Star Jasmine

If fragrance is what you're looking for, this is the plant for you. The delicate white flowers on this plant are star-shaped and bloom from early spring to fall. It would work perfectly on a fence or covering an arbor. One downfall is that it takes a few years to get blooming in high gear. This plant grows best in full sun and will work as a perennial in zones 8-10. Some people opt to make this an annual and prefer to start fresh with this plant each year. If you choose to plant it as an annual, it will grow in any area

Morning Glory

This flower will grow almost anywhere! They'll grow in zones 2-11. As its name suggests, the Morning Glory begins to open in the early morning hours and will close in the afternoon. Morning Glory flowers grow quickly from seed and will self-spread. They can become invasive, so you may want to pick off the dried seeds after they bloom if you don't want them to self-sow next season. These bright blue Morning Glories look striking against the distressed wooden fence.


The Clematis climbing flower comes in multiple colors and varieties. Some bloom all summer, some bloom in fall, and some bloom in the spring. Ranging from pale pink to dark purple, these can grow as tall as 10 feet. The best zones for these plants are zones 4-8. These flowers like full sun but like to have their roots in the shade. Either cover their base with mulch or plant other perennials near them so their base is nice and shaded.

Climbing Rose

Climbing roses will make a huge impact wherever they are planted. They bring both height and abundance to a garden. Some varieties will bloom once, but most will bloom all summer long. Deadheading your roses regularly will encourage more blooms. Climbing roses are best suited for zones 5-10 and do best if planted in full sun. Gazebos, arbors, and pillars look especially beautiful when covered in climbing roses.

Climbing Hydrangea

If you have a shady area where you want a climber, think about a climbing hydrangea to fill that space. These plants can grow as tall as 60 to 80 feet! Make sure you have something sturdy and strong for these climbers to grow on or against. Their branches are quite heavy. These plants flourish best in zones 5-9. They can grow in full sun, but the soil must be kept very moist. Be patient! This slow-grower will take several years to establish itself.


Bring some of the tropics to your home with this climbing vine. It is covered in red, pink, or white five-petal blossoms that bloom all summer. These plants thrive in hot weather and will work as perennials in zones 10-11. However, these plants can also be grown as annuals in more temperate climates. Try this in a container or on a low trellis. Mandevilla is a low-maintenance vine and can add beauty anywhere. This gorgeous red Mandevilla adds the perfect pop of color.


This gorgeous perennial has very interesting tubular-shaped flowers. You may think this looks like a tropical flower, but they perform the best in northern cooler climates. They will grow best in zones 4-9 and like full sun. One downfall is that they only bloom in the spring. They have a very sweet fragrance that will attract hummingbirds and bees. They are very easy to take care of and come in colors such as yellow, orange, red, or white. Here you can see Honeysuckle growing up a wall.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

These fast-growing vines are cheerful and have yellow, orange, or white blooms with a dark center. Black-eyed Susan vines will bloom all summer long. These are considered perennials in zones 10-11 but can be grown as annuals in all other zones. They look great in hanging baskets or look dazzling climbing a trellis. These will grow quickly from seed to plant with very little work. Plant them in full sun to part-shade for the best results.


This woody tropical vine is covered in bright, papery-looking flowers. It grows as a perennial in zones 9-11 and may need to be replanted in more northern climates. As beautiful as the flowers are, be careful, as the vines contain thorns. Bougainvilleas can be trained to grow around arbors or trellises but can also be grown just as a shrub. This photo shows the Bougainvillea framing the window on this house.


When you see Wisteria, you might think this flower looks like it's straight out of a fairytale. Use these on large arbors or pergolas. These marvelous draping flowers are as colorful as they are fragrant. They bloom in the spring and grow best in zones 5-9. Wisteria grows quite quickly and will spread fast. They can grow out of control if they aren't watched and contained. Wisteria blooms come in either white, purple, or lilac and look like a cluster of grapes.

Trumpet Vine

If you want something that grows quickly and you have a large area to cover, consider the Trumpet Vine as an option. They are very aggressive growers but can become invasive. The unique funnel-shaped flowers come in yellow, red, or orange. Pollinators like bees and hummingbirds are attracted to the Trumpet Vine. Zones 4-9 are the best zones for this climbing flower. Over time, the Trumpet Vine can get rather heavy, so make sure it is well supported.