Elevate your living space with air-purifying houseplants that boost your mood and add a pop of color. Hang a vine-like plant in your bathroom for a tranquil, spa-like feel.

Discover the perfect hanging plant for your bathroom from our list of low-maintenance options that thrive in indirect to low-light conditions, and complement your style.

Transform your bathroom into a green oasis with our list of hanging plants! These low-maintenance beauties love low-light conditions and come in a variety of styles. 

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Spider Plant

Enhance your bathroom with a colorful spider plant, thriving in the warm, humid climate. Low maintenance and easy to propagate, it prefers indirect sunlight and moist soil.


Devil's ivy has beautiful heart-shaped variegated leaves in yellow, white, or green. It grows slowly but can reach up to 10 feet long. It's perfect for a warm, moist bathroom, but keep it away from children and pets as it's toxic.

Sword Fern

The sword fern is a lush, green plant with sword-shaped fronds that overflow hanging pots. It prefers moderate temperatures, moist soil, and low lighting, making it perfect for bathrooms.

Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern is a feathery, evergreen vine that climbs up to 3-feet and makes a great hanging plant for bathrooms. It thrives in humid climates, warm temperatures, moist soil, and bright, indirect sunlight.


Begonias thrive in warm, humid climates and come in many species with dynamic colors. Keep the soil moist and provide bright, indirect sunlight for flowering. Foliage varieties may prefer low-light conditions.


Tropical philodendrons have heart-shaped leaves and come in vine and non-climbing varieties. They thrive in humid bathrooms with warm temperatures and moist soil, and can tolerate low-light conditions.

English Ivy 

English ivy, native to Europe, features cascading woody vines and heart-shaped, variegated leaves. It enjoys high humidity and moderate temperatures, moist soil, and indirect light.

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