Transforming your property through landscaping can be a daunting task, depending on its size. From pristine lawns to lush gardens filled with solar lights, there's no limit to the possibilities.

A perfect yard needs a tree with white bark, as it adds a striking contrast to vibrant colors found in gardens and landscaping. Imagine the possibilities!

Transform your property with these stunning trees boasting white bark! Discover the list of most beautiful and exceptional trees. 

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Paper Birch

Explore the white birch - a North American beauty with stunning fall colors, low maintenance needs, and well-suited for landscaping. New Hampshire's official state tree!

Silver Burch

Introducing the European Birch, a sought-after ornamental tree native to Europe but widely grown in the US. As it matures, its bark shines in a stunning white hue.

Quaking Aspen

Explore American Aspen - a stunning tree with white bark and dark undergrowth perfect for landscaping, found in Canada, New England, and Rockies.

Himalayan Birch

Introducing the Chinese Tree - a versatile beauty native to the western Himalayas. Its lush green leaves turn yellow and orange in the fall, and it thrives in most soils with full to partial shade.

American Sycamore

Discover the American Sycamore - a unique tree with mottled bark, massive size, and green leaves in spring, brown in fall. Native to eastern and central US.

Bald Cypress

Meet the Bald Cypress - a versatile tree that calls the southeastern US home. Adaptable to various soils, it turns a beautiful red hue in the fall.

Ghost Gum

Meet the Ghost Gum - an Australian evergreen with brilliant white bark that stands out against the landscape. Tolerates various soils and loves coastal areas.

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