plantation method and includes a Moss Care Guide to simplify the growth process. Their product combines at least two types of moss, such as rock cap moss, feather moss, sheet moss, and more.



Dried moss is a versatile craft material commonly used for home projects such as wreaths and flower arrangements. Unlike live moss, dried moss remains in a dormant state until rehydrated, making it easy to store and use. Rehydration is essential to ensure that the moss retains its natural beauty and texture.



Preserved moss has been chemically treated for use in arts and crafts and does not require rehydration. It's a versatile product that can spruce up any space and is available in two sizes. However, it should be protected from water to ensure its longevity. Reindeer moss, available in a 2oz bag, is perfect for adding a pop of bright orange to your decor and can be used to cover plants, containers, and other textures.


Preserved Moss

Artificial moss is a fantastic way to bring the beauty and serenity of nature into your home or office without any of the maintenance. This synthetic alternative is made from a variety of materials and can mimic the texture and appearance of real moss with surprising accuracy. So whether you're creating a woodland-themed wedding or a lush, green interior space, artificial moss can help you achieve the look you want without any fuss.


Artificial Moss

Gold moss, also known as aureum moss, is a stunning type of moss that adds a pop of vibrant yellow to any space. This delicate yet hardy plant is perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty to your home decor or outdoor space. With its eye-catching color and easy-to-care-for nature, gold moss is a must-have for any plant enthusiast looking to bring a little sunshine into their life!



Rock cap moss, also known as rock moss, is a hardy plant that can withstand harsh conditions and thrive in rocky environments. Its unique growth pattern forms a "cap" over the rock surface, giving it a rugged, yet charming appearance. This resilient moss is not only a popular choice for landscaping and terrariums, but also an important species for soil conservation and erosion control.


rock cap mOSS

Hair cap moss is a type of moss that looks like a miniature forest of tiny green trees. Its name comes from the long, hair-like structures that protrude from the tips of the moss leaves, giving it a unique and whimsical appearance. This moss is a favorite among nature lovers and makes a beautiful addition to any terrarium or woodland-themed decor.


hair cap mOSS

Terrarium Moss is another renowned florist in the industry, and it is trusted and held in high regard by fellow enthusiasts. You can buy 1 quart of moss which is easy to grow and doesn’t require too much effort. Furthermore, it is pesticide free, which will make your life as a gardener much easier.


feather mOSS

Reindeer moss is not just a popular lichen in Scandinavian landscapes, it's also a versatile and unique decor option. This unique type of moss adds a pop of color to any space, with shades ranging from bright orange to subdued green. Perfect for covering plants, containers, and other textures, reindeer moss is a fun and easy way to bring a touch of nature into your home.


reinder mOSS

Mood moss is a whimsical and magical type of moss that is perfect for bringing a touch of enchantment to any space. It gets its name from the way it can change color and texture depending on its environment and moisture levels. With its dreamy and ethereal qualities, mood moss is sure to add a mystical touch to your decor.


Mood mOSS

Club moss is a type of plant that belongs to the Lycopodiaceae family. It is characterized by its small size, creeping stems, and needle-like leaves that grow in a spiral pattern. Club mosses have a long history of use in traditional medicine and were also used in the past as a source of fuel and lighting.



Spike moss is one of nature’s most mild-mannered foliage plants that are astonishingly beautiful to look. They are commonly sold as an aquatic plant in many aquarium shops.  Spike moss thrives in high humidity terrains. This miniature plant manages to stay out of your sight, improving the look and feel of your garden subtly. When provided the right growth conditions, it can form dense mats of foliage that can stretch to over 12 inches across.