How To Grow Carrots Indoors

[A Beginner’s Guide]

In these increasingly uncertain times, gardeners all across the world are learning new tips and tricks to keep their produce growing.

If you've moved your garden indoors,

What do you need to do to successfully grow carrots indoors?

Choose the container

First thing's first — you need a container in which to grow your carrots. Carrots, as mentioned, are fairly flexible plants.

Select Your Soil

With your container settled, it's time to find soil. You'll be able to purchase the soil you need from your local hardware store or greenhouse. Alternatively, if you want to take a more homegrown approach, you can always dig up some of the soil in your yard and use it in a pot.

Plant Your  Seeds Or Growths

Once you have your soil, you'll want to fill your chosen vessel two-thirds of the way full. Then, it's time to plant your carrots. If you have seeds, you'll want to scatter them through your vessel, leaving at least half an inch between each seed.

Water Regularly And Be Patient

At this point, all there is to do is wait! Carrots grow at different rates depending on their care. Make sure to water your carrots every two to three days, never over-watering but keeping the soil damp.

Harvest Your Carrots

Most carrot growths will be ready for harvesting two months after their initial planting. Be sure to test one of your growths before harvesting the rest, or else you risk compromising the whole of your harvest.