Geraldton Wax Flower


Plant Geraldton wax flowers under eucalyptus trees. They thrive in shade and well-draining soil, grow fast, and can tolerate different climates. Plus, they prefer protected areas and bloom in purple and white.



Plant periwinkles under eucalyptus trees for beautiful spring blooms. Their root systems make them a perfect choice to thrive with existing trees. Periwinkles remain green throughout the year and can last for years with good drainage. 



Lavender thrives in sun but can handle shade in hotter climates, making it great under eucalyptus trees. Mature lavender is drought-tolerant, perfect for water conservation. Water regularly for more blooms, but less is okay in summer. 

Slender Tea-Tree


Plant a slender tea tree beneath your eucalyptus! They thrive in shade and moist soil, perfect for under a tree. Note to avoid excessive water and limited sun, but enjoy the evergreen foliage. 



Heuchera or "coral bells" is ideal to grow under eucalyptus. They thrive in shade, are tough, and semi-evergreen, keeping their vibrant color all year. 



Lungworts grow well under eucalyptus trees, with thick, speckled foliage. They're hardy and spread quickly, some even producing lovely blue flowers in spring. Their lettuce-like leaves make them a great choice. 

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