Choosing the fastest-growing tree for your garden can be tricky. Are you dreaming of a speedy-growing citrus tree? Let's find out how to make it happen!

Ready to dive into the delicious world of citrus trees? Discover their ideal growing conditions and care, and explore the endless options available, from zesty lemons to juicy mandarins.

Get ready to discover some exceptional options! Let's dive right in.

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Bitter Orange

Meet the bitter orange tree, ideal for tropical living! Thriving in Mediterranean climates, it loves the sun and can handle shade if warm. Its fruit is sour, but perfect for marmalade. It grows in zones 9-11, up to 30 feet tall.

Meet the blood orange tree! With glossy leaves and twisted vines, this citrus tree produces red fruit and grows up to 25 feet tall. Originally from Spain and Italy, it thrives in full sun and zones 9-11.

Blood Orange

Discover the fast-growing grapefruit tree, a hybrid of sweet orange and pomelo. With colorful fruit and a love for the sun, it grows up to 45 feet tall in zones 9-11. Keep it well-watered and fertilized for best results!


Meet the thornless Persian lime tree, a fast grower that produces seedless limes perfect for cocktails and cooking! Thriving in sun and warmth, it can reach up to 20 feet tall in zones 8-11. A must-have for any garden!

Persian Lime

Say hello to the tangerine citrus tree! With orange-like fruit and potential height of 25 feet, it's a fast-growing member of the mandarin family perfect for zones 9-11. Add some zest to your garden!


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