That Grow Tall 

Think succulents are only small and stout? Think again! Discover unique and stunning tall succulent plant ideas to elevate your indoor garden.

Get urban privacy with a touch of natural beauty using tall succulent plants. Discover how they can cover windows and add a desert vibe to your home's exterior.

Get ready to be amazed by stunning tall succulents! Let's explore this collection of gorgeous plants and discover their unique features.

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White Frame Corner

African Milk Tree

Meet the African milk tree: a stunning and tall succulent with lush green foliage, red flowers, and a preference for sunlight. Perfect for entryways or patios!

Hanging Chain Cholla

The hanging chain cholla can reach up to 15ft and earned the nickname "jumping cholla" for its detachable stems that cause minor injuries. It thrives in dry to moist soil and natural sunlight. 

Fox Tail Agave

Foxtail agave is an easy-to-grow succulent that can survive in most conditions. It can reach up to 20ft, with distinct swan-neck buds, and requires minimal watering.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is perfect for beginner plant growers. It's easy to care for, thrives on neglect, and can go weeks without water. It prefers partial shade and can grow up to 8ft.


The ocotillo is a large and drought-tolerant shrub that prefers full sun. It can grow up to 30ft, has a 15ft spread, and produces small red flowers.

Fishhook Barrel

Fishhook barrel is a cold-tolerant succulent that can grow up to 12ft, with a spread of 1-3ft. It's easy to care for and blooms orange flowers.

Hedge Cactus

Hedge cactus is a bush-like cactus that can grow up to 10ft tall, with column-like stems and white/pink flowers. It prefers dry soil and ample sunlight in zones 6 to 9.

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