Embarking on a landscaping project? Don't forget to consider which trees will provide the perfect amount of shade for your needs!

Opt for evergreen or semi-evergreen trees for year-round foliage with minimal cleanup. For new projects, consider fast-growing options as mature trees can be costly and difficult to transplant. 

Explore our list of beautiful evergreen and semi-evergreen trees, ideal for shading most climates. Find your perfect fit for your landscaping needs!

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Japanese Privet

The Japanese Privet is a fragrant evergreen shrub/tree with glossy foliage and white spring flowers. It's deer-resistant and cold-tolerant, but needs well-draining soil. Beware of its toxic berries!

Cider Gum

Cider Gum: a hardy and fast-growing Eucalyptus with fragrant foliage and beautiful bark. Needs ample space to thrive, ideal for dry environments in full to partial sun.

Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia: Southeastern US tree with fragrant foot-wide flowers, waxy green leaves, and impressive height up to 80ft. Needs sun and pruning for distinct trunk.

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine: a popular Christmas tree with soft needles and blue-green color. Fast-growing at 2ft per year, up to 80ft. Tolerates various soils and sun exposure.

Emerald Cedar 

Emerald Cedar, or Thuja occidentalis "Smargd", is a great choice for a privacy hedge with its handsome green columns. At 1ft per year, it reaches 15ft in height and tolerates various soils and sun exposure.

False Cypress

False Cypress, or Chamaecyparis pisifera, is perfect for bonsai and decorative topiaries with its gold-green thread leaf foliage. Easy-to-grow, it reaches 5-20ft and tolerates heat but can be prone to windburn in winter.

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