These plants not only serve as ground cover to suppress weeds, but they also offer various advantages. Certain plants have additional benefits such as being used for teas and seasonings, while others bloom at specific times of the year and some remain mostly green with minimal flowering. By reading further, you can get to know more about each plant and find the ideal ground cover that suits your needs.

Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme is an ideal ground cover with a delightful scent, culinary use, and plush texture. It suppresses weeds by spreading through underground runners and grows up to four inches in height. Additionally, it displays attractive pink, purple, or blue flowers.


Phlox Subulata

Creeping Phlox, also called Moss Phlox, produces dense mats of fluffy purple or white flowers that give a charming appearance to any yard. It acts as a natural weed suppressor by blocking out sunlight with its bushy growth. Isla's Garden Seeds offers 1,000 Phlox Subulata seeds that grow into purple-flowered phlox. 



Moss makes an excellent ground cover in dimly lit spots, creating a dense, velvety green carpet that hinders weed growth by blocking light. You can grow moss by transplanting it from outdoors or creating a moss slurry by blending moss, water, and buttermilk, which can be spread over larger areas. 


Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry plants make an ideal ground cover for a low-maintenance yard. Although they are edible, they don't produce as many berries as other fruit-bearing varieties. Bird watchers and nature enthusiasts will appreciate this plant for its ability to attract wildlife to the yard. It spreads through underground runners that suppress other plants and weeds, and it stays at a height of about four inches. 


Trailing Rosemary

This delicious and fragrant herb makes for surprisingly good ground cover. Another beneficial factor of rosemary is that insects hate the smell and try to avoid it. It does best in dry, low-nutrient soil, and it is extremely drought resistant. On slopes and overhangs, it falls over with gravity, creating fountains of lush greenery. 


Dragon's Blood Sedum

This deep red ground cover plant has dense foliage that suppresses weeds and spreads rapidly. It can reach up to six inches in height and may require trimming. With 5,000 seeds in the package, Outside Pride Dragon's Blood Sedum Seeds is an excellent choice for quick coverage of most lawns. 


Creeping Jenny

Moneywort, also called Creeping Jenny, has green leaves that turn yellow in sunlight. It grows fast and its flat round leaves prevent weed growth by blocking light. It's a good choice for damp areas and hanging over edges, even in aquariums. It's also been used for its medicinal properties in wound healing since medieval times. 


Ground cover plant species that are well-suited for this purpose can impede the growth of other plants and unwanted weeds. To prevent these ground cover plants from growing over desirable plants, you may use barriers to restrict their spread. It's important to plan ahead and consider the distance that these plants will spread before transplanting them as ground cover.