11 Great Perennials For Back Of Border

Cardinal Flower

For the gardener who loves a visit from bees, butterflies, or hummingbirds, planting Cardinal flowers is a good choice for the border.


Choosing a climbing plant like Clematis works well for borders if you set your garden against a wall or fence. The plant blooms from spring through autumn and thrives alongside shrubs, annuals, perennials, and trees.


As a native of eastern and central North America, the Eastern coneflower is versatile enough to thrive in prairies or woodlands. It reaches 2 to 5 feet at maturity and does well in well-draining soil. Give it full sun or partial shade.


Give some height to the back of your garden's border with Delphinium. Depending on the plant, it grows between 1 and 3 feet or 3-8  feet in height. The most sought-after version has a glorious spire of brilliant blue blossoms.

Goat's Beard

Add a unique flower-like 'Goat's Beard,' as the male plants have showier blooms than their female counterpart. Note this plant proves helpful in borders, as it is shrub-like, large, and has plenty of visual interest thanks to its airy white blooms.


Create a cottage-core dream garden with a hellebore on the border. They present their gorgeous blooms in late winter or early spring, adding a much-needed pop of color to the garden.


Another favorite flower for anyone who wants a cottage-core look is the hollyhock. Its tall spikes present blossoms in brilliant red, pink, purple, blue, white, yellow, and black. Enjoy its beautiful flowers between June and August.

Oriental Lily

Choose between a shorter border variety or a majestic tall lily for garden borders. They make great pollinator attractors, presenting their blooms in red, pink, white, and other hues.


Stately, elegant, and with inimitable blooms in various colors, peonies are a fantastic addition to garden borders. They can survive in chalky, clay, loam, or sandy soil.


When you need a good go-between plant, or you love a romantic cottage-core look, plant some phlox. Because of its height, it works well nestled between tall and shorter perennials


Choose to plant yarrow if you want a carefree plant that readily establishes itself and spreads in a garden. The blooms are available in sunny yellow, pink, red, or white.