Herbs and other spices are some of the easiest plants to grow in containers. 

These hot little peppers are easy enough to grow indoors and produce an abundant amount of yield if cared for correctly.  

1. Pick your variety

There are a number of chili varieties that will grow well in pots 

2. Sowing Your Seed And Choosing The Best Soil For Growing Chilie

Start by sowing your seed in seed compost in either 3" pots or use jiffy coir pots. 

3. Provide Proper Temperature, Water, And Light

Like so many of our potted vegetables, chilies need at least 6 hours of warmth and light per day to do their best. 

4. Feed Your Chillies With The Best Fertilizer For Chilli Plant

Though chilies don't need as much fertilizing as other plants, they do still need some feed. 

5. Harvest Your Chillie

Use a simple pair of scissor snips and, with chilies, be sure to wear gloves because the oils can be hot if you've planted a variety with heat.